Apart from losing venues like Die Kantine, Café Leopold, and Ragnarhof due to closing last year, Vienna’s club scene is still at the top of its game, thriving and ever-vibrant.
Find out more about the places to go at night to have drinks with friends, sweat heavily while dancing to great music, encounter strangers and a high chance to lose your pants in.

Elektro Gönner 
Where: Mariahilfer Straße 101, 1060

Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 7pm–2am
Fri–Sat: 7pm–4am
Free entry!

Elektro Gönner is situated inside an old electrical shop in a passage/courtyard on Mariahilferstraße. It was founded by architects and is not only a nightclub but also a space for exhibitions, art and video installations. It works well for both slow weekday evenings or long weekend club nights filled with electronic music and good drinks. The division into a bar area, a lounge for having good conversations, a dance floor, and a courtyard out front, makes it very convenient to switch places, depending your mood.

Music: There’s a daily DJ line with monthly resident clubs and occasional live concerts, with focus on electronic music such as Techno, Electronica, House, Wave and Hip Hop. The club also features Classical, Jazz, Experimental and Avant-garde music, mostly on Sundays.

Smoking: yes: back, no: bar/lounge
Pay with card: yes
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes

Beer = 3.80–4.50€
Weißer Spritzer = 3.00€
Gin Tonic = 6.80€
Vodka shot = 3.20€

Snacks: Toast (Turkish/vegetarian), chips, peanuts, Mannerschnitten, Haribo

What kind of night will you have?
Depending on what you are looking for and what day of the week it is, you will either find yourself in the on the dance floor, standing at the bar chatting up some strangers, or sitting outside in the courtyard while having a smoke or getting some fresh air for your sweaty armpits.

Where: Augartenbrücke, 1010

Opening Hours
Tue/Thu–Sat: 9pm–6am

As one of Vienna’s first clubs, and a nightlife legend ever since, she hasn’t lost any of her bad-ass attitude, or taste for the party. After 20 years, the event venue/underground party location still delivers the goods, attracting international music acts, and producing severe memory lapses. And it still looks like the dark insides of a cocaine addict’s nostril.

Find more info on the club in our article about the “grungy old lady of Vienna’s clubbing scene” here.

Music: the Flex Café plays ambient electronic music, that gets you in the mood for more and sometimes features live concerts on their small stage. Inside the Flex Club, you’ll experience all kinds of electronic music blasted on the sound system (once rumoured to be Europe’s best). It’s most famous for hosting small concerts from rap, indie rock, hip hop and all other kinds of music that will make you want to jump around a whole lot and get really sweaty.

Beer 0.2l/0.5l = 1.70€/3.40€
Weißer Spritzer = 2.40€
Gin Tonic = 4.90€
Shot = 2.80€

Smoking: yes
Pay with card: no
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes

What kind of night will you have?

Their outdoor sea of black chewing-gum ridden bench seats and tables is the site of Vorglühen (pre-game drinks) for many. That is, until the time comes for Flex to swallow them whole into one of its sweaty parties inside. It’s not uncommon to find yourself spat out at 6am, walking home watching the sunrise after an evening at the Flex.

The Loft
Where: Lerchenfeldergürtel 37, 1160

Opening Hours

Tue–Thu: 7pm–2am (events until 4am)
Fri–Sat: 8pm–4am

The Loft is one of Vienna’s younger clubs. It’s simple, not too fancy yet stylish, offering a versatile program and diverse crowd. Its location across the street from all the other Gürtel-clubs near Thaliastraße makes it very easy to change venues during a night out.
The bar in the front is opened all night (free entry) and you can enjoy a nice drink before heading deeper into the club. The two main floors (one upstairs, one in the basement), that each have their own bars, mostly host different kinds of music, and are – depending on the event – both opened from around 10pm and have varying entry prices.

Music: While you will mostly find electronic music and DJ lines on the weekends, this place offers quite a broad range from House, Hip Hop or Dancehall parties, to Rock music events, student parties, film nights or poetry slams.

Smoking: upstairs dancefloors only
Pay with card: yes
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/no


Beer = 3.80€
Weißer Spritzer = 2.70€
Gin Tonic (Longdrink, 4cl) = 6.60€

What kind of night will you have?
The Loft hosts parties that you will spend on the dance floor almost all night. But even if you don’t want to stay, its proximity to all the Gürtel bars, clubs and hangouts makes it very convenient. But you can also start the night here and stay as long as you want, as there’s a comfy calm bar in the front, and get some alcohol into your blood before the main floors are opened for the night.

Where: Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050

Opening Hours
Mon–Tue: 8pm–2am
Wed: 4pm–2am
Thu–Sat: 4pm–6am

Ever since Celeste has been remodelled a few years back, the jazzclub-winebar-concertvenue-hybrid that once hosted private birthday parties became one of Vienna’s top nightclub venues. While not wanting to be just a night club, or just a gallery, Celeste offers a selection of everything – good wine and food, Jazz music in the basement and art in the gallery, as well as thumping beats on a crazy club night with electronic DJ sets or live concerts, always varying in musical style and genre.

Music: Celeste’s versatility also shows in its music selection that covers a broad range of genres. But on a club party night, you will surely find yourself between bar, dancefloor and the occasional breath of fresh air outside the door.

Smoking: yes/no
Pay with card: no
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes


Beer = 4.20€
Weißer Spritzer = 3.10€
Shot = 2.20€

What kind of night will you have?
If you’re looking for a club night with great people, good music, drinks and a relaxed atmosphere, you will find it at Celeste. Don’t get thrown off when showing up too early and finding it a bit empty, it will fill up and turn into an all-consuming, warm, boozy night with at least one encounter of the unusual kind.

Where: Karlsplatz Künstlerhauspassage Objekt U26, 1010

Opening Hours
Daily 9am–4am (Restaurant/Café 9am–9pm, Club 9pm–4am)
Free entry (except special live events)

Club-u is situated inside the Jugendstil pavilion by Otto Wagner on top of Karlsplatz U-Bahn station. The top floor offers drinks, music and opportunity for chats and a small dancefloor. Downstairs you will find the big dance floor (that is a café during the day), a bar and a small roofed patio to get some fresh air in between dance sessions. It is usually packed with people (after 10pm, that is), the entry is mostly free, the music is loud and animating, the crowd is one of the most diverse you'll find in Vienna's night clubs.

Music: Club-u features parties with all kinds of DJ music, ranging from House and Techno to 90ies Hits Parties or 70ies disco moods. The music is loud, the bass is strong, no chance of having calm conversations here, but for a quick chat you can go upstairs and have a match at the table football and some more cocktails.

Smoking: yes/no
Pay with card: creditcard or cash
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes

Drinks: The barkeeper upstairs mixes some quite strong drinks, there’s usually a happy hour that will have you sipping on a Long Island Ice Tea for only 7€
Beer = 3.90€
Weißer Spritzer = 3.00€

What kind of night will you have?
Club-u is always good for crazy nights. If you come before 10pm you will be met with empty seats and a naked dance floor. But the club usually fills up within 10 minutes and you will find yourself unable to not move to the music, since you’re enveloped in crowds of sweating and dancing people.
Usually, nothing goes wrong when starting or ending a night at Club-u. The music is good, it’s free entry, you won’t run out of drinks and the people are the most relaxed.

Grelle Forelle 
Where: Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090

Opening Hours
varying, check for events here
Entry: 21 years and older

At Grelle Forelle the parties are long, the bass sneaks into your bones, the drinks come fast. There’s no half-assed at this place, it’s all “Go hard or go home”, but once you’re inside you’ll find it hard to leave anyway. Photography, video and audio recordings are prohibited which not only allows you to let go of every inhibition, while losing yourself in the beats, but also gives the whole club concept a nice mysterious touch.

Music: Grelle Forelle is the all about electronic music ranging from House, Techno, Minimal and Dubstep. Most events offer popular artists and international DJs. It also features occasional live shows and concerts. It’s dark and it’s sweaty, the beat won’t let you stand still.

Smoking: yes
Pay with card: yes
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/no

Drinks: Find the usual club drinks – beer, long drinks and cocktails as well as shots; don’t come looking for a glass of good red wine

What kind of night will you have?
You might find yourself making out with a stranger in one of the dark parts at the corners of the dance floor, or chatting with the toilet lady while forgetting all about your friends, or staring at the great wall paintings for a few hours until you’re spat out onto the curb at 6am.

Where: Waldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020

© Pratersauna
Opening Hours
Pratersauna is one legendary Viennese night club, situated in the midst of Prater in an old sauna and swinger club from the 1960s. The club was opened in 2009 and closed in early 2016 for renovation. Reopening a few months later with a new owners and management, it still features several floors that offer weekly and monthly House, Electronic and Techno music parties. Plus, a pool in the garden is the highlight whenever you come here in summer months. 
Music: You'll find electronic music DJs lines that feature the newest and hippest releases from House, Techno and Minimal music. 

Smoking: yes
Pay with card: no
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes

Drinks: Find all the usual suspects that you find at a club, from longdrinks to shots, beer and wine, as well as soft drinks.  

What kind of night will you have?
At Pratersauna you will have long nights that involve a lot of dancing, sweating and meeting new people to have either a good time with, or the strangest night of your life.

Where: Praterstern 5, 1020

Opening Hours
Tue–Thu: 8pm–5am
Fri–Sat: 8pm–6am

In the midst of Praterstern, next to some food stands, the train station and a bunch of drunk people, you will find the dark kid of Vienna’s clubs, Fluc + Fluc_Wanne. It’s dirty and shabby and you will find a bunch of very weird people, but also lots of great DJ music with heavy bass lines and music that has you dancing all night, forgetting all about tomorrow.
If you come here before 11pm, you will meet an empty dancefloor downstairs in the Fluc Wanne, but you can take a seat at the bar upstairs and have a few drinks to start the night, or hang out on the terrace on warm summer evenings.

Music: There’s definitely a focus on the rather dark and heavy-bass-electronic music at Fluc + Fluc_Wanne, featuring a lot of international acts dishing you some Techno, Elektro, and sometimes Hardtekkno.

Smoking: only on the terrace
Pay with card: no
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes

Drinks: While you won’t find any upper-class brands of alcohol here, that’s not really what people come here for. You will get your beer, Spritzer and various shots of hard liquor with a suitable soft drink to mix it with.
Beer = 3.90€
Weißer Spritzer = 2.60€
Gin Tonic = 3.90€

What kind of night will you have?
It’s a great place for people who are not looking for something too fancy, but are still in search of a long night filled with great quality electronic music. This venue is animating, loud, crazy and an atmosphere that sucks you in.

Sass Music Club
Where: Karlsplatz 1, 1010

Opening Hours
Thu–Fri: 11pm–6am
Sat: 11pm–5am
Sun: 6am–11am

Sass is Vienna’s light but stylish Electro-club-kid. The location on Karlsplatz makes it very suitable for an evening that includes a few venue changes, as there are a lot of bars and clubs close by.
At first sight, it looks more like a big bar with a dancefloor but still surprises with a great capacity. The light and sound systems are one of Vienna’s best, the waiters are quick and attentive, fuelling you with the needed liquids to get and keep you going all night. There ambience is very classy,

Music: All kinds of electronic music are dished at this venue. There’s also a legendary afterhour for all party people who haven’t danced enough at 6am in the morning.

Smoking: no
Pay with card: yes
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/no

Drinks: Sass’s drinks menu is focused on good quality liquor (bottle or shot) featuring a lot of different brands, long drinks and cocktails. You’ll also find a Spritzer and beer, if you like the usual club brands.
Beer = 4.20€–5.40€
Weißer Spritzer = 3.60€

What kind of night will you have? 
A light but vibrant night surrounded by a great crowd who's here to let loose for a few hours, great quality drinks and music that makes you forget everything around you.

Opera Club
Where: Mahlerstraße 11, 1010

© Opera Club

Opening Hours

Opera Club is a nice alternative to all other Viennese night clubs. Situated in the first district, it features a relatively small area, housing a bar as well as a dance floor. But it also offers a lounge area where you can refuel your powers after dancing for too long and bathing in other people's sweat. 

Music: At Opera Club you'll find great local DJs dishing you neat electronic beats, as well as international guest DJs, focussed on House, Techhouse, Minimal and Techno. 

Smoking: no
Pay with card: no
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/no

Beer = 4€
Weißer Spritzer = 4€
Gin Tonic = 8€
Vodka Shot = 5€ (4cl)

What kind of night will you have?
At Opera Club you will be sucked in by the atmosphere, the music and the people enjoying themselves. The drinks are good and well-prices, the location is practical and the parties are often a bit weird and wonky. 

Where: Burgring, 1010

Opening Hours
Thu–Sat nights, check events for opening times

Volksgarten is the fancy celebrity among Vienna’s clubs. It was established 180 years ago and underwent a big reconstruction a few years ago, making it a 3-part-event-location including a winter garden, the old part with the dance floor as well as the Säulenhalle – a second floor that hosts a second DJ line, or sometime entire events.

Music: Volksgarten offers the usual clubbing music, somewhere between RnB, House and Disco sounds, Säulenhalle hosts more specific events like “Asian nights” or “NYC”.

Smoking: only outside or in winter tent
Pay with card: yes (there’s also a Bankomat)
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes


Longdrink = 10.50 €
Beer = 4.80€
Weißer Spritzer = 4.20€

What kind of night will you have?
Nights at the Volksgarten are long and consuming, but also light and glittery. It’s more fancy than Vienna’s other clubs, people come here to see and be seen, get dressed up and leave an impression. There’s enough variety in music, drinks and indoor/outdoor areas that make sure you won’t get bored all night long.
If you’re yet to ride the froth and beans of the so-called third wave of coffee, you might want to have a chat with Charles Fürth, owner of the coffee artisan cafe in the 7th district, Fürth coffee. After we did, we left, with a new life philosophy (along with a slight coffee high):

Life’s too short for bad coffee.

“Coffee found me.”

Charles is explaining his choice to work with the brown bean. After 20 years of ad film production, these beans – and the artisan movement surrounding them – accidentely become his new purpose in life after he stumbled across others who looked at the making of coffee like a science, and were also passionate about directly supporting coffee bean farmers with the fair trade practices that come with the third wave.

This led to him dedicating three years to perfecting his barista skills and know-how in the coffee art in England. It was worth it. He now makes one of the best coffees in the city.

'If you want to sell your product, you need authenticity – you have to be 100% convinced by it yourself.'
'There’s no room for bullshitting with coffee.'

fuerthkaffee 02

After setting up a roast house in mid-2012 on a farm in Göttelsbrunn – a small town shy of Vienna – Charles moved into his shop in Kirchengasse, late 2013. 

fuerthkaffee 01

Aromas of the roast fill the cafe/shop with its polished concrete floor and simple layout – the focus is on the coffee more than the comfort.

While sitting on a couch sipping on some coffee, the wood fire oven burning away, you can watch the staff package the beans into branded bags and float around in the brown hole (a black hole made of coffee) of this coffee-verse. There's also the other typical coffee paraphenalia in stock for the coffee nerds.

fuerthkaffee 04

Charles sources his beans directly from three different suppliers in Guatemala, Peru and the rest of the world via England, and an organic one from Holland.  

The menu has a vast selection of coffee, coffee and … you guessed it … more coffee. 

fuerthkaffee 06

“You won’t find any food here. It’s not a Kaffeehaus. We serve specialty coffee only,' Charles tells us.
'It’s like a ‘vinothek’ for coffee.'
And while selling his beans to a broad base of loyal coffee lovers who turn up daily for a cup of the Fürth brew, he also sells his beans to restaurants and bars.

However, it's tough work as a small-time coffee producer to convince cafes to use your beans, according to Charles, as the appreciation for artisan coffee is not yet fully there in Vienna. But, things are changing.

fuerthkaffee 08

“Things are changing. Viennese people are seemingly opening up to this new world of coffee and they seem to start valuing it like they value their wine.”

If Fürth cofffee was wine, we'd be alcoholics.

“Brazilian waxing is the professional removal of body hair of the pubic area by use of hot wax.” - So it’s not just ridding yourself of the hair growing out of the left and right side of your undies – the so-called bikini area – no! It’s everything! The whole shebang! Ripped from your body by the warm hands of a strong woman with a knowing smile on her face. Sound painful? It’s excruciating!

So why do it? Well, your nether regions will feel as soft as a baby’s bum afterwards. And what better thing in summer than to not have to worry about having groin sideburns appearing at the end of the day at the pool in your bikini.

If you’re worried about ‘down there’ looking like a 6-year-old, or resembling a naked mole rat, don’t worry - there are different styles to choose from. Here’s a handy glossary:

+ Brazilian Landing Strip (so planes can land on your pubic bone)
+ Brazilian Triangle (an arrow marking the path to the fun parts)
+ Brazilian Hollywood (naked mole rat)
+ Brazilian Special (a heart, a circle, maybe a lightning bolt?)
+ Brazilian Hollywood Man (bald eggs and sausage)
+ Brazilian Man (bald eggs, sausage with salad on top)
+ Buttcrack (included/excluded, depending on studio, but highly recommended!)

So, men do it too? They sure do. My waxing lady told me a story of a guy that had the whole Brazilian done the day before – scared out of his mind when he walked in, beaming with satisfaction as he walked out.

So here’s my first time in words plus a short list of recommended places for Brazilian Waxing in Vienna: 


I’ve never done it. Always wanted to. To avoid the troublesome and all too frequent shave for a while longer than usual. So this year, I pushed myself to endure the inconvenience of letting my pubic hair grow 5–10mm long – which is probably the most torturous part of the whole experience – and lay the fate of my fun parts in the hands of a woman with an unwavering glare, who ensures me that after years of experience, she knows what she’s doing.

I trust her. I strip down my pants and underwear and lie on the comfy lounger under a bright fluorescent lamp, bracing myself for what’s to come. Surprisingly, I’m quite fearless and relaxed, almost a little excited. Though I have to add that I have a high tolerance for pain! If you’re not so tough and wince at the thought of ripping off a band aid, I highly recommend you steer clear of waxing studios.

My Depiladora – yes, that’s a word and yes, it’s a job title – starts chatting me up from the beginning and doesn’t stop throughout the whole procedure.

It makes me love her a little. The way she takes care of me. I laugh most of the time, hearing stories about her dog and how her cigarettes burn down before she even takes a single drag because she talks so much. Before I know it, her warm and soothing hands and voice have helped me through the worst part – the upper area of the outer labium, where there’s bone underneath. For a moment my heart stops and I let out a tiny – eep!

But that’s about the worst of it. She redoes a few areas, but the pain is weak compared to the first rip. She removes a few stubborn hairs with a tweezer - totally focused while talking and laughing. She takes pride in her work – a perfectionist. No hair will escape her. A final turn for the backside … done.

Ta-da! Smooth, with a reddish glow. It’s a promise of something great. And it does feel as soft as a baby’s bum – a Brazilian baby of course. I can’t stop stroking myself.

All in all, the worst thing was letting my hair grow long – how very inconvenient, especially in summer. The pain was fierce but absolutely endurable. It passes very quickly and you immediately forget about it. Me and my Depiladora developed quite a strong bond for the short time she happened to be in my life. We’d been through shit together! We'd seen things!

I leave Biberstrasse as a beaver-free Brazilian … well, done there anyway.


Where to get your brazilian way done in Vienna …

Where: Biberstraße 3, 1010 / Siebensterngasse 48,
Opening Hours: Mon–Thu 11am–8pm, Fri 10am–8pm, Sat 10am–5pm

Wax in the city is a waxing only studio. You can get rid of any annoying hair growth anywhere on your body. Armpits, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, belly or toes. Reading through their list, you discover body parts you never even knew were hairy regions.

It’s a walk-in studio, so you don’t need an appointment. It’s very neat and clean, still makes you feel very comfortable. We’re interested in the Brazilian part, they offer four different styles for women, and two for men.

The lady at the desk was rude (and is infamous for it) but the lady waxing me was outstanding!

Prices (*including buttcrack, **excluding buttcrack)
Brazilian Hollywood Cut*: 30 €
Brazilian Landing Strip*: 30 €
Brazilian Triangle* 30 €
Brazilian Special*: 36 €
Brazilian Hollywood Man**: 39 €
Brazilian Man**: 33 €  

Where: Neutorgasse 11, 1010 & Schubertring 9–11/Christinengasse 2, 1010
Opening Hours: Mon–Wed 10am–7pm, Thu–Fri 10am–8pm, Sat 10 am–3pm

Apart from offering all common styles of Brazilian Waxing, this studio also offers “sugaring”, a method that uses a special house-made sugar paste that is a little more expensive but more suitable for people with delicate skin. At Sine Sine you have to make an appointment beforehand, but usually you won’t have to wait very long. The interior is very modern and fresh, thereby appealing and comfortable.

Prices (*including buttcrack)
Brazilian Hollywood Cut*: 30 € / 37 €
Brazilian Landing Strip*: 30 € / 37 €
Brazilian Triangle* 30 € / 37 €
Brazilian Hollywood Man: 40 € / 53 €
Brazilian Hollywood Man*: 53 € / 69 €  

Where: Alserstraße 43,
Opening Hours: Mon–Wed 10am–7pm, Thu–Fri 10am–8pm, Sat: 10am–5pm

Senzera in Vienna’s 8th district offers normal waxing and sugaring of all parts of the body for men and women as well as manicure and pedicure treatments. You can arrange appointments online. With 19 € for a Brazilian Waxing, it’s one of the cheapest options in all of Vienna. They also offer a student discount. The studio and treatment rooms are very clean and state of the art.

Bikini brazilian: 19 € / 30 €
Bikini american: 18 € / 30 €
Bikini complete: 31 € / 46 € Men: 35 € / 58 €

Where: Aegidigasse 20, 1060
Opening Hours: appointment only

Beauty Home Wien is a Waxing studio specialised in Sugar waxing in Vienna’s 6th district. It’s a little cheaper than the other sugar waxing studios. Leyla Idowu is a specialist for Sugaring and will treat men and women with years of experience. There are also more conventional waxing options in addition to the Brazilian Wax.

Prices Sugaring (excluding buttcrack)
Brazilian Hollywood Cut: 35 €
Brazilian Landing Strip: 30 €
Brazilian Man: 45 €
Buttcrack Women: 5–10 €
Buttcrack Men: 10–15 €

Where: Schelleingasse 2,
Opening Hours: Mon–Thu 9am–7pm, Fri 9am–8pm, Sat 10am–5pm

La Bonita is not only a waxing studio but more of a day spa that offers a wide range of treatments for the whole body like massages, cosmetic treatments, manicure, pedicure and also hair removal. Their specials are Total Waxing / Waxing Flat Rate (whole body) as well as the Brazilian Crystal that uses Swarovski crystals to decorate the newly hairless parts (extra 10 €).

Brazilian Waxing: 29 € (bikini: 19 €, buttcrack: 16 €)
Sugaring: 40 € (bikini: 26 €, buttcrack: 30 €)
Specials Total Waxing (Brazilian, Legs, Arms, armpit): 90 € (sugaring 145 €)
Waxing Flat Rate (whole body): 120 € (sugaring: 190 €)

Where: Brünnerstraße 190/L3, 1210
Opening Hours: Mon closed, Tue 9am–6pm, Wed–Thu 9am–6.30pm, Fri 9am–7.30pm, Sat 9am–3pm

Kamm2cut is a hairdresser/waxing/mani-pedi/cosmetic studio in Vienna’s 21st district. They offer less expensive than the average studio waxing treatments (the usual Brazilian styles) for women and men. The interior is modern and inviting, and they’re very professional. So if you happen to not live in one of Vienna’s central districts, it’s a great option.

Prices (*incl. buttcrack):
Brazilian Tanga: 16 €
Brazilian Hollywood*: 28 €
Brazilian Strip*: 25 €
Brazilian Triangle*: 25 €
Brazilian Hollywood Man*: 36 €
Brazilian Strip Man*: 30 €

Where: Renngasse 13, 1010
Opening Hours: only with appointment
Men (Saturday is lady’s day, Friday is mixed day)

Most of Vienna’s 500 beauty salons and waxing studios offer their treatments for men as well. However, Vienna’s first male beauty salon “Kultiviert” in Vienna’s 1st district specialises in beauty treatments for the modern man not too shy to give his body some TLC (Tender love and care). The prices for waxing are moderate, especially as men’s treatments are often more expensive. We also like the fact that you can also be shaved with a disposable razor for 2,50 €.

Brazilian Waxing: 28 €
Halawa (special sugar paste): 27 €

Our Sofie has a serious addiction to coffee. But who can blame her having grown up in this city. She walked out of her home one day in Vienna's third district and went in search for the city’s best Kleiner Brauner ...

Vienna Würstelstand’s Sofie put together a list of her favourite coffee shops around town, reviewing and rating them by their serving of Kleiner Brauner. She then wrapped it up nicely in this neat little map, adding a more detailed review on every mentioned café.

When i first met coffee, he looked like light brown milk.

About half a litre in a see-through glass with a lot of foam on top and some sugar inside to hide the taste that the milk couldn’t yet disguise. Yes, I admit it. That’s how I started drinking coffee – as some kind of pseudo grown-up cocoa. But that was also the start of a lifelong and very intimate relationship. As the years flew by, the need for sugar subsided as the amount of milk steadily decreased. Coffee’s pure flavour claimed its permanent place in my heart. So, a Kleiner Brauner became my daily caffeine dosage. Hot, steaming black coffee with a squirt of milk to top it all off and make my insides hum.

Vienna’s coffee culture is famous, or so they say. I too frequent traditional Viennese Kaffeehäuser regularly. But to me, their charming cosiness often forgoes a lack in taste and quality of their served coffee. So even though I'm Viennese through and through, I bear no shame in ordering my coffee from the less-traditional cafes from around the city. Life is too short for bad coffee! Unlike most people, I’m desperate for coffee, but good coffee! For coffee that caresses my tongue and strokes my insides, making my eyes beam and forcing a bite of the lip and a sigh of contentment.

And all is fair in love and coffee.

So, enough rambling. Here’s my first Kleiner Brauner tour as part of my quest to find the city's best, complete with detailed reviews and how much they cost ...  

Where: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 132, 1030
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,20
One of my favourite hangouts just across the street from my place. Here they serve heart-warming coffee, made with love and time! No rush here. And you can taste it.

Atmosphere:   (when I come here, I stay)
Taste:   (above average)
Value for money:   (lovely price, lovely coffee)
Service:  (the waiters take their time which has a calming effect)
Should I stay or should I go? Both are pleasant for this location.

Café Le Bol  
Where: Neuer Markt 14, 1010
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,70
The coffee is served in a bowl and everybody sits together in the middle of the room around a huge table. Need I say more? I just love the French. They can serve me anything with their lovely susurration of a language. Et un éclair, s’il vous plaît. Ah, pas de problème, merci!

Atmosphere:  (très magnifique)
Taste:  (fantastique)
Value for money:   (1st district price, but good quality)
Service:  (lovely French speaking women)
Should I stay or should I go? No takeaway here, but you won't want to leave anyway.  

Where: Lugeck 6, 1010
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,40

Labstelle’s comfy atmosphere and their exceptionally neat ceramic cups totally fit their serving of quality coffee. You’ll want to sit here all afternoon, squeezing the cup’s “ear” between your thumb and index finger and slurping down your hot liquid gold.

Atmosphere:  (comfy)
Taste:  (above average)
Value for money:  (average, but fine for a 1st district)
Service:  (nice, attentive, good looking)
Should I stay or should I go? No takeaway here so stick around.
Plus: their wonderfully green backyard patio/passageway!!

Where: Schottentor 8, 1010 (in the underground arcade of the metro station 'Schottentor-Universitat')
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,20
Kaffeeküche charms you with its asthetic neatness and good-looking young baristas. You also can grab one of the best brioches in town with your coffee. Whenever I happen to walk by, I am sure to jump in line!
Atmosphere:  (neat but noisy and overcrowded in the underground Schottentor arcade)
Taste:  (above average coffee 'to go' One of the best in town we'd say)
Value for money:  (average)
Service:  (friendly, young, good looking)
Should I stay or should I go? We would recommend getting you coffee to go. Only limited standing space around two high table.
Plus: Don’t forget your brioche!    

Joseph Genuss  
Where: Landstraßer Haupstraße 4, 1030
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,30
After the initial joy about the opening of Josephs Brot in my street, my excitement about the cheap and good coffee didn’t. I like staying here for a while when it’s not too crowded and taking a break from the day. So I find myself coming here more often for the atmosphere than for the taste of their coffee.

Atmosphere:  (not too cosy but charming in its own way)
Taste:  (a little disappointing, but it depends on the Barista)
Value for money:  (neat prize, taste is not fully convincing me)
Service:  (overly friendly and charmingly good looking)
Should I stay or should I go? They do takeaway coffee but we would recommend sticking around.
Plus: Interior design and staff boast charming good looks!    

Espresso Mobil
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,30
These guys are like the batman of coffee! When in desperate for a coffee; When the caffeine cravings are too much and you're in the middle of nowhere (e. g. in the midst of Stadtpark), they're always there. I rejoice if I happen to run into the Espresso Mobil. They serve a quality coffee at the most unexpected places around town.

Atmosphere:   (depending on where you find it)
Taste:  (average)
Value for money:  (can’t be faulted)
Service:  (couldn’t complain)
Should I stay or should I go? Only option is to go
Plus: I can sit down on the next bench in Stadtpark (where the Espresso Mobil can be found)  

Das Radetzky Kaffeebar
Where: Radetzkystrasse 13, 1030
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,30
Relatively new, this café charms you with its 70s style and cosy furniture. The coffee is good in quality and taste. If I happen to be close by, I hop in. And try not to fall asleep on their very comfortable chairs.

Atmosphere:   (funky and cosy)
Taste:  (average)
Value for money:  (ok)
Service:  (nice people)
Should I stay or should I go?: Stick around or get it to go
Plus: The neat 70's furniture    

Café Prückel 
Where: Stubenring 24, 1010
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,80
Ok, so I will throw in there one traditional coffeehouse - I love Café Prückel. But their coffee is definitely not their drawcard. And unfortunately the price is ridiculous. I’ll still visit again. Because because … it’s Café Prückel

Atmosphere:  (I could stay all day)
Taste:   (not my taste, at least)
Value for money:  (expensive)
Service:  (typical Viennese iciness)
Should I stay or should I go: Stay for a day
Plus: you can sit there for hours, only have one coffee and they will serve you water every now and then (or did I just look so desperate they felt sorry for me …)    

Café Heiner 
Where: Wollzeile 9, 1010
Kleiner Brauner: € 2,70
This one’s for Mama! Another traditional Viennese Kaffeehaus in the 1st district. They often lured me in as a child, offering a huge selection of vegetable shaped marzipan. Every now and then, my mother and I stop by for a Kleiner Brauner and Brötchen.

Atmosphere:  (awakens the warmest childhood memories)
Taste:  (I prefer others)
Value for money:  (expensive and could taste a lot better)
Service:  (surprisingly nice, but a little stressed)
Should I stay or should I go? stick around
Plus: They have chairs from Vienna’s most famous chair maker, Thonet, and flowery ceramic tableware!

Sabrina, a young Viennese woman turns her dream into a wonder. Or Wunderladen, to be correct. We visited her café/fashion concept store blend to get a taste of her cozy and innoventive concept. Ever tried on sunglasses while waiting for your coffee?

Upon entering Wunderladen, I’m immediately drawn to the retro couch/bed hybrid in the middle of the room. It possesses a coziness that not only invites you to sit on it, but drown in its cushions. My eyes water. Too bad there’s another girl occupying it. Instead of plotting on how to get her off, I manage to tear my gaze away from the said magical object and spot the counter, housing cakes and cookies in glass cases, nicely presented and seemingly ready to be tasted - now my mouth is watering.


Sabrina, the owner of Wunderladen Modecafe in Vienna’s 4th district (right behind Karlskirche) is standing behind the counter with a broad smile. The young woman emits a certain vibe that’s the stuff of fulfilled dreams. This shop is her baby. She started it from scratch and rebuilt it herself in only three weeks. New floors, new walls, a selection of subtle retro furnishings strictly arranged to blend.

“When my mum closed her internet shop, I saw the opportunity to quit my job as a flight attendant and open my own café right here in this place,“ she says happily.

But this place is not only for those craving coffee and cake. Sabrina’s shop also sells young Austrian designers’ clothes and accessories on what we call a indie fashion fair trade basis.

“I don’t buy the items, I sell them on a commission basis, keeping a percentage of the revenue. It is also a great opportunity for the designers, because they save the money for shop or sales stand rental.”

I totally agree. Many Austrian fashion designers fail to receive the attention they deserve. Wunderladen offers their creations a home.

The coupling of coffee and clothes brings a unique dynamic to the interaction that goes on in the place. People come here for various reasons – a coffee and piece of cake, to sink into comfy cushions and chat the day away, to drink an Aperol Spritzer in front of the shop in the warm light of dusk after work; to browse the neat array of clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses or the big trunk full of second hand fashion. Or even just to admire the delicious breakfast cookie in its glass jar, as an elderly man on a bike did while I was there.

It all plays out before me while I’m there – A group of three girls chat and order a second round of Rosenspritzer (the bestseller of the shop Sabrina tells me); Two girls splayed all over the sofa study with books and notepads; A young guy stops by for a quick espresso; Two women hunt for new shoes. The blend of people here is as unique as Wunderladen’s concept.