How to make the most out of the Donauinselfest 2016


    Donauinselfest 2016

     / June 22, 2016
        • How to get there?
          Catch the tram 31 to Floridsdorfer Brücke, or the UBahn line U1 to the station, Donauinsel

          Website & full program:

          What’s your favourite thing to do at the Donauinselfest, and what music act are you excited about at this year’s festival? Let us know on Facebook, or leave a comment below!
          Vienna Würstelstand's  says:

          This is the guide you should be carrying with you while insel hopping over the 3 days of the Donauinselfest – we’ve chosen the bands you shouldn’t miss, and added a few tips on what else you should be doing to make the most out of the Donauinselfest 2016.

          But first of all, here’s a map to help you get around:


          WHAT BANDS NOT TO MISS ON FRIDAY @ the Donauinselfest

          SOIA // Radio FM4/Planet TT. Bühne: 5pm

          A chilled out fusion between Jazz, pop and hip hop, SOIA has the perfect soundtrack to getting out of your working suit and into your flip-flops and swimming trunks to start these three-day adventure.

          Dua Lipa // Wien Energie, Hitradio Ö3 Insel: 7pm

          This is open air music at its best. Well-known chord sequences, a talented voice that somehow stands out while still being mainstream enough to sell records. Just close your eyes, enjoy that Spritzer and feel happy for being alive!

          Farewell Dear Ghost // SJ Bühne: 7pm

          A bit dreamy, a bit melancholic, but with a bigger-than-life smile: Farewell Dear Ghost sounds like an LA project, yet is hailing from Graz, Austria. Alternative rock with a enough poppy attitude to make you want hug your partner, friend or a nearby stranger.

          The Four Owls // Radio FM4/Planet TT. Bühne: 9:35pm

          These four birds know how to spit rhymes, that's for sure. On Friday, they're opening up the embassy for British hip hop on the FM4 stage. 

          Die jungen Zillertaler // Schlager & Oldies Insel: 22:45pm

          Okay. Just to clarify, we're not the Schlager music types. But at 22:45pm, it really doesn't matter anymore. Sway to the music while yelling the lyrics, then tell everybody near you that you'll be friends forever. Live life to its fullest. There's always the next morning to feel ashamed of yourself.

          WHAT BANDS NOT TO MISS ON SATURDAY @ the Donauinselfest

          Voodoo Jürgens // Radio FM4/Planet TT. Bühne: 3:15pm

          Voodoo Jürgens is the upcoming shooting star of the Austro-pop genre. His Viennese way of talking about life and death – a little morbid and a little cynical – makes this concert a must-see – if you enjoy the beauty of the colourful Viennese dialect, that is.

          Eloui & Band // Radio FM4/Planet TT. Bühne: 6:30pm

          Eloui is a Swiss-born singer, bass and ukulele player, teaming up with various musicians along the way. Her style is delicate, vulnerable, yet at the same time, uplifting and cheerful. A colourful concert that fits perfectly with summer.

          Bob Geldof & the Boomtown Rats // Wien Energie/Radio Wien Bühne: 10:45pm

          Did we stumble and fall head first into a time machine that brought us back to 1979? Not at all, Bob Geldof & the Boomtown Rats will be playing the Donauinselfest in the year 2016! It's not every day you witness a legend and philanthropist rocking Vienna's island.

          Bauchklang with special guest Wiener Blond // Eutopia DJ/VJ Insel: 11pm

          Bauchklang are one of the biggest players when it comes to acapella sounds. They've become a bit quieter in recent years, but apparently they're still up for the big stages. This time, they'll be cooperating with Vienna-based pop duo and voice artists, Wiener Blond.   

          WHAT BANDS NOT TO MISS ON SUNDAY @ the Donauinselfest

          Thorsteinn Einarsson // Wien Energie/Hitradio Ö3 Festinsel: 5:20pm

          You might know Austrian-Icelandic pop musician Thorsteinn Einarsson from a casting show on TV, but this guy has a voice of his own that is mighty, and silky, at the same time. A bit like James Brown, but without the funk or the pants 3 sizes too tight.

          Gudrun von Laxenburg // Radio FM4/Planet TT. Bühne: 7:40pm


          Techno punk made in Vienna, with the approach of not giving a fuck. A sound concept that will make you dance.

          Dust Bolt // SJ Insel: 9pm

          This one's for the metal heads, or for the ones who want to headbang so hard they forget it's already the final day of the Donauinselfest, and Monday is just around the corner. Dust Bolt is one of the tightest metal bands playing the island this weekend – do check them out.

          Camo & Krooked // Radio FM4/Planet TT. Bühne: 10:45pm

          As you might know, there are no more fireworks at Donauinselfest due to safety reasons. But Camo & Krooked will light up the night's sky, anyway. Their D'n'B tunes are pretty fly around the globe, let's just hope for a light and special effect designer that's got his stuff down.


          What else is there to do at the Donauinselfest other than drink, make tender passionate drunken love in the bushes, and jump around in sweaty mosh pits to bands on stages.  

          Dance, or get sporty on the Sportinsel
          Everyday on the Sportinsel different kinds of classes will be hosted, including Tai Chi, Taekwando or Latin dancing. Check out the full program by clicking here.

          Skip the lines at the portable toilets and pee in a bush
          What can we say, it’s a tradition at the Donauinselfest.  

          Buy a beer from backpack beer smugglers

          claus rebler beer

          Arriving on the Donauinsel by boat to avoid the security at the official entrances, these illegal beer sellers are part of the festival culture. Be sure to support their cause and buy one of their 1 € beers.  

          Eat a very garlicky langos


          The ratio that you’ll pick up somebody to go home with at the Donauinselfest are very high – actually there’s not a tall enough graph to present such statistics. So make it a challenge for yourself. Become a mouth-breathing garlic dragon after eating the delicious flat, fried treat, known as the Langos. Also a messy tradition long practiced at the Donauinselfest.

          Buy some stupid hat or bunny ears, bright pink wig, colourful mohawk to put on your head

          Candid Coated/Flickr

          It’s always been a mystery to us why such things are the biggest sellers at a festival. We can only put it down to fashion ... and large amounts of alcohol. But it does seem like the thing to do at the Donauinselfest.  

          Climb a tree and make exotic bird noises as people pass by

          Just because.

          Hunt for the plastic cups worth gold
          Make back all the money you’ve spent at the festival by collecting, and returning, all the plastic cups with a deposit that drunken people leave behind.

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          Donauinselfest 2016

           / June 22, 2016
              • How to get there?
                Catch the tram 31 to Floridsdorfer Brücke, or the UBahn line U1 to the station, Donauinsel

                Website & full program:

                What’s your favourite thing to do at the Donauinselfest, and what music act are you excited about at this year’s festival? Let us know on Facebook, or leave a comment below!