1 New York blogger, 2 hotel rooms, 11 Vienna fashion brands

    Vienna Würstelstand's   says:
    We have some exciting news – Vienna Würstelstand is going fashion! While we may dress like our mother still dresses us (our mother wears Birkenstocks and the occasional ponchos), we'll now be writing about the high and quirky fashion that designers in this little old city are creating and putting on stylish people's bodies all over the world. 

    In our first episode of an ongoing article series supporting Vienna-based fashion, we invited big-time New York fashion blogger and stylist, The Eye Travels // Samantha Angelo, to fly to Vienna and put local designers to the test.

    She flew in, she landed, she modeled, and this is what happened ... BOOM! 

    Production and photography: Gioia Zloczower www.blondebundle.com // @blondebundle
    Model: www.theeyetravels.com // @samantha_angelo

    Oh, and click on the pics to enlarge!

    A BIG thanks to:

    + Ruby Hotels // @rubyhotels for hosting Samantha - if you're looking for a funky stay, we'd recommend checking this place out! 
    + Hotel König von Ungarn // for hosting the photo shoot! This is a unique, bold classic hotel amongst this city crammed with hotels.