Sláinte! Vienna’s best Irish pubs

     / September 15, 2015
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            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:

            For those craving the warm, wood-panelled, dimly lit celtic atmosphere, the friendly craic at the bar, and the Irish ale or whisky – here’s your ultimate guide to Vienna’s 6 best Irish pubs.   

            Molly Darcy’s
            Where: Teinfaltstraße 6, 1010 

            Opening Times: Mon–Thu: 4pm–2am
            Fri & Sat: 4pm–3am
            Sun: 4pm–1am

            The craic:
            A wee little man wearing a paddy cap and smoking a pipe told us that the entire interior of this very popular Irish pub in the 1st district was shipped over from Ireland. Ok, it may have been the owner that told us that, nevertheless, the place is clad in dark wooden panelling under dim lighting like any good Irish pub away from home should be. Their Guinness is rated one of the best in the city.

            While through the week it’s a good local pub for quiet drinks or some typical pub food (burgers, cottage pie, steak sandwiches etc.), passing through the pub on a Friday or Saturday night when live music draws a crowd is like squeezing through somebody’s intestines. The staff are a friendly bunch, and largely responsible for the regulars that line the bar most nights. It’s also said that if you kiss the bald head of the barman, Chris, it brings good luck in love – to be surrrre.

            Whisky selection: rating_new_3
            Highlight on the drinks menu: O’Hara Irish Pale Ale
            Guinness-o-meter: rating_new_4
            Irish pub grub (food):  (nothing special, but will fill the drunken hole)
            Service: rating_new_5

            Pub quiz: yes
            We also recommend you try … one of the regularly changing guest craft beers.  

            Charlie P’s
            Where: Währinger Straße 3, 1090 

            Opening times:
            Mon–Thu: 5pm–2am
            Fri: 5pm–3am
            Sat: 1pm–3am
            Sun: 1pm–1am

            The craic:
            Having matured with new branding and a prettying up in the recent years of its almost 20 year life, Charlie P’s has remained a favourite Irish watering hole for a long while. While its upstairs bar possesses all of the typical traits of an Irish pub abroad – dim lighting, wood panels as far as the eye can see – we particularly like their cosy booths that make you feel like you’re in a little closed off tree house. The range of beer is generous, with the typical suspects on the menu – Guinness, Kilkenny, a couple of ciders – there’s also a hand-selected collection of craft beer.

            Its makeover in recent years has seen a part of the pub transformed into a handsome dining area, serving up a kick-ass kitchen of fancy pub grub – from fish and chips to rib-eye steak and burgers. There are some crazy, messy drunken antics and fun happening at their infamous funk and soul party on Friday night, Get the funk out Friday, and the pub quiz is a favourite in town.

            Whisky selection: (over 67 whiskeys/whiskys to choose from)
            Our drink of choice: One of the impressive range of craft beers
            Guinness-o-meter: rating_new_3
            Irish pub grub (food): rating_new_5
            Service: rating_new_4

            Pub quiz: yes  

            Flanagans Irish Pub
            Where: Schwarzenbergstraße 1–3, 1010 

            Opening times:
            Sun–Thu: 10am–2am
            Fri & Sat: 10am–4am

            The craic:
            This vast, sweeping place is a favourite on the expat circuit, and one of the first places that fill up when there’s rugby or football on the television. It’s made up of the bits and pieces of an old pub that used to live in an Irish town, and it shows. Its summer garden is a nice spot to down a pint after work, while the long bar inside is welcoming. A range of whiskys can be seen behind the bar that are all fairly priced, as is the rest of the drinks menu.

            Whisky selection: rating_new_4
            Our drink of choice: Lagavulin single malt whiskey (16 year old)
            Guinness-o-meter: rating_new_3
            Irish pub grub (food): rating_new_3
            Service: rating_new_3

            Pub quiz: yes  

            O’Connors Old Oak
            WhereRennweg 95, 1030 

            Opening times:
            Mon–Fri: 10am–1am
            Sat & Sun: 4pm–12am

            The craic:
            This uncomplicated, honest pub defies all expectations – set in an outpost in the 3rd district on the corner of a main intersection, no normal place would survive in such a setting in lazy Vienna. But this is no normal place. Having won over a regular crowd lining its bar from the nearby businesses, its charming Irish owner, David, and his team built it up from this. The place has became well known for its high quality kitchen and it’s said that one of the best fish and chips can be had here.
            The atmosphere possesses all the warmth of an Irish pub, minus the kitsch, and the sports on the television – actually there’s no television to be seen. The small place can be like a smokers lung around the bar, but its part of the charm. The walk-in, wood panelled fridge is part of the décor, while the BP petrol bowser behind the bar adds random character.
            The big windows open the pub right up, and sitting by them can be one of the best spots in the house, where you can look to the bustling world outside with your pale ale safely wrapped in hand. The dining area is separate and pleasant, like a pair of old leather slippers. The beer list is bountiful and the whisky list is predictable. But we’d strongly suggest you eat something while you’re visiting O'Connors.

            Whisky selection: rating_new_3
            Our drink of choice: Murphy’s Red Ale
            Guinness-o-meter: rating_new_3
            Irish pub grub (food)rating_new_5
            Service: rating_new_4

            Pub quiz: no
            We recommend … turning up for one of their famous Sunday roasts, where you can choose from a slow roasted Irish lamb shank or the roast rib of Angus beef, complete with Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and mashed potato.  

            Lane and Merriman’s
            Where: Spitalgasse 3, 1090 

            Opening times:
            Mon–Fri: 11am–12am
            Sat: 10am–12am
            Sun: closed

            The craic:
            Native Irish family man, David, opened Lane and Merriman’s doors in 2014, basing its concept of what your typical Irish pub in ye’ good ol’ days was like – a local organic deli and restaurant in the look of a dining room.

            Unlike other Irish bars, the focus is rather more on the food than booze, and its culinary credentials are strong. Working with organic ingredients, the menu is packed with the hearty, staple Irish dishes, e.g. pies and a popular bulging burger that sits as high as my pint.
            This place is also the only Irish pub in town not pouring Guinness, but instead selling Guinness’ modest stout cousin, O’Haras. The other craft draught brews on the obscure, yet impressive beer list should not be ignored like Dead Pony Pale Ale and Jaipur. The whisky and malt selection is also fit for the fanatics.
            The atmosphere will win you with its Irish charm, from David who constantly greets and farewells customers, to the old oil lanterns hanging in rows above the candle-lit tables and Samuel Beckett’s omnipresent painted face watching over it all. Read our full review of Lane and Merriman’s here. 

            Whisky selection: rating_new_5
            Our drink of choice: O’Haras Irish stout
            Irish pub grub (food): rating_new_5
            Service: rating_new_4

            Pub quiz: no
            We recommend … also coming for one of their quality breakfasts, or the freshly baked cakes and breads that are available daily.  

            Where: Naglergasse 7, 1010 

            Opening times:
            Mon–Sun: 4pm–2am

            The craic:
            This pocket of a pub, tucked away down an alley in Vienna’s old city center is big on character. With all kinds of shit and memorabilia hanging from the ceiling and walls – enough to send any cleaning lady into a breakdown – Bockshorn is the oldest Irish pub in Vienna. It’s also where you can arguably find the best pint of Guinness in town – if you can find space in there, that is. When we say this place is small, we mean standing room only, excusing yourself for brushing your crutch up against a big, burly looking guy’s ass accidently kind of small. Scoring one of the stools wrapped around the bar – which take a running leap to get onto – or at one of the two tables in the place, is a privilege, not a right.

            It seems that once you’re swallowed by the sparse orange lighting of the place, you’ll start quoting Beckett, acquire bloodshot red eyes, and start telling stories of the high seas, or some other tale told by a weathered storyteller – it's just of that kind of place.

            The drinks list is spot on what you’d want in an Irish pub, and they really know their whisky with around 150 on offer.

            Whisky selection: rating_new_5
            Our drink of choice: you can’t go past the Guinness or a nicely aged whiskey here.
            Irish pub grub (food): non-existent
            Service: rating_new_4

            Pub quiz: no  

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             / September 15, 2015
                  • Have we left out your favourite Irish pub in Vienna? Then let us know on Facebook, or leave a comment below! You know: Vienna Wuerstelstand is a conversation, not a one-way monologue!