7 healthy summer salads in Vienna

    Vienna Würstelstand's

    Le Bol

    Where: Neuer Markt 14, 1010

    Opening times:
    Mon–Fri: 8am–10pm
    Sat–Sun: 10am–10pm

    This little wooden restaurant, decorated with teas and french specialities is one of our cities best options when you're looking for a menu with a range of salads. From a duckbreast salad with oranges and honey, to turkey salad with figs and pears, the menu is always exotic and tasteful. Our favorite is the goat cheese salad, which is such a delight, all we want to do is leave our desks and go there right now! Whether you're packed inside the noisy little place, or enjoying its city centre's Schanigarten in the summer, the smell of Le Bol's goat cheese salad hits your nostrils the second you walk onto Neuer Markt.

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    Where: Hoher Markt 10, 1010

    Opening times:
    Mon–Fri: 8am–12pm
    Sat–Sun: 8am–1am
    Tip: reserve at lunch hours!

    is one of these fancy spots in the city where you're spectating and being watched. Its a great spot to meet that business partner you've been wanting to get together with or just an old friend for glitzy drinks and cigarettes. The bustling restaurant offers all kinds of Austrian classics, a lot of which are twisted the 'Joma' way, for example that Apfelstrudel which comes served as a flatbread with baked apples. Our favorite dish here is the superfood salad with salmon (it also comes with chicken or shrimp) topped with its fruity mango dressing. Read more about Joma, here.

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    Where: Praterstrasse 15, 1020
    Tip: reserve well in advance! Mochi seems to be booked all day, err' day.

    Opening times:
    Mon–Sat: 11:30am–10pm

    Japanese restaurant, Mochi, has killed it in the last few years, and we regularly tend to walk out of that restaurant with more than we can possibly fit into our pants. As if the chefs at Mochi put a secret spice of goodness into the dishes, once your order something you're highly likely to order it again in the same sitting. The popular venue has gotten to the souls of the Viennese, and everyone is running to Mochi to grab the little chair space available. If you manage to get a seat, be sure to order the spinach salad. It may sound dull but it is quite the opposite; spicy and the perfect amount of crunch.

    Plus: Mochi has a take-away store called O.M.K right across the street for all those who don't manage to get a seat. Get a bottle of sake, some takeaway and hang on the streets of Leopoldstadt.

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    Where: Naschmarkt Stand 412–415, 1040

    Opening times:
    Mon–Fri: 7am–11pm 
    Sat: 7am–11pm   

    Set in the middle of the Naschmarkt, Doan calls the attention of Viennese locals with its casual vibes and healthy cuisine. The popular breakfast and lunch venue has a Mediterranean touch, spicing up the whole menu. It is especially the exotic salad which has been the star of the menu for 20 years running that carries a special spice, topped with chef Liu's secret salad dressing. Read more about Doan, here.

    Plus: we recommend going here for a sunny summer lunch break.

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    Café Francais

    Where: Währinger Straße 6-8, 1090

    Opening times:
    Mon–Sat: 9am–12am 

    Loud and packed, hosting people from anywhere and everywhere. It does feel a bit like Paris at Café Francais, with kids chatting philosophy on the nearby table and waiters vaguely attempting an English phrase in a French accent. If you're looking for a quick, generous meal Cafe Francais has got your back. The chicken salad Salade Cafe Francais is probably the least healthy of the bunch, dressed in estragon- honey marinade and mango cubes.

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    Tewa am Markt

    Where: Karmelitermarkt 25-29, 1020 and Naschmarkt 672, 1040

    Opening times:
    Karmelitermarkt: Mon–Sat: 7am–11pm
    Naschmarkt: Mon–Sat: 7am–12pm

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    Tewa am Markt is a European twist to Middle Eastern food, serving fresh salads, sandwiches, oriental dips and fruity refreshments with a toned-down spice level. Tewa placed themselves at two typically Austrian markets, creating a symbiosis between the casual Viennese style and the Mediterranean vibes going on inside of the restaurants. Here, you should give the oriental grilled chicken salad a definite try.

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    Where: Grinzinger Str. 50, 1190

    Opening times:
    Mon–Sat: 11:30am–12am

    This one lies in the outskirts of Vienna (meaning a 15 minute drive, but you know how us Viennese get lazy) and is definitely worth a visit. The Italian restaurant, Francesco, is located in the celebrated Grinzing area of Vienna, known for its wineries and Heurigen, and bears one of the most beautiful outdoor sitting areas: a large garden at which you may find yourself having more than just the delicious chicken salad, but some Aperol-Spritzes to go with it. 

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