How to make the most out of Christmas alone in Vienna – 19 things to do

     / December 15, 2015
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            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
            While the traditional plot of Christmas time involves a family, gift giving and social happenings around decorated trees and tables full of food, we’ve spared a thought for those who will be alone at Christmas in Vienna. Never fear – with this guide, it won’t be the sad, tragic affair you imagine it will be. On the contrary, it will be the opposite.

            For the lone wolves this Christmas, here’s a list of 19 imaginative things to do in Vienna to beat back the loneliness, and set you free of the Christmas story:

            1. Hit the road
            © Kyle Taylor/Flickr
            Whether if it’s to a place you’ve never been before, or a favourite place of yours, hit the road and escape Christmas.

            2. Light the night

            © Nikola Jelenkovic
            Decorate your entire apartment in Christmas lights; string them everywhere, and turn out the lights and watch Christmas films.

            3. Dance and party

            © eschipul/Flickr

            Proof that you’re not alone in your solitude during the Christmas season can be found in plenty of bars around the city that are open on Christmas Eve. Spend the holiest and most family orientated night of the year seeking sin, or just dance until your feet hurt while everybody else is singing Silent Night around the Christmas tree.

            Parties on Christmas Eve we recommend: 

            Be Loved Christmas Special - SO, 25.12.
            When: SUN, December 25, 11am–6am
            Where: Volkstheater, Burgring 1, 1010

            TURBO Weihnachstsfeier
            When: SAT, December 24, 11pm

            Acid Bells XXIV
            When: SAT, December 24, midnight
            Where: Elektro Gönner, Mariahilfer Strasse 101/1 (Schulhofpassage), 1060

            4. Compose your own bitter and twisted Christmas Carol

            Sing your cynicism to the tune of Jingle Bells or White Christmas. Then open your window to the street and sing it loud and proud.

            5. Put Christmas chocolates with a note in random people’s letterboxes

            6. Volunteer

            What better way to spend the “season of giving” than to spend it really giving. With the recent refugee crisis, help in the form of time or donations (clothes or money) is even more needed than usual.

            7. Spend the day sinfully nude
            © Viktor Hanacek
            Spend the day in your apartment without a single piece of clothing on your body.

            8. Seek out the homeless and give them a random gift

            Clothes or food are the obvious items that will be most appreciated.

            9. Give your face and body a makeover

            Shave, wax, polish, paint, trim and moisturize every part you can find on that beautiful body of yours!

            10. Treat the city as your playground

            Besides the tourist-filled 1st district, you’ll pretty much have the city to yourself. Use your imagination and hit the street with the persona of a spy or a superhero that is the only person that stands between world destruction and a peaceful Christmas Eve … or just enjoy walking the city streets in solitude.

            11. Cook some good food

            © Todd Quackenbush

            There’s nothing more meditative and calming than preparing good food, and there’s nothing more satisfying than stuffing your face with it after. Cook yourself a nice meal made up of your favourite foods.

            12. Spend the evening in a virtual wonderland

            © Viktor Hanicek/picjumbo

            Scroll through Pinterest for inspiration, or for a laugh.

            13. Spend it relaxing in a thermal bath or sauna
            We recommend venturing out to the Linsberg Asia Spa & Therme (about 30 minutes from Vienna. Easily accessible by train) for their Weihnachten Deluxe package. Whatever thermal bath or spa you choose, be sure to check their opening times over the Christmas period.

            14. Find a random tree in your neighbourhood and decorate it
            © Kate Zaidova

            15. Practice your smug mad scientist laughter

            While thinking of all the people at family Christmas events that don’t want to be there. Muahahahaaa!

            16. Attend midnight mass in a church

            Whether you’re a religious person or not, church on Christmas Eve can be quite the experience in Vienna, especially under the mighty gothic steeples of Stephansdom.

            17. Build or make something

            Whether it be a table, a chair, a bird house or if it’s knitting a beanie, making something will not only occupy your mind over the Christmas season, but it will also leave you with a gift to give to yourself afterwards.

            18. People watch in a cafe, or eat fine food in a restaurant

            Find a list of the cafe, bars and restaurants open on the 24/12/2015 here.

            19. Write a list of why Christmas sucks

            20. Do a self guided tour of the Christmas lights of Vienna’s 1st district

            There’s nothing that warms the soul more than strolling under – while looking up with big child-like eyes – at the lights that Vienna dresses up in for Christmas. Wander through the first district and take it all in, perhaps with a playlist of your favourite music in your ears.

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             / December 15, 2015
                  • What would you recommend doing alone at Christmas in Vienna? Tell us on our Facebook page or leave a comment below!