How to make the most out of Vienna this New Year’s Eve 2016

     / December 13, 2016
    Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
    Where will you be this New Year’s Eve in Vienna? Check out our tips on the best parties, the best spots to watch the fireworks and a few ideas on how to welcome the new year like you never have before.

    // PARTY your way into 2017 //

    New Year’s Sturz Gala 

    newyears2016 grelleforelle 

    What to expect: A night filled with electronic music, lots of booze, dark corners and deep bass that makes your blood sing, open air rave at midnight with fireworks, to see the new year in the haze, dank and sweaty smell of an underground club

    Sounds like: Techno, Deep House

    Starting: 11pm
    Where: Grelle Forelle, Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090
    Entry: free until midnight! 


    newyears2016 silvestergala pratersauna
    What to expect: 6 floors featuring international and local artists, a classic Pratersauna party, plenty of skin, quality Electro beats, people getting sentimental and maybe tears, people partying like the world is going to end

    Sounds like: A mix of regular favourites of DJ talents, house, techno

    Starting: 11pm
    Where: Pratersauna, Waldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020
    Entry: tba

    NYE // The END (Cafe Leopold 2001–2016)

    newyears2016 cafeleopold
    What to expect: a vast array of talented music artists, handsome people at the bar, dance madness, two floors of fun in one location and the official last day of Café Leopold – so make sure you have the best night you’ve ever had at ze' Poldi!  

    Sounds like: HipHop, House, Techno  

    Starting: 10pm
    Where: Cafe Leopold, Museumsplatz 1, 1070
    Entry: 10€ < 12am > 13€ 

    BEAT IT Silvester Special

    newyears2016 flex

    What to expect: A long, varied lineup of DJs, plenty of sweaty bodies, a party into the New year that only the FLEX knows how to throw. Drifting off into that world where only good electronic music can take you. Grungy atmosphere resembling the insides of a cocaine addicts nostrils. 

    Sounds like: Dubstep/D‘n’B 

    Starting: 11pm 
    Where: Flex, Augartenbrücke 1, 1010
    Entry: 15€

    New Year's Eve Party

    newyears2016 volksgarten

    What to expect: Vienna’s legendary New Year’s Eve Party on 4 floors, including a winter tent in the garden, lots of music, drunk people and booze

    Sounds like:
    Disco/House, HipHop, Techno/House 

    Starting: 11pm 
    Where: Volksgarten, Burgring, 1010
    Entry: 25€ 
    21 years and older 

    Loveball – Cleopatra & her lovers

    newyears2016loveball wuk
    What to expect: Cleopatra and her lovers live on stage, 3 international superstar DJs, 3 floors, ancient Egyptian decoration, gogo dancers mugshot photo wall, females and males liking and loving each other 

    Sounds like: House, Sugar Pop, Pop Trash Charts

    Starting: 11pm
    Where: WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090
    Entry: 18–20€ 

    Schleich Di Oaschlochjahr! Die 2016-Abschiedsrevue

    newyears2016 brut

    What to expect: 2016 was indeed one very awful year, and everyone who wants to show it with their middle fingers (flip 2016 the bird!) should be at brut, to wish a very loud farewell to this shitty year. Bureaulesque will offer you a great performance, the party starts afterwards and will go on until the birds get up. 

    Starting: 10pm
    Where: Brut Wien, Karlsplatz 5, 1010
    Entry: 16–24€ 

    Rotary Popkorn Klub III 14H Knaller Edition

    newyears2016 sass
    What to expect: talented DJs from local DJ collectives on the decks, mixing up 14 hours of dance, while sipping on neat cocktails and drinks and enjoying life and a fun night with strangers

    Sounds like: House, Minimal Techno

    Starting: 11pm
    Where: Sass Music Club, Karlsplatz 1, 1040
    Entry: tba 

    Fluc & Fluc Wanne
    Meat Market – Happy New Year

    newyears2016 meatmarket fluc
    What to expect: 2 floors of partying so hard you won’t know who you are anymore the next day – best way to start a new year

    Sounds like: Electronic, Techno

    Starting: 12.10am
    Where: fluc & fluc wane, Praterstern 5, 1020 
    Entry: 11€ (12€ at the doors)

    Opera Club
    Scheitern New Years Eve

    newyears2016 scheitern operaclub
    What to expect: we’re not so sure what will happen at this party either, but it will feature the usual Opera Club crowd, a neat array of DJs and Techno sets that will have you move even if you don’t want to

    Sounds like: Electronic music, DJ sets, Techno and Trance

    Starting: 1am
    Where: Opera Club, Mahlerstraße 11, 1010
    Entry: tba

    Omu bar
    Black and White Silvester-Party

    newyears2016 omu
    What to expect: DJs Philipp Van Het Veld, Fè Vargas, Julian Joy will dish you some neat beats to dance your way into the new year, while sipping on some of the best drinks in town and enjoying a non-club atmosphere.

    Plus: Special drinks at special prices all night long!
    Dresscode: black and white! 

    Sounds like: Electronic music, DJ sets, House

    Starting: 10pm
    Where: Omu – bar & small eats, Kolingasse 7, 1090
    Entry: free!


    newyears2016 celeste

    What to expect: 2 floors (club and basement) of music to dance to and great drinks to enjoy with thay cute guy/girl at the bar

    Sounds like: Electronic music, DJ sets, House, Deep House, Techno

    Starting: 12am
    Where: celeste, Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050
    Entry: tba

    // EAT & DRINK your way into 2017 //

    DACHBODEN @ 25hours Hotel
    Silvester Party / Manege frei!

    newyears2016 dachboden
    What to expect: a circus themed, weird and wonky night at Dachboden, with a great view of the city and the fireworks on a rooftop, DJ sets and cocktails

    And at 2am, it is still early enough to take the party elsewhere and show 2017 how it’s done!

    Starting: 8pm–2am
    Where: Dachboden, 25hours Hotel, Lerchenfelder Straße 1–3, 1070
    Entry: 99€/person (limited tickets, be quick!), including sparkling wine and a midnight snack

    Silvester am Badeschiff

    newyears2016 badeschiff

    What to expect
    4pm: Punschdeck (outdoors on top of the ship) with Glühwein and Punsch
    6pm: Gala-Buffet (including starters, all you can eat Thai-Fondue, chocolate fountain, sparkling wine for midnight and after-midnight Gulasch), 49€/per person
    12am: super great view of fireworks from the sun deck
    12:30am: party hard to some swing and lindy hop tunes and have some fine cocktails

    When: 4pm–6am
    Where: Badeschiff, Donaukanal, 1010
    Entry: 49€/person

    Silvester im Liebling & Ganz Wien

    newyears2016 liebling ganzwien

    What to expect: a no-frills atmosphere, having 20 new friends before the night is done, great people in a good mood, cocktails you'll dream about, down-to-earth pub grub, and Prosecco!

    Starting: 8pm
    Where: Zollergasse 6, 1070 & Zollergasse 15, 1070
    Entry: Free 

    Silvester in der Grand Étage

    newyears2016 grandferdinand

    What to expect: enjoy an evening of luxury at the The Grand Étage of the Grand Ferdinand Hotel, sipping on Champagne, eating the finest food and patisserie you’ll find from a huge buffet, having a breath-taking rooftop view from the center of the city, and dancing to some DJ music

    When: 8pm–4am
    Where: Grand Ferdinand Hotel, Schubertring 10–12, 1010
    Tickets: 390€, get them here

    OKRA Izakaya
    Silvester auf japanisch im OKRA

    newyears2016 okra

    What to expect: A 5-course Izakaya menu featuring Beef Tartar Tokyo style, Sushi variations, Dashi-broth with pumpkin and mushrooms, grilled Yuan salt-salmon, chocolate cubes and 5-spices-chocolate-mousse with raspberry

    When: 5pm–11pm
    Where: OKRA – sushi & robata grill, Kleine Pfarrgasse 1, 1020
    Entry: 49€/person, make sure to reserve your place:

    Champagner & Austern Vol. 2

    newyears2016 marktwirtschaft

    What to expect: champagne, oysters, great people in a comfy atmosphere celebrating life and great food … and the end of 2016!

    When: 12pm–7pm
    Where: Marktwirtschaft, Siebensterngasse 21, 1070


    // CULTURE your way into 2017 //

    Cabaret @ Gartenbaukino
    Maschek – Das war 2016 – Die Silvestergala im Gartenbaukino!

    newyears2016 maschek

    What to expect:Maschek live – the satirical duo will offer a laugh out loud show, summing up the year 2016 and all its ups and downs in their usual manner of showing muted clips and talking over them while imitating various voices.

    Plus: NYE Party afterwards, starting at 11pm, hosted by Philiale

    When: 6pm & 9pm
    Where: Gartenbaukino, Parkring 12, 1010
    Tickets: 28€/38€/32€, reservations & ticket pickup until Dec. 28 at Gartenbaukino

    Movie night @ Filmcasino
    Silvester-Preview: The Happy Film von Stefan Sagmeister

    newyears2016 happyfilm filmcasino

    What to expect: Stefan Sagmeister’s famous movie “The Happy Film” will be pre-screened at Filmcasino, go grab some popcorn, or sneak in some beer and enjoy! This is some great inspiration for the new year to keep it happy

    When: 8pm–10pm
    Where: Filmcasino, Margaretenstraße 78, 1050
    Tickets: 9€, get them here: +431 587 90 62 /

    Movie night @ Haydn
    HAMLET – New Year's Special @English Cinema Haydn

    newyears2016 hamlet

    What to expect: A 3 hour and 37 minutes remake of Shakespeare’s Hamlet featuring Benedict Cumberbatch in the leading role

    When: 7pm
    Where: English Cinema Haydn, Mariahilfer Straße 57, 1060
    Tickets: 9.70€

    Fancy Ball @ Hofburg 
    Hofburg Silvesterball 2016

    newyears2016 hofburg

    What to expect: 2,500 guests from 45 countries will gather to celebrate an enchanting and exceptional night with champagne, caviar and some hardcore ballroom dancing.
    Dresscode: nightgown and smoking

    When: 6:30pm–4am
    Where: Hofburg, Heldenplatz, 1010
    Tickets: from 155€ (680€ incl. the gala dinner), get your tickets here


    // TAKE your kids out on your way into 2017 //

    Dschungel Theatre
    Sil­ves­ter­par­ty inkl. Vor­stel­lungs­be­such "Run­ning Wild"

    newyears2016 dschungel

    What to expect
    7:30pm: dance theatre play “Running Wild”, afterwards there will be snacks from the buffet to eat, games to be played and Karaoke to be enjoyed
    11pm: dance party starts to take you into 2017

    When: 7:30pm
    Where: Dschungel, MQ, Museumsplatz 1, 1070
    Entry: kids = 18€, adults = 36€ (including food)


    // WATCH the fireworks on your way into 2017 //

    fireworks small

    The ‘From the roof of the city’ view
    For an uninterrupted view, head up to one of the many hills that surround the city. Bring a bottle of champagne or Glühwein and enter the New Year on top of the world! Well, on top of Vienna anyway.

    For example:
    + Höhenstraße/Sieveringerstraße (Take the bus 39A from Grinzing)
    + Cobenzlgasse (Take the 38A from Grinzing)
    + Wilhelmininberg (Take the bus 146B from Ottakring)
    + Roter Berg (Take tram 58 from Hietzing)
    + Kahlenberg (take the bus 38A from Grinzing)

    To find out how to get to these destinations from your place, check out

    The ‘Panorama’ view
    Heldenplatz: Aim to end up here after your tour of the city’s ‘Wiener Silvesterpfad’ (New Year’s Eve trail in the city center) at around midnight and you’ll witness one of the best panoramic views of the fireworks going off around the city. It’s as if you’re surrounded by them. The main fireworks display held by the city will be happening at the nearby Rathausplatz. People are also known here to do the traditional midnight Waltz as the fireworks take to the sky. Be sure to join in.

    The ‘life’s a carnival’ view
    Prater Riesenrad: With the mighty old Prater Ferris wheel as a backdrop, you’ll see the city’s second largest fireworks displays here. Just find a spot on the lawns in front with a bottle of champagne.

    The ‘where the hell are the fireworks!?’ view
    Stephansplatz: You actually won’t be able to see much of the fireworks here, however if you’re here at midnight you’ll see another kind of spectacle – hundreds of people waltzing at midnight. And typically this is a hotspot for people letting off their own fireworks, so watch your head.

    The ‘stranded on an island’ view
    Donauinsel: Here you’ll be able to watch the city light up without any buildings obstructing your view. The reflection of the fireworks on the river is something worth seeing. 


    // CHANGE IT UP on your way into 2017 //

    Are you tired of going wild every New Year's Eve, drinking litres of alcohol and waking up on the first day of the new year wondering WHY?!!! Some say it's the most overrated night of the year. Well, here's a few ways to spend your welcome the new year in a different way this year.

    Head out of town, into the wild


    A bottle of wine (or vodka), a sky full of stars (nature’s version of fireworks), a calm ‘Happy New Year’ to somebody you care about. Then waking up in the morning of the New Year to fresh air and the calming silence of the wild. There’s a good chance that you'll find a last minute bargain on a hotel room or a mountain cabin from where to welcome 2015. Just check out, or

    Invite friends over for fondue

    fondue flickr michael lauridsen

    © Michael Lauridsen / flickr

    This Swiss tradition of fondue on New Year's Eve is a great way of bringing you and your friends together in the perfect setting to celebrate into the new year together. The eating lasts for hours and the drinking will take over after that. Before you know it, you'll be dancing on top of the sofa, telling everybody how much you love them and the clock has hit midnight. 

    Bunker down and act like it never happened


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