How to make the most out of Vienna (and life) in March 2017: 9 things to do


    March in Vienna

     / February 27, 2017
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            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
            Change is in the air – the days are getting longer, those chirping birds are back, and the first flowers are showing their heads. This can only mean one thing: March is here, and alongwith it, the official beginning of spring is just around the corner!

            Here are 9 tips on how to make the most out of March in Vienna:

            1. Go green and do like the Irish do – drink until you go green

            st patricks

            When: March 17
            Where: Various locations around the city. Be sure to check out our guide on what to do on the day, coming soon.

            Singing, dancing without moving your arms, a green pint or two – going green (literally – if ya drink like an Irishman, you’ll be going green by 2am) when celebrating St. Paddy’s day on the 17th March in Vienna can be one hell of a Craic (that means kick-ass time in Irish talk). The dozens of Irish pubs around the city put on one hell of a show, setting the scene for some serious drinking and tom foolery. Keep an eye out for our guide on how to have a Craic this St Patricks Day in Vienna this year. Oh yeah, there’s not just a party to be had, but also plenty of other fun stuff happening on the day, like the city lighting up certain things green.

            2. For the love of the vinyl…and music

            Indie Label Market at Ottakringer Vinyl & Music Festival

            vinylfestival ottakringer

            A music-loving crowd is throwing a 3-day festival in the grungy industrial halls of the Ottakringer Brauerei for musos and music fanatics. They’re claiming it’s the largest vinyl and CD market in the country, and they have a whole heap of live bands lined up, workshops, and panel talks, as well – all dedicated to the love of music.
            Check out more details about the program etc. here.

            3. Last chance for fun in the snow

            ski shot

            The one bad thing about winter coming to an end is that it means having to put our snowboards and sleds away. But before we do that, we want to hit the mountains one last time. Living in the big city jungle it can be easy to forget that we don’t have to travel very far to get our ski groove on. The sunny days of March are perfect for enjoying a day in the snow, and maybe even getting the first tan of the year. Here’s a comprehensive guide from us on where to go skiing in the surrounding areas of Vienna.

            4. Travel east with this film festival

            LET’s CEE Film Festival

            Lets CEE Film Festival

            When: March 21–27 (check out the program, here)
            Where: Various locations around the city. See here.

            This funky little week-long film festival is an important one for what it aims to do – put the great cinema coming out of Eastern Europe into focus. This gives the people of Vienna the rare opportunity to catch rarely seen films from countries in the East, from as far as Turkey. We never miss it, for the surprise factor we always get a buzz from. Check out the festivals program, here.  

            What not to miss in the galleries around town

            5. Egon Schiele @ the Albertina

            egon schiele

            When: February 22 – June 18
            Where: Albertina, Albertinaplatz 1, 1010

            160 works of the beloved by many, controversial to all, artist Ego Schiele are curtrently hung on the walls of the Albertina this month, and into June. The theme highlighted in this amazing collection is us human's battle with their inevitable loneliness. And this exhibition displays photos from the time Schiele was depicted, so his imagination in the paintings he produced can be held up against the reality of the time.

            6. Powerful photography exhibitions in the Kunsthaus

            Ausstellungseröffnungen in Garage und Galerie


            When: The exhibition begins on March 2
            Where: Kunst Haus Wien, Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030

            Two powerful exhibitions are filling the halls of the Kunst Haus Wien this month. One exhibits the art of 5 international artists who portray sensitive and intimate moments in their photography, while the other delves into the Oh-so-relevant theme of migration, asylum and war as the Istanbul artist, Pinar Ögrenci, who uses short videos to tell the story of a young Iraqi living in Vienna. Moving stuff, indeed.

            7. Check out the bold and beautiful art from Georgia O’Keeffe

            georgia o keeffe

            When: the exhibition runs until 26 March
            Where: Kunstforum Wien, Freyung 8, 1010

            You know that moment when you're staring at a painting and you're not sure whether you're looking at a depiction of a flower or female genitalia? No? Hasn't occurred to you yet? Well, then you should definitely visit the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition in Vienna’s Kunstforum. Check out our article which will give you 8 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this exhibition.

            8. As the flowers and plants blossom, try a hike for herbs tour

            Kräuterwanderung in Wien – Essbare Frühlingskräuter in der Stadt


            When: SUN, March 19, 2pm
            Where: Narrenturm, Spitalgasse 2, 1090

            Becoming increasingly popular in this fine city of ours are tours where people are taken around the city, or its surroundings, and learn about (and gather) edible herbs that can be found in urban settings. And the first ones of them will be happening this month as the plant life starts to bloom. They’re generally called, Kräuterwanderung. There’s one happening on a Sunday (March 19) at the end of this month (find more details, here). Meanwhile, we’ll be sure to keep you updated if there are any others happening around the city. 

            9. Spring clean – it’s not as lame as it sounds

            spring clean vienna

            I can hear you groaning, “Gaawd!” But hold on for just one second. There is something truly refreshing about a sparkling clean home. After all, that homey winter dust doesn’t look half as good dancing in the sun’s rays. And there is something quite revitalising in the physical activity that comes with it. I like to reward myself with a nice dinner and/or bath afterwards. I might add a little wine to the mix.
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            March in Vienna

             / February 27, 2017
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