How to make the most out of Vienna (and life) in February 2017

     / January 27, 2017
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            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
            February, you shortest of all months – bring it on!
            It’s still cold, it’s still dark. But there is white, glistening, wonderful snow (we hope)… and finally a valid reason to get dressed up in a crazy costume.

            Get into the fun of Fasching (Carneval)

            The wild, crazy, colourful, fun-filled carneval – we are happy to have you back! We wouldn’t miss a chance to play dress-up for anything in the world, and neither should you. Whether you shake your ass in a David Bowie costume in a club, or intend on becoming a very drunk unicorn at a house-party – this is the time of the year to let loose and simply have fun. And on top of that, delicious jam-filled Faschingskrapfen can be found on every other corner of this city. Oops, we just accidentally started drooling. Napkin, please!

            If you are lucky enough to have the time to travel to one of the traditional Faschingsumzüge in the rural parts of Austria, you should definitely go for it. Seeing those artfully crafted costumes and masks and wild figures who are trying to scare the winter away really is an experience of its own kind.

            Tip: Many clubs offer a discount of entry if you come in costume – all the more reason to get in character! Keep an eye on our Weekly “What to do in Vienna this weekend’ article for details on where the best Fasting parties are at!

            Fun in the snow!

            Let’s all say it together: Dear weather-gods, be good to us and let it snow! Even though this ancient spell has worked for years, in this city we can never be sure how long the white wonder will last (our guess is approximately three hours). So our advice is if you see snow, drop everything and run outside for some of that fantastic winter wonderland fun. In rare occasions, strangers might even join in on running around in the snow, building snowmen, snowball fights and making snow-angels.

            Enjoy being single, or in love, this month
            World Single Day and Valentine’s Day

            In China, there’s a day in the month of November on which unattached bachelors and bachelorettes celebrate being single. It’s one seriously big festival. Now, while we don’t know if it’s official and if UNESCO has endorsed it (wink, wink), somebody has declared on the world wide web that February 13 (not an accident this is the day before Valentines day) is World Single day. We’d suggest (which we’d suggest for every month, anyway) celebrate being single for the whole of February in whatever way makes you happy, whether it be waking up in a different persons bed every Sunday morning, or just dancing like mad in your living room to your favourite music, while enjoying being alone.

            However, if you’ve found the love of your life, hold them tight, make love to them several times, and perhaps indulge in a few of our tips in our article on ‘How to make the most out of Valentine’s Day in Vienna.’

            Catch a  concert

            Warm up in a moshpit at one of these crazy cool concerts:

            FM4 Indiekiste mit Bastille

            When: WED, Feb. 8
            Where: Gasometer, Guglgasse 8, 1110

            The XX

            When: THU, Feb. 23
            Where: Marx Halle, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030

            Omar Souleyman

            When: SAT, Feb. 4
            Where: WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090

            Go crazy and spend a night playing baord games with friends at a games bar

            Buying up big property while drinking a beer with the other hand in an intense game of monopoly, or thinking of a 4-letter word in scrabble that will score you high bonus points while shooting back shots – if this sounds like something you and your friends would like to be doing, check out our list of the best bars with board games in Vienna,

            Come as a stranger, leave as a housemate
            Flatmate Me! Speeddating for Flatmates

            When: Tuesday, Feb 7, 6pm
            Where: Bitter Mendez, Karlplatz 2, 1040
            Free entry with prior registration. If you're looking for a room or have one to rent, register for the event, here.

            This one is for those looking and those offering. If you’re in search of a  room or a roommate, Flatmate Me is the event to join this month! For the first time in Vienna, there is a social event dedicated to people who want to meet for a drink, with the intent of later maybe sharing a kitchen and bathroom together.  The event is hosted by TOPROP, a clever real estate search engine platform, and the entry is free! 

            The drill is very simple: at arrival, each guest gets a sticker: white if they have a room, green if they need one. Then the matchmaking begins! It's speed dating for flatmates.

            Shop the night away at a bazaar

            When: Saturday, February 11, 5pm-11pm
            Where: Ottakringer Brauerei, Ottakringer Platz 1, 1160
            Entry: €3

            What would a month in Vienna be like without some kind of vintage and design flea market held at night time? Not so fun, we think, which is why we’re happy to welcome back the Mondschein Bazar Night market. This event is something for you if you like looking at beautiful hipsters (creep), hunting and bargaining for treasures amongst the vintage and not so vintage clothes, design and art, or if you like the idea of listening to live music while you’re sipping on a drink amongst the funky atmosphere.

            Rock around the clock
            Rockability Voltage

            When: Saturday, February 11, 7:30pm-5am
            Where: Ottakringer Brauerei, Ottakringer Platz 1, 1160
            Entry: €20

            This one is dedicated to those whose hearts beat to the rhythm of everything rock. There will be rock music, rock records, rock bands, rock brands, even a special type of rock beer that the Ottakringer brewers accidentally created while headbanging and spilling too much barley into a barrel (ok, we made the last one up). 

            The event starts with swing classes, which leaves no one an excuse to just sit and watch when the music rolls.

            Live on stage will be:
            CAT PAWS (HR)
            MARS ATTACK (CH/AUT)

            …followed by an aftershow with DJs till the early hours.


            Admire one of the legends of art
            Georgia O’Keeffe, curated exhibition

            When: Friday, February 17, 5pm-6pm
            Where: Kunstforum, Freyung 8, 1010
            Entry: €3,5 added to the entry ticket

            If you’re lucky and ahead you can be amongst the 30 visitors of the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition guided by the curator Heike Eipeldauer and the photography expert Monika Faber.

            The discussion will evolve around the passion Georgia O’Keeffe had for photography and how that is expressed in her art and her personality.

            This is about the most artsy think one can do in Vienna this month, so braggers should subscribe early.

            Go to a pub quiz!

            We always wondered what the thing with Irish pubs and pub quizzes is. It’s like, a stout is not a stout if you don’t think the countries bordering Bolivia and their capitals while drinking it.  What can be greater than getting drunk while answering mind-boggling questions from all areas of general knowledge?

            There are very many pub quizzes in Vienna and winter is the time to train the brain. Check our list of the best pub quizes happening around town, here. 

            Catch one of the Oscar nominated films at the cinema

            February provides the perfect weather for heading to the movies, shoving your face into a bucket of popcorn and, in between, going square eyed as a film on the big screen takes you away. There are some fantastic films showing in the cinema at the moment, including the Oscar-nominated ones, like the dreamy musical La La Land and the Austrian production Toni Erdmann. Cuddle up to somebody (a stranger if it has to be) in the cinema and let the film do the rest.
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             / January 27, 2017
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