How to make the most out of Vienna (and life) in January 2017


    This Month in Vienna

     / February 05, 2016
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            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
            Hibernation – we repeat! – hibernation is not an option when there’s so much on offer this month. Here are 10 hot tips to warm up to this January in Vienna:

            Get to know...Storytelling
            When: January 26, 7pm
            Where: sektor5, Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050

            (insert dramatic drum roll here) Vienna Würstelstand presents the new exciting event series, Get to Know…

            Get to Know… is an event series built around the idea that new paths can be discovered after these 3 words – Get to know… 

            The premiere of Get to Know… is bringing together some of Vienna’s wildest creative minds to talk about the power of Storytelling, in its many different forms.

            5 storytellers – a ton of inspiration – unexpected ideas with impact – no shame

            Storytellers on stage: 
            Hanna Herbst: Award-winning Journalist, Editor-in-Chief at Vice, storyteller of real life.

            Laura Karasinski: award-winning Art Directrice, TEDtalker, storyteller of design, Forbes 30 under 30.

            Daniel Shaked: portrait photographer, storyteller of souls.

            George Nimeh: Award-winning digital marketing guru, TEDtalker, storyteller of brands.

            Jacob Moss: Founder of Vienna Würstelstand, Head storyteller of creative agency pow. bang. boom, Journalist, infamous sock thief, storyteller of life

            These superstar storytellers will be speaking words that hit hard, and inspire.

            You can expect a mix between a festival + talk of ideas in a no-shame setting where somebody in the crowd can feel comfortable enough to jump up out of their chair and yell, ‘Mama mia! that’s a spicy meatbal!l’ when overcome by inspiration.

            There will also be an Instagram ‘Storytelling’ photography exhibition – Drinks – a handsome DJ – some strange guy on a saxophone and synthesizer – piñata (because what’s a party without a piñata) 

            Vienna Coffee Festival 2017
            When: Jan 13–16
            Where: Ottakringer Brauerei, Ottakringerplatz 1, 1160

            This one’s for the lovers of the bean! For those that want to bathe themselves in the brown nectar of the Gods! Ok, we’re getting a bit carried away – maybe we’ve had one too many coffees already today. Anyhow, this is the 2nd time round for the Vienna Coffee Festival which will be showcasing Vienna’s budding artisan coffee scene this month. Coffee battles, workshops, demonstrations of how the bean becomes bliss are all in the program. Find more details, here. 

            Take up a daily ritual

            The grey sky, early nightfall and puddles on the pavement are enough to get anybody down in the long winter’s month of January. Getting back to basics and learning to appreciate the small things again can be a good way of fighting back those winter blues. One way of doing this is by taking up a daily ritual.

            A few daily rituals Würstelstand suggestions:

            + Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and enjoy a coffee/tea/cigarette in silence, either reading the newspaper, staring out your window or writing your thoughts down.

            + Walk to work/uni or go for a walk in the lunch break

            + Regular sex

            + Switch off the computer at least an hour before bedtime

            + Create a shower soundtrack by singing a different song in the shower everyday. Choose carefully.

            Visit a graveyard

            While visiting a bunch of dead people on a cold winter’s day may sound like an odd thing to be doing, you’ll have to trust us on this one – it’s quite the experience. If you’re into horror movies or just enjoy goosebumps crawling up your back and your arms, visit one of Vienna’s many historic graveyards on a cold winter’s day. You’ll discover a peaceful calm within their walls (of course, the people living there are dead!).

            PLUS: You can say hello to some of Vienna’s most famous personalities.

            Graveyards we recommend visiting:

            + Hietzinger Friedhof: Maxingstrasse 15, 1130 (Say Servus to Gustav Klimt)

            + Friedhof St Marx: Leberstrasse 6–8, 1030 (Give Mozart a high-five)

            + Grinzinger Friedhof: An den langen Lüssen 33, 1190 (blow Gustav Mahler a kiss)

            + Zentralfriedhof: Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, 1100 (This place is huge! Plenty of people to say hello to including Beethoven)

            FM4 Geburtstagsfest
            When: SAT, January 23, 8pm
            Where: Ottakringer Brauerei, Ottakringerplatz 1, 1160

            The funky crowd from the beloved radio station FM4 will be celebrating their birthday in the second half of the month, and as usual, they’re hauling in some mighty talented music acts to celebrate with them. Check out more details, here. 

            Get to work on the winter bucket list

            Ok people, if you haven’t done atleast half of the things on Vienna Würstelstand’s ultimate winter bucket list before the end of January, well ,we might just have to call Omi Margaret to have a stern word with you. And we could imagine she’d say something like this – stop complaining about the cold weather, and get your ass outside and play in the snow! Check out the only winter bucket list for Vienna you’ll need, here.

            Ja Ja Ja Festival Vienna 2017
            When: FRI, January 29, 7pm
            Where: WUK, Währinger Str. 59, 1090

            If you don’t know it, the Ja Ja Ja music festival is when a bunch of kick-ass bands fly in from the icy cold Nordic countries and take to the stages of the WUK, where they warm up the Vienna crowds with their fine indie pop/rock tunes. Unique sounds to be found here, indeed. For more info, see here. 

            Go ice skating!
            There’s no other feeling like it – the cold on your face, a red nose, gliding over the ice, on occasion falling in a puddle of melted ice. Get your skates on and visit one of the ice skating rinks around Vienna. We especially recommend checking out the ice skating rink at Rathausplatz, known as the Wiener Eistraum. It truly is a winter wonderland! 

            Other ice skating rinks around Vienna:

            + Eishalle Stadthalle: Vogelweidplatz 14, 1150

            + Wiener Eislaufverein: U4 station Stadtpark. Next to the Intercontinental Hotel

            + Kunsteisbahn Engelmann Wien: Syringgasse 6-8, 1170

            + Alte Donau: Only if the river freezes over!

            Show them how the waltz is done at a Viennese Ball

            The ball season gets into full swing in Vienna right about now. It's a Vienna experience that may be on your list – waltzing to Strauss in a big fancy setting with a bunch of people dressed all pretty. Meanwhile, if this sounds to much like visiting your grandmothers to you, there are alternative variations of the ball popping up every year. January has one that will involve less suits and dresses, and more flat brimmed baseball caps in bouncing to phat beatz – the Wiener HipHop Ball. While the venue still may be fancy, the music won't be suitable for any kind of waltz. Find more info. here. 

            Take a winter escape

            Road trips or weekend city escapes are not exclusive to summer. Winter offers up plenty of alternative attractive options for an escape from the daily grind. Plan a trip to one of the many spas around Vienna, or a ski trip and leave the grey city behind. Keep an eye out for our wienter escapes article series coming soon. 

            Vienna English Comedy Night

            When: TUE, January 10, 8pm
            Where: Kulisse Wien, Rosensteingasse 39, 1170

            The increasingly well-known comedian within the English speaking community in Vienna is starting 2017 with his very own regular comedy night, featuring 2 'show-stopping audience favourites.' A laugh is the best medicine when the skies are grey. 

            Warm up with some winter food in a gemütliches Gasthaus

            The Austrian tavern known as a Gasthaus is made for cold winter nights. Cosy into one of those typical wooden booth seats that wrap around a square table, feast on Knoedel (dumplings) and Schnitzel, and enjoy some good wine or beer. Keep an eye out for our article listing some of Vienna's best Gasthause!

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            This Month in Vienna

             / February 05, 2016
                  • If you have a tip for an event in January, or next month, let us know on Facebook, or leave a comment below!

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