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    This Week in Vienna

     / July 24, 2016
          • How do we select our top events for the week? We're glad you asked …
            We use a highly intricate and complex, super secret algorithm that would baffle even the techheads at Facebook, involving a combination of the following three factors ... and a squirt of mustard:

            1. From first-hand experience
            2. The event's Facebook popularity
            3. From your (our audience's) feedback 

            What's that? You have a tip for an event happening next week? Well, you can meet us at the back of the building behind the green with the statue of Peter Pan on top in the 9th district in that dark alley to hand it over, or you could just let us know on Facebook, or leave a comment below!
            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
            We know how busy you are, you beautiful people of Vienna! But we also know how much you like to have a good time and make the most out of life. So here, we'll be bringing you (in our humble opinion, after hours of research) the very best events, from Monday to Friday, every week! 

            With a mix of events and other fun tips from Vienna Würstelstand's editorial team, here's some inspiration on what to DO, EAT, DRINK, SEE, LEARN, PLAY & PARTY this week in Vienna: 

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            Drink Blue drinks for Autism Awareness!

            Hard Rock Vienna Goes Blue For World Autism Day #HRCBlue

            When: SUN April 2 9:30am‒11:59pm
            Where: Hard Rock Café, Rotenturmstrasse 25, 1010
            Free entry!

            WTD Hard rock goes Blue

            This Sunday, the rocky vibes of Hard Rock Café will turn blue for a good cause. All day long, Hard rock café will be serving its delicious classic cocktails and American diner style food, and donating €1 per entrée and blue drink (with and without alcohol) to the non-profit 'Autism in Vienna' organization.

            Plus: there will be live jazz bands to check out in the morning. Definitely go and stuff yourself with pancakes and throw back some groovy blue cocktails! Once you go blue ,you know it be true (yes, we just came up with that just then, all by ourselves)

            Recommended if you Like: drinking for a cause, American food, live music, clicking your fingers instead of applauding, wearing cowboy hats, rock and roll, The Hard Rock cafe vibe

            Spend a afternoon and evening tasting Styrian Wine

            Tag des Steirischen Weines

            When: THU, March 30, 2pm–8:30pm
            Where: Museumsplatz 1, 1070
            Entry: €20 the regular ticket €16 for students €12 the evening card (from 7pm)

            WTD Styrian wien day

            This Thursday, you can enjoy the annual Styrian Wine day happening in the MuseumsQuartier, hosted by WIENTAGE. Spend the afternoon tasting various wines from the region in this wine-tastic event! Be sure to go with a full stomach so you won’t get (too) drunk. We would advise sneaking in your own cheese to pair things up!

            Recommended if you like: sniffing and observing your glass of wine before drinking it, the idea of drinking wine after a long day of work, trying wines not sold in supermarkets, traveling in Styria, speaking intelligently about wine, creating your own vocabulary about wine and confusing the hell out of people while seeming intelligent

            whattodo headers learnexplore

            Join the Artistclub for a screening 
            Artistclub: Screening & Talk Mike Kelley – Vice and Crockery

            When: WED, March 29 7pm–9pm
            Where: 21er Haus, Arsenalstraβe 1 1030
            Entry: €5

            WTD Artistclub mike kelly

            This Wednesday, come with your best art game face to the 21er haus for an exclusive screening of Mike Kelley’s film Vice and Crockery, from his latest artistic phase – this will be the first time it's shown in Austria. The Artistclub has become the stage for the high caliber exhibition of Austrian pop artist Franz West and his numerous artistic contributions, alongwith those he collaborated with. This time, the spotlight will be on Mike Kelley.

            Recommended if you like: slipping right into the snobby artistic scene, being part of a first, looking intelligent when standing in front of art, pop art, exploring different ideas in art

            Enjoy a drink inside a piece of art!

            Cafe Hansi im mumok

            When: THU, March 30 6pm–9pm
            Where: MUMOK, Museumsplatz 1 1070
            Free entry!


            This Thursday, you'll have the privilege of enjoying a drink inside Café Hansi , which is a cafe setting that has been designed entirely by the artist, Hans Schabus. This crazy bar operates independently within the MUMOK and to top it all off, it's only open on the last Thursday of every month! From the walls to the cups, every bit of it is a fantastical piece of art in which you can enjoy a drink.

            Recommended if you like: artistic bars, not just seeing art but living it, unlimited time bars, being part of unique experiences, when drink and art come together

            A book party at the Gartenbaukino
            Buchparty "Der Moddetektiv"

            When: THU, March 30 9pm–12am
            Where: Gartenbaukino, Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna
            Free entry!

            WTD Buchparty

            This Thursday, the classical, and some may call it, vintage-looking Gartenbaukino will be receiving the author of the “Der Moddetektiv” Christopher Just on stage! Not only will he be presenting his book, he will be reading it, and also there will be, what the fellows are calling, 'Moddetektiv Music,' which will be played throughout the event. There will also be a special surprise act! BOOM! 

            Recommended if you like: eating books like you eat chips, being a book worm, book presentations, meeting people through literature, literature

            whattodo headers doandsee

            Go and shop for some sexy fancy new lingerie
            POP UP STORE * IRINA HOFER * at 25hours Hotel

            When: WED, March 29 5pm‒9pm
            Where: 25 hours hotel, Lerchenfelderstraße 1-3, 1070 Vienna
            Free entry!

            WTD POP up store

            The original 25 hours hotel will be hosting a sexy pop up store this Wednesday! Fashion lingerie accessories will be on display from designers Irina Hofer, and many more! One thing is for sure, these young ladies will be busy beautifying your world. Come here and shop your brains out! Or simply, come by to admire the sexy mannequins only in underwear (everybody gets turned on by different things – we don't judge). 

            Recommended if you like: looking for new lingerie, designer’s underwear, wanting to surprise your partner with some sexy new lingerie (the surprise is double if you are a man wearing them)

            A different, exotic kind of fashion show

            Etnoparadox – Fashion Show

            When: THU, March 30 7pm‒11pm
            Where: WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090
            Free entry!


            The artsy, red brick WUK will be hosting an incredible fashion show this Thursday which will focus on what happens if we just mix all cultures and different ages together? The fashion show will attempt to show how each culture is fascinating and how every age is unique in its own way, and they'll be doing this by combining multiple cultures and ages into singular outfits. This is the ultimate message of unity in fashion, we'd say!

            Recommended if you like: fashion no matter what, not seeing race or culture, age is just a number, enjoying gorgeous dresses from around the world, exotic fashion, going into a change room and having fun

            Festival screens Lars von Trier, Dogville
            Dogville / Primavera Festival Wien

            When: MON, March 27 8pm–10:50pm
            Where: Margaretenstraße 22–24, 1040
            Entry: €7.50 normal ticket

            WTD primavera festival

            Schikaneder will be screening the 2003 masterpiece from Lars von Trier, Dogville, this Monday as part of the young Primavera festival during the international Day of theater. The Primavera festival for human rights presents every year socio-political initiatives and all things related. Through different artistic programs, the festival allows a dialogue on important issues, such as integration and discrimination.

            Recommended if you like: going to movies, start a political philosophical conversation with a total stranger, films from brilliant directors, grungy bars, being a film junkie

            Designer market on the weekend


            When: SAT–SUN, April 1–2
            Where: Designmarkt Edelstoff, Karl Farkas Gasse 19, 1030
            Entry: €4

            WTD Edelshof

            The designer market, Edelstoff, is back for another year this weekend in the immense space of Marx Halle! More than 140 designers will be selling their fashion, accessories and all sorts of other unique creations from designers. To compliment your possible shopping spree, there will be some of the best street food on offer at the market!

            Recommended if you like: designer fairs, checking out independent and unknown designers, finding treasures, street food, especially pastrami sandwiches, spontaneous activities in the middle of the night

            Get your superhero costume on, and join in on the ride!

            Superheroes on wheels #2 @RADpaRADe Wien 2017

            When: SUN, April 2, 11am–2pm
            Where: Rathausplatz, 1010
            Free entry!

            WTD superheroes on wheels

            Bored this Sunday? No problem! There's an event that will definetely shake that off. Get dressed up as your favorite superhero (cough BATMAN cough) and ride your bike to Rathausplatz, where you'll find many other superhero bicycle enthusiasts doing the same thing, just like you! Don’t miss the opportunity to dress up as your favorite superhero and ride your bike amongst a wave of other heroes in the mission to bring smiles to Vienna!

            Tip: you don’t have to have a costume, actually. But you can just create your own costume, or create your own super hero!

            Recommended if you like: cycling on a Sunday, taking your bat-cicle around the city, just pure fun, giggling

            whattodo headers partyplay

            Go to a funky, soul and blue-sy concert!
            Macy Gray

            When: MON, March 27, 7pm‒11pm
            Where: Arena Wien, Baumgasse 80, 1030
            Entry: €43.60

            WTD MACY gray

            End your Monday at the Arena, with a dose of funk and blues pop sounds from the one and only Macy Gray! The talented Macy Gray will be live in concert, spilling out her characteristic and incredible voice, which has allowed her to enjoy a successful 17 years of music carreer, which includes 1 Grammy win (air fist pump).


            Recommended if you like: still looking for someone like Amy Winehouse, grooving with chilled beats in concerts, getting your afro just right, soul and funk

            Up and coming Indie Pop band is in town!

            FM4 Indiekiste mit GOLF / Support: Yukno

            When: MON March 27 8:30pm‒11:59pm
            Where: Chelsea, U-Bahn Bögen 29-30, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, 1080
            Entry: €17.90

            WTD indiekiste mit golf

            Get your indie feeling of the week this Monday in the rocker stage of Chelsea. The band GOLF will be performing their debut album live in concert as well as releasing new material during the concert to give a taste of what’s going to come! If you don’t know them its worth checking them out as they claim they are changing pop and there beat will make you want to be at a neon party! Don't believe us? Check this song out and then if you are not convinced write us a complaint (please don’t write us a complain just to prove a point we also have feelings… well most of us atleast)

            Recommended if you like: expanding your Spotify playlist with new music, up and coming indie bands in German, a sweaty smoky room filled with alternative looking people

            A Band that combines rhythm & blues with rock and pop

            Hacklerberry Pi & Die Faulen Kompromisse live!

            When: WED, March 28, 8pm–11pm
            Where: Zum Gschupftn Ferdl, Windmühlgasse 20, 1060
            Free entry!

            WTD Hacklerberry

            Turn up this Wednesday to the cosy little city Heurige 2.0, for a unique live concert! If you enjoy free concerts and experiencing new sounds while still supporting your local bands, than this event is perfect for you! Hacklerberry Pi & die faulen Kompromisse are a Austrian band that will for sure knock your songs off with their unique style! Here is a little something for ya´ll!

            Recommended if you like: free concerts, going to listen to music youll add to your playlist, discovering bands before they become famous, organic Schmankel

            Aussie Indie Band coming back to Vienna!


            When: THU, March 30, 9pm–11pm
            Where: Rhiz Vienna U-Bahnbogen 37-38, Lerchenfeldergürtel, 1080
            Entry: €17.50


            The home of live music, Rhiz Vienna, will have the privledge of hosting the indie pop Australian band, Parcels, this Thursday only! With cool new sounds, and a great stage persona, Parcels are starting to make a name for themselves having opened for big names concerts in the indie pop scene, most notably Two door cinema club! Hear is one of their unique sounds.


            Recommended if you like: long haired dudes playing the board, indie spring vibe, shazaming your way through the concert, Australians and their effortless charm

            Hippidi-hop your way back to the 90s

            Hiphopjam Notorious B.I.G Special

            When: FRI, March 30, 10pm‒5am
            Where: The Loft, Lerchenfeldergürtel 37, 1160
            Entry: €5

            WTD Notorious B.I.G

            This Friday, the cool and vibrant club, the Loft, is going back to basics with a whole night dedicated to R&B, hip hop and rap from the 90´s and the beginning of the 00´s. Big names like 2pac, the Notorious B.I.G, Gangstarr and many more will be played, and hopefully serve the stage to what we hope will be an epic dance off between West Coast Vienna (basically from the Stephansplatz to Ottakring) and East Side Vienna (from about Stepahnsplatz to Seestadt).

            If you want more information: the exact districts that are part of the East coast and West coast of Vienna, defined by us:
            East Coast: 1, 2, 3,4,5,10,11,20,21,22
            West Coast : 6,7 8,9,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,23

            Recommended if you like: big gold chains, white loose tank tops, bandanas covering your head, East coast for life baby!, busting a rhyme

            You like this event list and are hungry for more? Well, keep your eye out for our awesome and super popular 'What to do on the Weekend in Vienna' guide, released every Thursday at 12:30pm.

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            This Week in Vienna

             / July 24, 2016
                  • How do we select our top events for the week? We're glad you asked …
                    We use a highly intricate and complex, super secret algorithm that would baffle even the techheads at Facebook, involving a combination of the following three factors ... and a squirt of mustard:

                    1. From first-hand experience
                    2. The event's Facebook popularity
                    3. From your (our audience's) feedback 

                    What's that? You have a tip for an event happening next week? Well, you can meet us at the back of the building behind the green with the statue of Peter Pan on top in the 9th district in that dark alley to hand it over, or you could just let us know on Facebook, or leave a comment below!