Are you a trendy Vienna fashionista? It’s time to play: Fesch or Trash!

     / November 14, 2016
            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
            As you all know, Feschmarkt is this weekend and we thought that before we stroll down the young, Fesch-y (that’s 'sexy' in street talk) designer lane, we’d test our fashion sense out on you.

            We bet you all have in your wardrobes those very special items that you never really wear, but can’t throw away – that pink velvet jacket will surely be in trend again next season. The denim overalls almost had a comeback last year so you’ll hang on to them!

            We’ve taken all of those 'ye' old favourite' clothes out of our wardrobes and asked the Fashionistas from Feshmarkt to help us decide whether our outfits stay or go!? Or, as we like to put it – what's fesch and what's trash? 

            And now we want to ask your opinion. Do you have the same fashion sense as the Feschmarkt crowd? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to play Fesch or Trash!

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             / November 14, 2016