Vienna's street art greatest hits: Knarf

     / August 11, 2016
    Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
    Street art in Vienna is like a pimple ridden teenager just learning to express itself, and it's evolving into new and exciting areas of creativity, where Vienna-based artists are developing their own brand of the unframed art that you'll find on the most unexpected places on walls around the city.

    A while back, a street photographer who prefers to remain anonymous for his own reasons – which involve exactly 20 pink helium balloons and an evangelic Scientologist and a oddly shaped yam – approached us with his huge photo archives of Vienna's street art that he's been taking since 2012.
    He calls himself Jayzeapix and spends a lot of time walking the streets alone with his camera and his pocket-sized dog. Almost as much as the street artists of the city.

    In our first photo series from Jayzeapix, he shares with us the bizarre murals of Vienna-based street artist, Knarf:

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 1

    Knarf sports a unique and mesmorising style straight out of a warped and wild imagination...

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 2

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 3

    His striking pieces have become part of the city's canvas. 

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 4
    A collabortion between street artist's Freshmax, Knarf, Mafia

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 6

    The characters in his murals fully inhabit the setting of where they've been painted. 

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 7

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 8

    Knarf's murals put stories on the walls of Vienna that may cause delirious daydreaming if stared at for too long. 

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 9

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 10

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand 11

    Knarf Vienna Wurstelstand

    Keep your eye out for the dream worlds of Knarf.
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