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I love the story of Adam and Eve, but I'm confused by your implication that cider is new to Austria. It may be new that they sell it as a brand in commercial format, with fancy names and pretty bottles, but cider or Most, has been around forever. It is part of Bauern tradition, like Speck, Krapfen und Lederhosen. I grew up in Austria on a farm and each fall we would harvest apples and pears, also 100% Austrian grown. We did not waste the bruised and brown ones either. My Papa pressed his own cider with a wooden press and I can picture the handle that he would tighten to squeeze the life out of the fruit. Then of course came the left over mush cakes. We kept massive barrels in our Keller, and it was often the children who were sent to fill a jug for Papa and Opa. It was the weekday drink. Was it good? Not particullarily, but if you like that sour vingegar brew then by golly it was delicious. Thirst quenching. I got drunk on cider when I was twelve, not something you ever get over.
So that's my Austrian cider story.