What kind of Airbnb host are you?

In summer, the locals of Vienna exit the city as the travelers arrive, and there's an increasing amount of people in the city funding their summer holiday by renting out their apartment, or a room via Airbnb.

In the spirit of this current trend, we thought we'd ask the people of Vienna: What kind of Airbnb host are you, or you would be? Do our quirky quiz below to find out!

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1. Describe where your guests will be sleeping.

  • a. Two yoga mats on the floor
  • b. My bed is very soft and bears around 13 cushions
  • c. The king-size bed where my mother usually sleeps
  • d. The eastern wing of my penthouse apartment
  • e. There will be no sleep
  • f. In a hammock

2. What would you circle on the city map you leave for your guests?

  • a. The map is currently being used as wallpaper. Sorry
  • b. Bakeries, interesting museums and candy shops
  • c. I’d custom make a quest around the city for my guests
  • d. Auction houses and cocktail bars. But we don’t need a map, we’ve got a driver
  • e. Closest night clubs and Würstelstande
  • f. All the cool, young, student-budget eateries and all the highlights for independent travelers

3. What doormat suits you best?

  • a. Did you bring cake?
  • b. Love lives here
  • c. Wipe your feet. And again
  • d. Tiger’s skin
  • e. Johnny walk right in
  • f. A handmade doormat brought back from Guatamala
4. What type of bed sheets do you have?
  • a. Beige cotton sheets
  • b. Floral, Victorian patterns – hearts and roses
  • c. Marvel comic character patterns
  • d. Silk sheets
  • e. A sleeping bag
  • f. Mismatching IKEA bed sheets

5. What will your guests find in your shower?

  • a. A piece of soap so thin, you can see through it
  • b. An assortment of loofas in various colours
  • c. A sign saying, 'leave this bathroom as you found it.’
  • d. I don’t shower, I bathe
  • e. An empty bottle of shower beer
  • f. A shower radio

6. What comes closest to your WiFi code?

  • a. asdaswyfhonsnohoinl
  • b. password
  • c. 3.14159.
  • d. SurfOnOldSport
  • e. legendwaitforitdary
  • f. there is no code – WIFI for all!

7. What will be staring at your hosts while they’re sleeping?

  • a. A Bob Marley poster
  • b. A couple of porcelain dolls
  • c. A Pokemon poster
  • d. A Victorian painting of princess Sisi in a gold frame
  • e. A collage of selfies from my last trip to Thailand
  • f. A world map on the ceiling pinned with all the places I’ve been

8. What will your guests find in the fridge?

  • a. A half-eaten pizza
  • b. Fresh, beautiful veggies
  • c. All kinds of things, clearly labeled and packaged appropriately, of course
  • d. Who needs a fridge, I’ve got a butler
  • e. Beer. Beer. Beer. And uhm. Beer.
  • f. Tupperware full of leftover pasta

9. What will you leave on your hosts’ pillow?

  • a. Pillow?
  • b. A mint and a fluffy towel
  • c. Ear plugs and a face mask
  • d. Edelweiss from the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps
  • e. A sign saying, 'help yourself to beer in the fridge’
  • f. Some lavender, because my Indian Shaman told me that it helps with sleep
/July, 2015
  • If you'd like to join the crowd renting out their apartment/room to pay for their summer holiday, sign up as a host on the Airbnb website.

    This fun little quiz was supported by – yes, you guessed it – our friends at Airbnb.

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