/ November 25, 2015
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            Chilled Evenings

            Vienna Würstelstand's   says:
            You talkin' to me?
            40 years of Taxi Driver @ Gartenbaukino

            When: from August 26 to September 1
            Where: Gartenbaukino, Parkring 12, 1010
            Click here to reserve your tickets.

            Taxi Driver, one of the most iconic films and a showcase of Robert De Niro's immense acting talent, has been released a mere 40 years ago. To celebrate this fact, Gartenbaukino will be screening this great movie for a week in a 4K digitally updated version. Get your mohawk on!

            Recommended if you like: films that became part of pop culture, strong acting game, Martin Scorsese, listening to very weird stories taxi drivers might tell you

            Cat Video Festival @ ARENA

            When: SAT, August 27, 7pm
            Where: ARENA, Baumgasse 80, 1030
            Free entry!

            cat video festival wien

            Cat videos are probably the second best thing you can look at on the internet. Vienna Independent Shorts is bringing the tiny fellas to the big screen yet again – with the annual Cat Video Festival at ARENA. Experience shows that you better be first in line, the place will be jam-packed, also because of the presumably great weather on Saturday. (Or shall we say ... Caturday?) 

            Recommended if you like: hairballs vomited by tiny creatures plotting to kill you, being licked with a tongue that 3 seconds ago licked an anus, being woken up in the sweetest way possible – with a dead bird

            Rap and Rolling Stones 
            Fellowsoph @ Replugged

            When: SAT August 27, 9pm
            Where: Replugged, Lerchenfelder Straße 23, 1070
            Free entry! 

            fellosoph replugged wien

            Dope Rap straight out of Vienna, that's Fellowsoph. This Saturday, the artist has two things to celebrate – there's an EP coming up, and he's about to move to Belgium. The night will be dedicated to these things, "and to life in general", so if you're a rap aficionado and a lover of life, tag along!

            Recommended if you like: sense and sensibility, being invited to birthday parties, eating the whole cake alone, talent revolving around the mouth

            Splatter Sunday
            Texas Chainsaw Massacre @ ARENA Sommerkino 

            When: SAUN, August 28, 8am
            Where: ARENA, Baumgasse 80, 1030
            Entry: 6€

            What better way to end the week by easing into Monday feelings with one of the most iconic horror movies there are? In Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the innocent al fresco adventure of five young friends turn into a horrifying adventure. The film will be screened in original version, digitally restored. 

            Good to know: whether rain or shine, the film will be screened. They have blankets ready, and you can purchase food and drinks at the site. 

            Recommended if you like: getting goosebumps, rusty chainsaws, human skin for face masks, walking home alone through the dark

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             / November 25, 2015
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