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15 strange & random things we found at Vienna’s Naschmarkt flea market

We found the 15 things that made our eyes widen:

1. An engraved turtle shell with kangaroos and Captain James Cook on it

How the hell did this end up in Austria? No wonder the tourists are confused – Australia, Austria – same, same.


2. A Nazi ‘Arbeitsbuch’

So wrong, so very wrong on so many levels. Found casually lying amongst handheld gaming devices and a cow pepper shaker.


3. Freaky tribal masks

We bought the green one just to be wearing it in the morning after our next one night stand.


4. Stuffed taxidermy weasel

This one escaped from the Naturhistorische Museum (Natural History Museum). Will go well on our IKEA Billy book shelves.

5. Old surgeon’s operating utensils

Just in case you were thinking of taking up a new hobby.

6. 1920’s Black Americana and Skeleton Mechanical Coin Banks

These were a big thing when racism was so accepted, it was a style element in home decor. You put a coin in their hand, wind them up at the back and they’ll swallow the coin. The skeleton’s eyes pop out when the mouth opens.


7. Some kind of industrial medical equipment

We have no idea what this is, or what it does, but it sure looks like some serious antique medical equipment.


8. Random wedding portrait

Just in case you don’t have your own, hang this lovely couple on your wall for inspiration.


9. Vintage porn magazines

With porn now limitless on the internet, who would still be going old-school with these magazines? Well, you can’t hide internet porn under your pillow.


10. Preserved green, giant… bug

This specimen was the length of our hand (we have big hands).


11. Creepy doll plates that don’t stop looking at you

Have you heard about this new diet in which you use plates that creep you out so much, you can’t go near your food.


12. Doll possessed by the devil

A prop for your new horror movie. We swear it was following us around the market. Eeep!


13. Bravo magazine from when Tom Cruise was cool

Was he ever cool though? Was he? Was he really? Ok, he’ll always be Top Gun’s Maverick to us.


14. Old (mostly one eyed or missing a leg) teddy bears

We almost cried when we saw these poor little guys so we bought all of them. But all of our childhood issues are coming back. Does anybody want to adopt a teddy bear?


15. A boot. A big boot.

Just one. Just waiting for that day when the one-legged friendly giant tries it on, and it fits. Passt eh’!

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