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A personality-packed speakeasy cocktail bar by night, cafe by day with a Mexican flair

Cafe Mendez, the cafe and bar, is a bubble of cool. A cosmopolitan, international kind of cool that you call on when you want to visit a personality-packed place, to confirm to whoever is paying attention that you’re personality is also packed.

Your eyes will probably dart around a bit before settling when you’re checking out this place for the first time – from the eye-catching light fixtures hanging from copper pipes, to the explosively good looking tiles around the bar, Cafe Mendez struts its own style that is unparalleled in Vienna. And we’re not exaggerating. There’s plenty to look at here, including a host of features speaking of Mexico, like Lucha libre wrestling masks, and Dia de los Muertos skulls adorning the place.

Not to mention the very impressive street art mural that takes up the back wall of the bar – it glows in the dark!

Since early 2017, the word has been spreading about Cafe Mendez in a grassroots kind of way. It hasn’t trumpeted its good looks and talent behind the bar (we’ll come back to this in a bit) out there, but rather chosen to allow people to discover it for themselves.

Mendez takes the vibrant and fun vibe of Mexico, without fencing in the menu to only serving up Mexican cuisine. Their burgers (including a great vegan one) are inspiring some messy eating at the handsome round tables, and if it’s not the burgers doing so, it’s the nachos and the quesadillas.

But while there’s a dedicated chef in the kitchen doing good things with this Tex-mex kind of fare, the drinks definetely play the main role in this Mexican soap opera (with a place so inspired by Mexico’s flair, we had to mention a Mexican soap opera atleast once).

Like we said, Cafe Mendez is an international kind of place where you’ll hear a multitude of languages being exchanged over quality third wave coffee, a mixed up menu, or craft cocktails out the back in the speak-easy kind of bar. We say speak-easy as you have to know about it to find it.

The hidden bar out back is what gives this place its split personality – out the front, it’s known as Cafe Mendez, while the back bar where all the mischief happens, is known as Mr Mendez.

Behind the cafe, there some crazy stuff happening with cocktails by the talented and award-winning bar keeps at this place, which we think is one of the best undiscovered places in the city.

There’s a strong festive buzz about the place, even without the cocktails. But the festive feeling heightens to new levels when your cocktail arrives, whether its the Mary Jane cocktail served up in a bong, or one the cocktail served up in the Franz Josef Lucha Libre babushka doll. Preparing all of their own homemade ingredients, the cocktails you can expect to be fresh, original creations at Mr Mendez.

The service is done by some of the friendliest bar and waiting staff you’ll meet in this city. Feel free to jump between German and English with them, and their smiles are just as heartwarming in both languages. And if you come more than once, expect them to remember your name…and even perhaps your preferred drink.

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