Is Vienna's new Mexican taqueria bar the real deal? We found out.

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Is Vienna’s new Mexican taqueria bar the real deal? We found out.

Vienna is in short supply of top taco spots, while the demand for these little street foody things you eat with your hands is Muy Grande (ok, we stop with showing off our primary school Spanish). That’s why we’ve been asking the question for a while – where’s the Mexicans? The Mexican food, we mean. The Tante of tacos heard our cries (note: there was no cries…it was more like a long, drawn-out whine).

Taco Tante is the new taqueria bar bringing the fun vibes of the Mexican kitchen to Vienna’s old city center, in their own fun way. The joint is huge, and while it was empty upon our visit, we could imagine it full of noise – partly from the Latino music blasting out of the speakers, and partly the loud soundtrack of a crowd having some rowdy, fiesta kind of fun – and people stuffing their faces with corn tortillas, licking their fingers and wiping salsa from their lips with their sleeves. But that’s just how our crystal ball sees it. We have no idea if this picture ever materialises at Taco Tante.

The blue booth seating does encourage getting messy with some Mexican street food with your muchachos (sorry…promise we’ll stop now).

The menu (which is novelly in the shape of a taco) is packing tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and a few random dishes like sweet potato fries, a few cuts of steak and a burger with avocado on it.

So if you’re a fan of tacos and haven’t been here yet, you’re probably just thinking – ‘so tell me already! Are the tacos the real deal, or not?’

Yeah, well, we’d answer this with a, ‘Jein.’

They’re damn good and tasty, but slapping the ‘Auténtico’ label on them would be like saying we’re published celebrated poets…which is not true, just in case you’re wondering.

The tortillas are fluffy, and (we’re shooting in the dark here, but assumed based on the taste) are homemade. Ordering them, a plate turns up at your table with four taco tortillas with fresh and flavoursome ingredients piled on top. Surprisingly, the ingredient supply meets demand when putting together your tacos. Ordering this alone probably won’t fill your hunger hole, but the prices won’t make you hesitate to order more.

If you like Mole, be sure to go the Mole chili sauce for an extra 80c. Oh, and the lime wedge is waiting on the side of the plate, ready to add that zest that ever good taco needs.

The quesadillas, well, this is our go to food that we make on hangover Sundays so we can’t really review this melted cheese in tortilla dish seriously, however the Guacamole (we love this word) is on point.

The salsas on offer cover the bases and will satisfy the spice hounds. (Whisper in our best devil on the shoulder voice) go the salsa with the skull cap on top. You have to order the  salsa verde extra for a cool 1€, and it’s worth it.

Taco Tante’s drinks menu stocks a few quality Mexican beers (yes, not just Corona) while their cocktails come potent with doses of mezcal and tequila. As mad mezcal fans, this made us tipsy, giggly happy.

Once done with the tacos, turn to the churros. They were somewhere in between crispy and doughy and covered in a hail of cinnamon-sugar. Dunk that in the chocolate sauce and you got yourself a guilty pleasure.

The staff are the kind of waiters that become part of the party happening at the tables.

Taco Tante exudes an energy and liveliness that belongs to a proper taqueria. Let’s hope the Vienna crowd plays along.

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