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18 things you’ll understand if you’re living through Vienna’s lockdown number three


1. Zooming with your friend who lives in the same district as you do is just sad at this point


2. You’re bored of all the parks close to your apartment which has forced you to venture out of your Grätzl in search of new green spaces for your daily walk to mix things up

© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: David Schneider

3. You’re starting to notice the improvements you’ve made in all the things you learnt in the first 2 lockdowns

Those socks your knitting on a non-stop basis actually now look like socks that could fit on somebody’s feet!


4. You’ve found yourself waiting in front of a store in a ‘Click and Collect’ line wondering – how the hell did we end up here?!

5. You know the exact place of all the items you want to buy in your local BILLA or SPAR

6. The cardboard recycling bins in your building are always full of flattened delivery boxes these days


7. You simply can no longer imagine what it’s like to be on an U-bahn at rush hour

© Unsplash/ John Tuesday

8. You find yourself fantasising about all those normal, everyday things like being on an U-Bahn at rush hour


9. Strolling through an art gallery has never been your thing, but now you’re doing all the virtual tours of galleries that the city’s museums are offering, because you’re SOOO hungry for anything cultural!

© KHM-Museumsverband

10. The summer of 2020 doesn’t seem that bad now after all

11.You REALLY know your neighbours’ daily schedules by now thanks to the thin Altbau walls in your apartment


12. You’re tired of your friends all giving you their home made Kimchi or banana bread


13. You go get a free Corona test once a week, just for something to do

14. The ‘Will you get the vaccine?’ discussion has come up in ALL conversations for the last month. Every. Damn. Time.


15. You’ve been on a trip to Semmering to enjoy some idyllic snowy landscape to then realise hundreds of other people have had the same thought as you on the same day

16. You know all the restaurants that deliver to your apartment as you’ve spent so much money on MJAM

17. It’s OASCH KOIT outside but you STILL crave leaving your house and going out for drinks

18. Your really, really miss going out and dream about going for drinks in your favourite bar, or for a brunch in your favourite cafe on a daily basis

19. You can no longer keep track of how many times you’ve started a sentence with; ‘When this lockdown is over, I can’t wait to…’

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