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41 Viennese New Year’s resolutions that you should put on your list of things to do in 2023

1. Set the sound of your alarm to the Donauwalzer to start the day properly 

If you’re someone who needs more upbeat tunes to get out of bed, just take something from Falco!

2. If you pack yourself a Jause for the day, don’t forget the Mannerschnitten

3. Show your friends your love by calling them Hawara

Or Oida/Deppada/Beidl… the Viennese seem to have an endless repertoire of endearing insults for their loved ones.

4. Stop eating Käsekrainer when you’re too drunk to remember the delicious taste

5. Be more aware of your day-to-day Grant level and don’t let it out on other people

Not that we would judge you for being grantig. Sometimes a little Grant can be healthy (and it’s also very Viennese). Just make sure you’re still being kind to the people around you.

6. Get one of those draught stoppers for your Altbau windows, so you don’t waste any more money on excessive heating

7. Speak up if you see someone being harassed at a Bim stop

Or anywhere else for that matter.

8. Instead of only buying stuff from big supermarket chains, check out more of those independent little grocery shops in your Grätzl

You can find them easily on Google Maps by typing in “Lebensmittel”, or check out our guide on 5 neighbourhood stores you should know about if you want to live a package-free life.

9. Stop fighting over which beer is the best one at parties

Tastes differ, so let everyone sip their beer of choice. Even if it’s Schwechater (just kidding). In case you still can’t agree, do like former mayor Michael Häupl would and bring out the Spritzwein instead. ‘Cause everybody loves a good Spritzwein!

10. Stop throwing your Tschickstummel into the sewers or on the ground

via Unsplash/Pawel Czerwinski

Like, c’mon people, it’s not that difficult!

11. Take a sightseeing tour and get to know your city

© Vienna Würstelstand

You can act like a tourist and romanticize the sh*t out of your life. Or maybe you even wanna re-enact the scenes from the film Before Sunrise!

12. Visit the catacombs of Stephansdom and pose with a skull

image via erzdioezese-wien.at

13. Learn basic Turkish to order your Döner like a pro

“Hey, can I get a chicken Döner please?” = “Merhaba, bir tane Tavuk Döner alabilir miyim lütfen?”

© Vienna Würstelstand

14. Don’t run after the pigeons when you’re drunk

We don’t need to add anything else here, it’s not funny. Just stop doing this.

© Vienna Würstelstand

15. Check out ALL of Vienna’s Clubs to party like there’s no tomorrow

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

Should they ever open again, that is. But we’re keeping our hopes up!

16. Take more time out of your day to go for walks through the inner city and discover amazing hidden gems

You can also join some walking tours if you don’t wanna be all on your own.

17. Stop taking Ubers during rush hour and take advantage of the kick-ass public transport system – at any time for that matter.

Uber is now super expensive and who needs it. Vienna has one of the best public transport systems out there. And you can experience the city you live in more by catching public transport

© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz


18. Visit at least one museum or art gallery a month

Don’t know which one to visit? How about Ostlicht if you’re into photography, or if you’re a pop art kinda gal/pal check out Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts Gallery. We also have plenty of places listed on our website under Discover – The Arts as well as a guide of the best art and culture events happening in Vienna.

© KHM-Museumsverband

19. Spend an evening going to that theater you’ve been saying you’ll go to for years now!

For some more inspo, check out these small theatres in Vienna.

20. Hold the door open when somebody is running for the U-Bahn

21. Leave your Grätzl more often when friends want to meet for a drink

22. Embrace the whole silent Sunday thing that Vienna has going on

Go for a tasty brunch, start a friend’s & family lunch tradition or just keep lounging at home with a good book. Vienna takes relaxing on Sundays very serious and so should you.

23. Just accept that you can’t meditate and you should try dealing with things the Viennese way- by complaining about them

24. Start getting your fruit and veggie fix via one of the fruit and veg boxes

We suggest you get ’em from one of these shops:

+ Adamah
+ Bioigel
+ Markta
+ Obsthaus
+ Paradeisa

If you wanna know more about them, have a look at the list we made about our favourite fruit ‘n’ veggie delivery services.

25. Overcome your fear of riding a bike on streets with tram lines on them

26. Explore the city’s ever more richer restaurant scene and stop going to the same places

With the Fleischloserei the city’s very first vegan butcher opened up (how awesome is that!), freshly-baked cinnamon rolls can now be had at Herr Schneck and Wildling provides us with super regional food from carefully selected suppliers, a low-waste mindset, no artificial additives, and tradition mixed with international elements.

These are just a few of the fine new additions we got over the last year. For more recommendations pop over to our eat and drink page!

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

27. Stop being mean to tourists… ok, not all, but give it a try

28. Comment less on the weather

It’s hard, we know. But try spitting out interesting facts about Vienna’s Christkindlmärkte for an ice breaker instead.

29. Sign up for the Vienna marathon only to drink one too many Spritzers the night before and inevitably sleep in and not run

Or you know, be responsible and do run. Either way, a good load of fun!

30. Swim the Danube to Bratislava (f*** it, why not)

You could also take the boat or train like a normal person. But where’s the fun in that.

31. Give up doing yoga and eat more cake in Viennese coffee shops

32. Start carrying cash around so you’re not stuck in places that only take cash

© Vienna Würstelstand

Actually, no fuck it, that should be Vienna’s restaurant’s resolution – get a card machine!

33. Don’t let the rudeness of the grumpy waiter, MA public servant or stressed bakery cashier get to you

Just respond with a smile and try to make them smile in return.

34. Forget being mindful and learn these Viennese Grant phrases

© Vienna Würstelstand

35. Read some books from these Viennese writers

36. Take care of yourself and do this stuff if you’re feeling gsch*ssen right now

© Samuel Elias-Nadler / Unsplash

38. Do more daytime drinking in the city’s Schanigärten

39. Reserve a Donauinsel Grillplatz right now for the summer

© Vienna Würstelstand

The early bird catches the worm. Or, in this case, the prime barbecue spot. So don’t wait till it’s too late again and they’re fully booked.

40. Take a moment to appreciate the historic building you live in or visit in 2023

The amazing patterns on the tile floors, the gorgeous entrances, the grand staircases…so much beauty to be found in them.

41. Visit those places you keep recommending to tourists but never go to yourself because you think they’re too touristy

They’re damn beautiful actually.

May this year be filled with good stuff only, like lots of Dosenbier, fun adventures with friends, many visits to the Würstelstand and other fun adventures! Cheers to 2023!

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