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Beats & Vibes am Fluss (Silent Disco)

Shake your booty at this silent disco

Beats & Vibes am Fluss (Silent Disco)

When: THU, August 27, 7:30pm–12am
Where: Donaukanal (underneath the Motto am Fluss)
Entry: 7€, buy a ticket

Are you the kind of person who always feels super powerful while listening to music with a headset on and walking to the beat? That is, until you realise that other people can’t hear the music you’re listening to, and you probably look super weird doing your dance-walk. Well, this Thursday, you can hit up a silent disco happening on the Donaukanal where everybody will be hearing the same music on their headset, so they’ll be able to fully admire your cool power walk when you dance your way upstairs to the Motto am Fluss (which will be just above the party).

Recommended if you like: outdoor events, being able to decide on the volume of the music, just taking off your headset when you need a break from the bass, talking to the hottest person of a party without them pretending that they ‘can’t hear you over the loud music’, dancing until your feet feel like falling off

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