Desiderio N1° ft. DJ CASSY + KSOT Soundsystem // Openair Kursalon - Vienna Würstelstand

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The pros of making prosecco, the crowd from Desiderio, are throwing a party as fine as your finest lingerie (or your boxer shorts – and no, not the Spongebob Squarepants ones – finer!) in a fancy-schmancy location with a gorgeous garden, the Kursalon.

They’re calling this open-air party the Desiderio Summer Party and we, for one, hope this becomes a regular thing (and that’s not just because they’re sponsoring this post – seriously, this is one promotion that we can stand 100%!)

Besides that there will be fountains of their fine-ass prosecco flowing (not actual fountains, unfortunately, but you get what we mean), they’ve got a fine DJ line-up on the decks, including the international class act, DJ Cassy.

Now, if this event description doesn’t make you go ‘I’ll be there in a prosecco!’ then our event writer hands in their resignation right here and now.

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