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Explore the city with your nose

Smells like Wien spirit

Yes we know, going on city tours is something for those socks-and-sandals-wearing tourists with their selfie sticks and it only presents you with informations you could’ve easily looked up on the internet as well. Yet, we still highly recommend you to join this one, as it is unlike any of those standard tours.

Here you get to experience Vienna from a dog’s perspective so to say, as the main focus lies on the city’s scents. And don’t worry that’s more than just urine and the questionable odour emitted by some people riding the U-Bahn. Even if you’ve lived here for quite a while now, you’ll see (or rather smell) this fine town in a whole new way!

Also, if you don’t just wanna take our word for it, there’s a small newspaper called ‘The Guardian’ who actually ranked it among the top 5 alternative city tours in Europe. So yeah, it’s probably pretty good.

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