6 outstanding vegan burgers in Vienna that even meat eaters swear by

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Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

6 outstanding vegan burgers in Vienna that even meat eaters swear by

A good vegan burger can make the world a happier place. However, finding the good ones can be a slightly less happy process. Many places just slap any kind of vegan burger on the menu as if it’s an afterthought.

So we went on a vegan hunt to find the places serving up meatless burgers that are not just a substitute, but make for some of the best burgers in the city. Period. Creatively made patties and finger-licking sauces go a long way, here. 

Here’s a list of 6 of the city’s most creative and tasty vegan burgers:

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Le Burger – best vegan burgers in Vienna

MON–THU: 10am–12am
FRI–SAT: 10am–1pm
SUN: 9am–11pm


Vegana Burger = 8.50€
Fries = 3.50€

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Le Burger let us into their new location on Rotenturmstraße to try some of their veggie burger options early one day. They may have ended up regretting this as we’d had quite a bit of coffee and may have had a little too much fun harassing (in a friendly way) the staff and swinging on their swinging booths (yes, some of their seats are swings!). We would like to note, however, that we refrained from climbing the green wall they’ve got. We’re not animals.

The decor is an eclectic mix of bright colors and the aforementioned green wall, which reminds you of how you should eat your veggies…fried and in the form of a burger, that is. We’re not sure how it reminds you of that, but we were in need of a segway. We tried the chickpea patty with red peppers (a.k.a paprika, a.k.a capsicum…) arugula, and mayo. It renewed our love for chickpeas.

The sweet, salty, and a little bit spicy flavours meet together in this burger masterpiece in a way that tells you somebody has put a lot of thought into this burger.

Speaking of the menu, this isn’t your only option for a delicious vegan burger. Not only do they have the chickpea and zucchini patty on offer, but there is also a build-your-own-burger option with which you can build your own vegan babe of a burger.


Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Hungry Guy – Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Daily: 11:30am–11pm


Vegan Burger = 9.80€
Deluxe Fries = 4.50€
Additional charge for sweet potato fries = 1.90€

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We found ourselves starving one day when walking through the first district and we happened upon Hungry Guy. We know what you’re thinking – it’s not a typical place you’d think of when you think – vegan food. But our vegan-ass was hungry, so we reluctantly took 2 steps closer to the meat-heavy menu hanging outside and lit up when we saw two magical little words on it, “vegan burger”. We did a short, Irish jig, pulled ourselves together, and entered.

When our burger and fries arrived, our worlds were thoroughly rocked. The fresh and fragrant smoked tofu patty is served in a pita pocket and covered with the most delicious tahini sauce ever made (seriously, we would drink it) and topped with onions and, wait for it, canteloupe. If you’re thinking, “canteloupe – not sure about that,” then you’re in for a big surprise, because it turns out canteloupe and tahini on a burger make for a part-ay in your mouth-ay.

Hungry Guy’s vegan burger exceeded expectations and we’ll definitely be going back.

P.S. they like to brag that their fries are the best. As much as we’d love to challenge them, we can’t. They’re damn good.


Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

© Bitter Mendez

Cafe Mendez – best vegan burgers In Vienna

SUN–MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 4pm–11pm


Vegan Burger = 12.90€
Sweet Potato Fries = 3.90€

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One of our favourite places to head after work (or during work, for that matter) is the ultra cool and laid-back, Cafe Mendez. The Mexican-themed decor will instantly lift your spirits no matter the mood you’re in.  It’s the kind of place that will have you going – “we’ve got to come here more often,” before you even order your food.

Incidentally, it will have you saying that again after you’ve ordered your food.

Their vegan burger is the kind that will have you furrowing your brow and calling the waiter back to ask if they brought you the right thing, because the patty looks and tastes JUST like meat.

The good-hearted staff have been through this before, of course, and they’ll reassure you that it is, in fact, the world famous Beyond Meat patty topped with zucchini, baby spinach, sprouts, and red beet and horse radish sauce. At which point, you will sigh with relief and stuff your hungry, drooling, vegan face.

For more on what we have to say about Cafe Mendez, check out our full review, here.


Best Burgers In Vienna

Photo by Johannes Staudenbauer

Swing Kitchen – best vegan burgers in Vienna

Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070 & Operngasse 24, 1040 & Josefstädterstraße 73, 1080 & Währinger Straße 47, 1090 & Schwedenplatz 3-4, 1010

Daily: 11am–10pm


Swing Burger with fries and a drink = 7.80€
Chili Burger with fries and a drink = 8.60€

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Swing Kitchen is like an emergency room for vegans who need a junk food fix, stat! Their short and sweet, 100% vegan menu gives it to you straight. Chili burger, fries and a drink. Or you can go with the cheese burger. It’s all f**** devine! (Excuse the French – writing this was making us hangry which can make us slightly aggressive.)

It seems like Swing Kitchen burgers have been a staple in our lives forever in Vienna, but this Wunderkind (said in our best German accent) company just started in 2015.

After the first location opened and a mega-craze ensued, more locations quickly followed. In fact, they’ve just opened their 5th location in Vienna. So, there’s one more place to get a mouthful of these vegan classics.

These hearty, crispy, and filling burgers can fill you up on their own if you’re a civilised person, but for those of us who like to gorge, the menu option comes with fries and a drink. We like to add their garlic sauce to our fries, just so we’re extra kissable for the rest of the day.

People laughed when the founder of this vegan burger eatery said he wants to be as big as McDonalds. With burgers that taste so good and the rapid rise of this burger empire, nobody is laughing now. We certainly ain’t…’cause, ya know, imagine the mess we’d make when laughing with a mouthful of burger.


Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Beaver Brewing Company – best vegan burgers in Vienna

MON–THU: 4:30pm–12am
FRI–SAT: 12pm–12am
SUN: 12pm–10pm


Smokey Black Bean Burger and fries = 13.90€
Seitan Burger with fries = 11.90€
Additional charge for sweet potato fries = 1.90€

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What better place to have a burger than at a craft beer brewery, right? Beer and burgers just go together like Crocs and socks, right? Wait…what?!

Beaver Brewing Company’s black bean burger with sweet potato fries is ‘da bomb. This patty doesn’t bother with trying to pretend it’s meat. It presents its beans patty loud and proud, and the texture is perfect. This burger boldly owns itself and its non-meat-ness.

The red bean and quinoa lets off a sweet flavour that performs a balancing act with the hearty red beans and mushrooms. It goes perfectly with any light beer (in our no-so-humble opinion).

And call us American (which the writer of this review is) but that smattering of ketchup and mustard that oozes out of the bun just tickles our fancy.

This is definitely the messiest we’ve ever gotten eating a burger. We feel like we could have won an award for messiest eater in public and we would have been comfortable with this claim to fame in this laidback and chilled setting. Beaver’s vegan burger proves – it’s all in the patty.


Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Burger’s Bar – Best Vegan Burgers In Vienna

Daily: 11am–12am


Vegan Burger with fries = 12.90€
Sweet Potato Fries = 3.70€

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We were looking for a place to satisfy our vegan burger cravings, but, well, we were the only vegan in the bunch. It happens. As fate would have it, Burger’s Bar is the perfect place to satisfy both the carnivores and the herbivores in the group.

The Burger’s Bar’s vegan burger will have your friends fooled into thinking you gave up “that vegan thing” and started eating meat, because this patty looks deceivingly meat-y. But, surprise! It’s not meat.

It’s a soy patty covered with fresh and crispy veggies and a delicious and tangy sauce that will have your mouth thanking you for all the happy (and colourful) textures.

The decor and vibe of Burger’s Bar is like an invitation to wear your comfy pants and let your love handles hang out. It’s all about getting messy with good food and good times.

For more on what we have to say about Burger’s Bar, check out our full review, here.



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