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Your Ultimate guide on how to do your own Weinwandertag. 5 hiking trails in Vienna’s wine hills

Ok, Corona – you had us locked up for an entire month, you’ve literally killed our city’s nightlife and now you’ve forced one of our favourite events of the year – the Weinwandertage – to be cancelled?! You’ve crossed the line, Roni!

While we understand why the organisers of the Weinwandertage had to cancel this year, we can’t see any reason why you can’t do your own (a lot less crowded and corona-friendly) version of the event.

Here are four wine hiking trails that you can take on your own DIY Weinwandertage:

Neustift to Nussdorf – Guide to Weinwandertage

The areas in between Neustift am Walde and Nussdorf are legendary locations when it comes to Vienna’s Heurigen and wine scene.

With it’s distance of about 10km, this route is the longest of the four in this list and we can almost guarantee that you won’t make it all the way if you’re throwing back those achterl. The makers of this route’s map (download below) considered this very real possibility by encouraging you to take some shortcuts.

From the old vineyards set on the hills, around and on the Cobenzl hill, you’ve also be treated to some impeccable views of the city and the Danube, especially at Bellevuewiese, and along Eichelhofstraße.

Mayer am Nussberg
Weingut Wieninger

Our tips for this trail:
+ Hold off on the drinking until you’ve reached the top of Cobenzl, since it’s the steepest part.
+ Bring some nordic-walking sticks to compete with all the well-equipped boomers you encounter along the way.

Download the map for this route. 

images © Canva / Wieninger am Nussberg

Strebersdorf to Stammersdorf – Guide to Weinwandertage

This is the flattest of the walking routes that make up the Weinwandertag, and it is packed with charming Heurige where to enjoy an Achterl, or two…or three, or four…(you get the idea). While you can definitely pop in to some of the charming Heurige along the quaint Kellergasse, this trail leads you through the farming areas surrounding it.

Weingut Schilling
Heuriger Wieninger

Our tips for this trail:
+ Make sure you pay  visit to the charming street of Kellergasse at some point – it’s got all the characteristics you’d hope for an afternoon wine walk

Download the map for this route.

Ottakring – Guide to Weinwandertage

If you’re trying to actually complete one of the wine hikes from start to finish, this route might be the one to go for.

Starting at the lovely Schloss Wilhelminenberg, the route will have you doing a lap around the area, where you can stop and taste the fine wines of the local Heurige, while enjoying the views. Yeah, you heard that right, even the shortest of the routes has got some sick views for you to gawk at! There’s actually not many vineyards left in this area, but that doesn’t make it any less worth of a visit!

Heuriger Leitner
Heuriger Stippert in Ottakring

Our tips for this trail:
+ This is the shortest route, so take your sips of wine veeeery slowly. Maybe you’ll start tasting a difference in flavours, if you don’t already!
+ Don’t show up in full hiking gear (as you really don’t need it), unless you want to show off the fact that you’re prepared for ANYTHING.

Download the map for this route.

images © Canva 

Mauer – Guide to Weinwandertage

We’ve got to admit, we’ve never heard of this place called Mauer before, but hey, it’s got it’s own wine hike route, so it must be good.

Alongwith some lovely Heuriger where you can sip the day away, you’re going to come across a really weird looking church en route before you hit the finish line. If you’re still up for a detour at that point, definitely check out the Wortuba-Kirche. Nearby is also an open air planetarium.

Steinklammer Heuriger & Weinbau
Weinbau & Heuriger Weindorfer

Our tip for this trail:
+ If you’re planning to get a buzz going, do so in the beginning, or at the end of the route, because there’s no wine stations in between.

Download the map for this route.

images © Canva 

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