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    Third Wave Coffee in Vienna

     / March 07, 2016
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            Vienna Würstelstand's  says:
            Specialty and third wave coffee is conquering the world, one bean at a time. What the hell is it? Well, it’s when coffee goes artisanal, and baristas are artists frothing and aerating milk to a creamy perfection, and coffee drinkers are connoisseurs. The wave has hit Vienna in a big way, cheekily lecturing the city with its old and famous coffee culture on what a coffee is supposed to taste like. We hit the streets, drank a thousand coffees (and therefore were briefly admitted to a psych ward when trying to climb Stephansdom) to bring you this list of 14 cafés where to get your specialty coffee in Vienna.

            Also, we’ve created this handy map for you as well, making sure you find your way around Vienna, drinking only the best of the best coffee available in this city. You can find your own copy at one of the shops, or download and print this one:

            specialtycoffee map article

            1. Kaffeemodul
            Where: Josefstädter Straße 35, 1080

            Opening Hours
            Mon–Fri: 7:30am–5:30pm
            Sat: 10am–2pm
            Sun: closed

            “What’s the secret to a good Flat White?”
            “Good coffee and well frothed milk,” Valentin simply puts it in a no-bullshit kind of way. Only a modest natural can understate the skill behind the exceptionally good coffee he’s just whipped up for us. The coffee is so good here, coffee nerds seek this place out. One such nerd enters while we're there and tells us, “You can’t get much better than this when it comes to coffee in this city.”
            The two guys behind Kaffeemodul, Valentin and Boris, opened this coffee spitting shoebox of a place up in 2012 and have had a steady stream of caffeine craving regulars popping in – and a few minutes later – popping out with coffee in hand, ever since. There’s hardly enough space to stay anyway, as the place is as big as a chicken coop, but its coffee’s so good, you’ll see people crowing like roosters on their way out.
            They source their beans mainly from the direct trade German Roaster, Quijote, and stock and serve a variety of different kinds, from fruity, to kräftig (strong) to filtered. They also sell all the filters, grinders and other coffee paraphernalia.
            And while Valentin consecutively wins himself prizes at the Brewers Cup (2nd prize in 2015), he says him and Boris are always looking for ways to improve their quality.
            “There’s plenty of cafés that sell everything you can think of, but here we just do coffee and we’re constantly on the look out for new small suppliers, and ways to improve our standards,” Valentin says.
            They know their coffee here, so if you’re a Third Wave Coffee virgin, just ask for help and they’ll introduce you to your own bean and coffee style preference (sexual innuendo unintended … we think).

            Price Guide
            Espresso = 2€
            Flat White = 3.50€
            Filter Coffee = 3.50€

            Atmosphere: rating_new_5 (like a neighborhood coffee shop)
            Service: rating_new_5
            Value for money: rating_new_5
            Coffee: rating_new_5

            Coffee guru, Amar Ca, says: My favourite here is the Espresso. You can decide whether you want to follow the new “light roast” trend, or if you just want to enjoy the classic medium roast. The two will always make sure you find something you like.

            2. Fürth Kaffee
            Where: Kirchengasse 44, 1070

            Opening Hours
            Tue–Sat: 10:30am–5pm

            Fürth Kaffee is one of Vienna’s few coffee roasters, and they also have crazy good Third Wave Coffee skills. While also offering the coffee to taste at the shop in Kirchengasse, Charles Fürth is selling his own roasts not only to individuals with a passion for quality coffee, but also to gastronomy clients who understand the importance of offering high end beans to their customers.
            The café is a sales platform, a showroom and a packing station. The coffee beans are filled and packaged at the café by the members of the team, after finding there way here from Fürth’s roast house in Lower Austria.
            Inspired by finding a new purpose in life after 20 years of ad film production, and by the concept of helping famers through direct trade, Charles spent more than 3 years perfecting his coffee skills through workshops in England, reading a lot of books and ensuring his first coffee he was serving the best coffee he could, from the first coffee he sold.
            We try the Espresso Macchiato – it makes our mouth water and hair curl just looking at it. After the first sip, we don't want to ever spend another day without this coffee.

            Price Guide
            Espresso = 1.90€
            Macchiato = 2.50€
            Cappuccino = 2.80€
            Aeropress (200–250ml) = 3.50€

            We like … the living room atmosphere of the place.
            We love … that you can watch the team in action, packing the coffee and catch a glimpse of the lovely brown beans before they're liquefied.

            Atmosphere: rating_new_5 (comfy and creative)
            Value for money: rating_new_5 (great quality, great taste)
            Service: rating_new_5 (super nice people)
            Coffee: rating_new_5 (heavenly)

            3. kaffemik 
            Where: Zollergasse 5, 1070 

            Opening Hours 
            Mon–Fri: 8am–6pm 
            Sat: 10am–6pm 
            Sun: 12pm–6pm

            Small, neat and pure looking – kaffeemik has light blue and white tiles and a clean interior. The small shop doesn’t overdo with the decor and furniture, yet exceed in their coffee skills.
            The people behind kaffeemik are a group of friends that realised their long-held dream to revive Vienna’s dormant coffee taste buds, with high-quality coffee sourced from small European roasters.
            We try as much coffee as Simon serves up until we can’t hold the cup anymore in our shaking hands. The milky variations, like the Cappuccino and Flat White are creamy, with that sweet and bitter coffee taste in the middle.
            We’re still walking on clouds hours later, wide-eyed from the great taste and the coffee’s ability to make us feel like the most amazing person in the world. We’ll surely be seen at kaffeemik again, next time going for the filter coffee –the underrated achiever in the coffee crowd when it comes to depth in flavour and value, according to Simon. 

            Price guide 
            Espresso = 2 € 
            Flat White = 3 € 
            Filter coffee = 4 € 

            We are impressed … by the amount of people walking in during our visit. 
            We love … their company name – “A bunch of nerds KG” 

            Atmosphere: rating_new_4 (small but homey) 
            Value for money: rating_new_4 (we won’t say it out loud, but we’d even pay more for a coffee this good) 
            Service: rating_new_5 (super nice, attentive and helpful) 
            Coffee: rating_new_5 (we’re lost for words) 

            Coffee guru, Amar Ca, says: Simon always has a surprise. The coffees are regularly supplied by different roasters, and so there’s the chance that you’ll come across something different every time. My favourite here is definitely the V60 pour over coffee. 

            4. Jonas Reindl
            Where: Währinger Straße 2–4, 1090 

            Opening Hours
            Mon–Fri: 7:30am–10pm
            Sat: 10am–10pm
            Sun: 10:30am–6pm

            © Maria Ritsch

            Jonas Reindl is a hip, and despite its cosiness, very vibrant coffee shop. Lots of young people find their way here in a break between classes at the nearby university, but the great location also brings walk-in customers, tourists and other randoms.
            Owner Philip Feyer has traveled to Nicaragua, to see for himself what the conditions on the farm level are like. A partner of his, who made such an adventure possible, is the Austrian Ulrich Salamun. He has been living in Nicaragua for over 15 years and is the founder of the company Biosfair Agroexport. Feyer is proud of this direct trade project that allows him to transparently guarantee not only the highest quality of coffee but sustainable agriculture as well.
            While chatting with him, we completely forget that there’s a world beyond coffee. This floating feeling might also come from the perfectly fitting Flat White – two shots of espresso topped with just the right amount of milk to make our insides hum.

            Price guide 
            Espresso = 2.20 € (doppio 3.20 €) 
            Cappuccino = 3.20 € 
            Americano = 2.80 € 
            Filter coffee = 3.90 € 

            We like … that Jonas Reindl is also a bar for chilled evenings and is opened until 10pm! 
            We love … that it's opened on Sundays!

            Atmosphere: rating_new_4 (charming but maybe a bit packed) 
            Value for money: rating_new_5 (nothing to fault) 
            Service: rating_new_5 
            Coffee: rating_new_5 

            5. Alte Post Coffee
            Where: Alte Post, Dominikanerbastei 11, 1010
            Temporary popup shop until January 2017

            Closed at the moment!

            Alte Post Coffee was used as a branch location of Jonas Reindl until January 2017, situated in an old Post Office (Alte Post) that is also known for its use as temporary party venue, where it is sharing the space with the famous furniture brand Thonet. The old interior of the place was mostly reused and combined with the chic and elegant language of the designer furniture that you can also sit on when stopping by for one of Vienna’s best coffees. 

            6. Süssmund Kaffeebar 
            Where: Wipplingerstraße 11, 1010
            The shop is changing location in Jan. 2017, check here for news.

            Opening Hours 
            Mon–Fri: 8am–6pm
            Sat: 9am–6pm

            Süssmund Kaffeebar is run by an award-winning veteran in Vienna's bean scene. And not only are magic baristas behind the counter here, but there is also the pillars of the third wave coffee movement behind its concept – direct-trade beans, an appreciation for the art of coffee processing methods and artisan roasting.
            Süssmund is the local micro-roasting house that has had its finger in the pie of the city’s artisan coffee scene since way back. The person behind it is Nikolaus Hartmann – a coffee lover and self-taught coffee whizz with a background in architecture. Beans replaced buildings long before he made the move from the one profession to the other.  
            The temporary location will be opened until January 2017 before moving into a new home somewhere in Vienna (check back for news). The old Billa is big enough to fit in regulars as well as passers-by. The comfy furniture might have you stay a bit longer than planned. Or maybe the great croissants. Or the neat muesli bar that has all fresh and organic ingredients for a great breakfast.

            Price guide 
            Espresso = 2.10/3.20€
            Piccolo Latte = 2.80€
            Cappuccino = 3.20€
            Flat White = 3.80€
            Batchbrew/Handaufguss = 2.80/3.80€
            Tea = 3.60€
            Chai Latte = 3.60€
            Cocoa = 3.20€
            Breakfast Bowl (Cereals, Yoghurt) / + Fruit = 4.90/5.90€
            French Croissant = 1.90€

            We love … the organic Muesli bar where you can mix ingredients that fit your taste to fuel your early morning powers

            Value for money: rating_new_4 
            Service: rating_new_5 
            Coffee: rating_new_5 

            7. & 8. CaffèCouture
            Showroom & Roasting Lab: Garnisongasse 18, 1090
            Café: Freyung 2, Palais Ferstel Passage, 1010

            Opening Hours
            Showroom & Roasting Lab
            Mon–Fri: 8:30am–5pm
            July to September: Mon–Fri: 8:30am–3pm

            CaffèCouture District 1
            Mon–Fri: 8am–5pm
            Sat: 10am–5pm

            CaffèCouture’s showroom/roasting lab in Vienna’s 9th opened 5 years ago, showing off La Marzocco’s latest coffee equipment, as well as serving seasonal specialty coffees to take home with you, or enjoy at the café. The owner, Georg Branny, is not only a very talented barista with endless knowledge and skills that wins awards, he’s also a coffee entertainer, with a talent for coffee-based cocktails.
            Their second shop in the 1st district’s Palais Ferstel Passage, opened in September 2013. They have their own 100%-arabica-roast and a seasonal blend mixing 3 different sorts, directly obtained from farmers. The quality of the beans, the roasting and the skilful preparation are noticeable in every sip.
            And while we enjoy our Espresso, we watch people passing by outside, admiring the Parisian feeling of the neat 1st district passageway.

            Price Guide
            Espresso = 1.90€
            Kleiner Brauner = 2.20€

            We love … La Marzocco with its see through side that shows you her “intestines”.
            We admire … the location in Ferstel Passage that makes you feel like being in Paris.

            Value for money: rating_new_4
            Service: rating_new_4
            Coffee: rating_new_5

            9. POC – People on Caffeine 
            Where: Schlösselgasse 21, 1080

            Opening Times: 
            Mon–Fri: 8am–5pm 

            Almost 200 years ago, Beethoven’s body was waiting here for its journey six feet under. In this former funeral parlor of the Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Vienna’s 8th district, Robert has built his small kingdom of coffee that he calls POC (People On Caffeine). Fortunately, today instead of decomposing composers,  it features great coffee. 
            POC reminds me of the rustic charm of my grandfather’s workshop – everything seems a bit chaotic and improvised, all working surfaces and shelves are full of coffee accessories. But it’s chaos of a comforting nature. The small seating area with two tables blends seamlessly into the coffee kitchen. Two espresso machines from La Marzocco are employed, one for the everyday work, the other specifically setup to take on those experienced tastebuds of coffee nerds. A second room is due to open in spring, which will be furnished mostly with bar tables for the upright intake of coffee. 

            Price guide: 
            Espresso = 1.80 € 
            Cappuchino = 2.50 € 
            Coffee to Go = 2.00 € 

            We love … the intimate location and DIY atmosphere. 

            Atmosphere: rating_new_4(only 8 seats, and often crowded but really unique) 
            Value for money: rating_new_4 
            Coffee: rating_new_5 
            Service: rating_new_5 

            10. Balthasar Kaffee Bar
            Where: Praterstraße 38, 1020 

            Opening Hours 
            Mon–Fri: 7:30am–7pm 
            Sat: 9am–5pm 
            Sun: closed

            Gentle Italian music charms your ears at Café Balthasar in Vienna’s 2nd district, while the warm interior takes care of the rest; its rough pastel-specked walls, blue and white mosaic counter and hardwood floors makes it a place you’ll want to stop for a while and drink coffee after coffee until you go owl-eyed. 
            ‘La Marzocco’ is the beast of a coffee machine boldly straddling the counter like it owns it, while nine times out of ten, right next to it you’ll find Otto Bayer, a former star chef from Tyrol turned barista heavyweight, now serving up sustainable fair-trade coffee out of Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil, with beans roasted by a artisan German company. 
            The Kleiner Brauner is strong, without bitterness, yet smooth ­– putting your head in the right place. From slowly filtered, to finely aerated flat whites are created here. You can tell Otto knows his shiny coffee machine, as intimately as his own bellybutton. 

            Their Coffee Specialty: the flat white, currently conquering the world from Australia/New Zealand – an espresso/ristretto doppio with ‘minimally aereated milk’. 

            Price guide 
            Espresso = 1.90 € (doppio 2.80 €) 
            Kleiner Brauner = 2.20 € 
            Flat White = 3.60 € 
            Extra shot = 1 € 

            We love … the naked walls mixing with the cautiously colourful chairs. 
            We admire … how Otto seems to handle the whole café by himself and still has the calmness to go out for a smoke. 

            Atmosphere: rating_new_4 
            Value for money: rating_new_4 
            Service: rating_new_4 
            Coffee: rating_new_4 

            Coffee guru, Amar Ca, says: This place has so much style, you’re almost forced to order a elegant macchiato. But, Otto has a better surprise – the “Cold Brew”. Cold brew coffee is simply brewed in cold water for several hours. The results are amazingly complex – a nectar-like drink with highly developed aromas. In summer, there is no better alternative, as the garden from Otto offers the perfect location to enjoy a cold brew.

            11. Kaffeefabrik
            Where: Favoritenstraße 4–6, 1040 

            Opening Hours 
            Mon–Fri: 8am–6pm 
            Sat: 11am–5pm 
            Sun: closed 

            One of the smallest of Vienna’s third wave coffee shops is also the only representative in the 4th district – Kaffeefabrik opened four years ago, preparing coffee that makes you weak at the knees, and also selling their lovely, bubbly beans that are acquired directly from farmers in South America, Africa and India, and roasted in their small outpost in Burgenland. 
            The size of the shop makes it very homey, though the lack of places to sit might make you leave a tad bit more soon than anticipated. But we’re sure that as soon as the sun shines warm enough, their chairs and tables situated out front on a big stretch of sidewalk will make up for that. 
            The coffee goes down smoothly while I sit at the white metal chairs and chat with the barista. We’re almost inhaling the first shot and order another straight away. 

            Plus: the also serve Vodka – and we think that every coffee shop should have a bottle of vodka underneath the counter! 

            Price guide 
            Espresso = 1.50 € 
            Kleiner Brauner = 1.50 € 
            Flat White = 3 € 

            We are impressed … by their prices – 1.50€ for a drop of heaven! 
            We love … the white metal tables and chairs out front, which inspired us to sit outside, despite the icy March winds. 

            Value for money: rating_new_5 (never had a 1.50 € coffee that charmed our senses like this) 
            Service: rating_new_4 
            Coffee: rating_new_5   

            12. Coffee Pirates 

            Where: Spitalgasse 17, 1090

            Opening Hours: 
            Mon–Fri: 8am–6pm 
            Sun & public holidays: 9am–3pm 

            Some people are annoyed by by the busy, bustling Coffee Pirates in Spitalgasse. In our opinion, these freebooters are so good at what they do, and how they present themselves, that you get the feeling they deprive you from your god given right to criticise. 
            The carefully made coffee is close to perfection, and the place is one that screams 'hang-out spot!' – a grand, bright public living-room, offering a colourful mix of different seating areas (festive wooden table vs. window bar vs. cosy lounge area). It’s also one of the few coffee places, that do their own roasting, and boy, do they know how to roast! 
            When Coffee Pirates’ co-captains Werner and Evelyn talk about their trade, they tell you vivid tales of their coffee-hunting trips around the world, and how they carefully select each direct and fairly-traded bean variant they have on offer. We even got a glimpse at their roast-curve-treasure-maps. 

            Their Coffee Speciality: the brew of the day – a speciality single origin coffee prepared in a Chemex filter, Aeropress or a drip decanter. 

            Price guide: 
            Espresso = 2 € (2.70 € double) 
            Kleiner Brauner = 2.40 € 
            Flat White = 3.00 € 250g 
            bag of their roast = 7,90 € – 12,90 € 

            We love ... the details – from the coffee sacks lying around everywhere to the wooden cabins that hide the toilets. And the fact that they now offer brunch on weekends (be sure to make a reservation). 

            Atmosphere: rating_new_4(often crowded) 
            Service: rating_new_3 (self-service) 
            Value for money: rating_new_4 
            Coffee: rating_new_4 (it only scored 3 when compared to the others third wave coffee places in this list. It makes damn good coffee) 

            Coffee guru, Amar Ca, says: The Coffee Pirates offer an all-round experience. Werner carefully roasts coffee in the background, while Evelyn and her team prepare perfect cappuccinos. They also started serving a brilliant breakfast menu on the weekend. Thus, my favourite here is brunch with a cappuccino.   

            13. Kaffee von Sascha
            Where: Pilgramgasse 3, 1050

            Opening Hours
            Mon, Wed–Fri: 8:30am–5pm
            Sat & Sun: 10am–4pm
            Tue: closed

            Kaffee von Sascha’s owner Oleksandr “Sascha” Iamkovy and his wife came to Vienna about 5 years ago, for one very good reason: “Life is short, so why not live in the most beautiful place in the world”.
            His memories of a book about coffee he read as a child, paired with his warm feelings for Vienna, sparked the idea to open his own coffeeshop.
            Specialising in only coffee (even though there’s also cake), the café offers the usual Third Wave Coffee sorts, from Chemex and Aeropress, to Arabic mocha pot, to a skilfully prepared espresso on a La Marzocco. We’re not sure if it’s the handmade furniture, the plants scattered around the interior, or Sascha’s open and friendly ways, but the experience here is just the right amount of familiar and personable.
            We enjoy our Espresso Macchiato and try one of the Ukranian sweets, while gazing onto Pilgramgasse through the tall window.

            Price Guide
            Espresso = 2€ (Macchiato 2,50€)
            Cappuccino = 3€
            Cold Drip/Brew = 4€

            We are impressed … by the 3rd place trophy from the Austrian Barista Championship.
            We love … the Ukrainian Gorischky filled with caramelized condensed milk and walnuts!
            We love even more … the sign above the back door saying “no toilets” in bold letters.

            Atmosphere: rating_new_5 (very calm and relaxed) 
            Value for money: rating_new_4  
            Service: rating_new_5 (Sascha is super nice) 
            Coffee: rating_new_4

            14. Cafe EL.AN 
            Where: Werdertorgasse 4, 1010 Wien 

            Opening times: 
            Mon–Fri: 8am–5:30pm 

            The owners and baristas, Elke and Anna (EL.AN – get it?), are as sweet and smooth talking as their coffee, which they source from CafféCouture owner and veteran coffee sommelier, Georg Branny. 
            Coffee is the main focus here, with two different espresso roasts always on offer. Upon our visit they had a balanced Brazilian blend with bittersweet hints of cocoa, and another intense and fruity Arabica out of Costa Rica. You can choose from a variety of state-of-the-art brewing techniques – from the good old Espresso machine, the slow-drip filter coffee, to the AeroPress – a penis-pump-like interpretation of the French press – and the Siphon Pot – which looks like some high-tech lab tool you could use to synthesise crystal meth. But rather than lose your teeth and develop a nervous twitch that makes you constantly yell ‘bitch!’ the coffee will tamper with your taste buds like top-notch coffee should when made by third-wave coffee scientists. 
            When it comes to the interior, the place practices in the art of calm café Zen. Less is more, and seating is well spaced and minimal, meaning three things – coffee to go is popular here, it’s not easy to bag a table, and you have plenty of space to relax amongst the cushions at your funky table propped up by rusted steel rods. 

            Price Guide: 
            Espresso = 2.20 € 
            Cappuccino = 3.30 € 

            Atmosphere: rating_new_4 
            Service: rating_new_5 (very friendly and talented behind the coffee machine) 
            Value for money: rating_new_3 (more expensive to the others on this list) 
            Coffee: rating_new_5
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            Third Wave Coffee in Vienna

             / March 07, 2016
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