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The Vienna Würstelstand Team


Some breed of freelance journalist/writer with a curiosity for travel. Held captive by that clawing, sticky, high-steeple, hot old lady, story-book thing Vienna’s got going for it. Australian. Has never bought a pair of socks in his life. Lost his virginity somewhere between Darwin, Australia and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan when travelling overland from Australia to Vienna. Founder of Vienna Würstelstand.

Christina Eckerstorfer

Head of digital marketing

A country girl living the big city life. Strayed away from Vienna to live abroad but came back for the desserts. Prefers cake over Würstels. A dog-stalker but has a cute cat at home.

Social Media Manager

Works on all sorts of creative endeavors, most of them behind the camera, or in front of her laptop. Fascinated by humans and is always looking for stories. Spends most of her weeknights in the dance studio and can be found galavanting around Vienna, or streaming on her couch on the weekend. Worked as a game master in an escape room for two years. Loves solving mysteries, so she’s very hard to surprise.

Podcast Co-Host

He’s an audio content craftsman, both working on the mic – as a self-proclaimed funny guy – and behind the scenes in post-production. Freelances for Ö1, but his real love is the Vienna Würstelstand-powered podcast, ‘The Wurst Guide to Living in Austria,’ which he co-hosts and produces with Jacob Moss.

He’s very attached to his mustache, and it is very attached to him. Baked organically in Wien, he’s a fantasy fanboy and enjoys spooning random individuals on the weekends.

Photographer & Content Creator

Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ma…umm content creator. Finds it kinda’ weird to talk about himself in the third person, but apparently that’s what ‘professionals’ do. Special talents include eating as much food as he wants food in one sitting, and then being hungry again an hour later. Has a camera and is not afraid to use it. He even takes great pictures (at least that’s what his mum says).

Text Editor

This vegan, American Würstel is a writer and copy editor who just can’t shake her affinity for an oxford comma. She grew up in the American Midwest where people bring each other casseroles a lot. She lived in NYC for 7 years and never got eaten by a subway rat. Now she lives in Vienna and never ever passes up an opportunity to say ‘deppert’. She’s got 2 little Würstchen (human children) who speak more languages than she does. Her favourite food is coffee.

TikTok Content Creator

Lives part-time in a fictional reality. Always switching between speaking English and thick Wienerisch. Downloaded TikTok in 2018 and hasn’t been embarrassed since. She’s that crazy cat lady in some people’s nightmares. Regularly wakes at 3 am to write down content ideas. Can pull off an accurate chicken impression and thinks that owning 6 pairs of DocMartens is healthy.

Alice Kasiliauskaite

Content Creator Intern

90% creative writer, 9% poet, 1% opera diva. At least that’s what she likes to think of herself. She’s a word fanatic with a flair for the dramatic, focusing on ideas, content, and other bits for Vienna Würstelstand.

Since moving to Vienna in 2022, she has joined two choirs, bought five vintage jackets, and drank more than a hundred Mélange.

Regular Contributor

Part-time writer of wrongs. Loves a good pun and curly hair. Mysteriously starts speaking like a gangster when nervous. A Transylvanian with rather sharp teeth. Trained in the dark arts of marketing, and also specialised in innovation and trends. Obsessive soup slurper.

This could be you!

Regular Contributor

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