88.6 Rockfest - Vienna Würstelstand

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Ever wanted to be a rockstar?

88.6 Rockfest

It’s you! Yes you! You are a f*** Rockstar! In case nobody told you we’re here to do so! But seriously have you ever dreamed of going wild on stage?

Screaming, jumping, hitting those drums till your drumstick breaks and playing guitar like there’s no tomorrow?

Darling let us tell you that now is your time to shine at Ottakringer Brauerei. They are looking for people to go nuts on stage as part of their event and you can be one of them. We told you you are a f*** rockstar! So go rock that stage – there will be a special floor for it!!

Oh and of course there will be real acts and DJs as well. Get ready for 4 floors full of heavy metal, rock, food and chill vibes to keep you going all night.



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