Bilal - Vienna Würstelstand

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Have your ears soothed with the soulful sounds of this Grammy winner


When: MON, November 11, 7pm–11pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: From 35.40€, buy a ticket

Bilal hails from Philadelphia and is here to perform his special mix of Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Gospel. Not only does he sound and look incredibly cool, he’s also collaborated several times with Kendrick Lamar (including a guest spot on ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’), which makes our attempts at looking like a hepcat with our 2.99€ BIPA sunglasses look, quite frankly, lame. He’s also recorded with Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, Common, Beyoncé and Guru, and has several Grammy nominations as well as one actual win.

Recommended if you like: Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Gospel music, having your ears massaged by sexy soulful tunes, the feeling of sweat dripping down your spine, starting the week with a cool concert, musicians cooler than a Vienna winter

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