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Explosive production from one of Britain’s biggest theatre talents


When: TUE–SAT, 8–12 October
Where: TheaterArche
Entry: From 18€, buy a ticket

‘Blasted’ is probably the best-known play from English playwright Sarah Kane, who is considered one of the greats of recent years. Tragically, she committed suicide aged 28, so it may come as no surprise that the tone of this offering is more Nirvana than Vengaboys. The action will take place in an expensive hotel room where a tabloid journalist has brought a young woman for the night. This leads to sex & death (what else?) and further explosive action.

Recommended if you like: watching disturbing things that turn out to be brilliant, the theeeeaatre daaahling, theatre productions, stroking your chin, being the one looking through those little binoculars no one else uses at the theatre, watching tense things unfold

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