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Make the most out of this year's spooky-season peak

Celebrate Halloween 2021!

Well, sadly, nobody can look into their crystal ball and tell us the fate of this year’s Halloween events and celebrations, so we’ll have to trust the universe on that one. In case the party gods and goddesses heard our prayers and we are able to party on Halloween this year, then we will definitely have a Halloween event guide. So keep an eye out for that!

Anyway, there’s many other things you could do this year, other than your usual witchy midnight ritual to hex your ex with a lifetime of misfortune. If you want to spend the day outside, you could go on a spooky walk through the Zentralfriedhof, or check out the catacombs under good ole’ Stephansdom.

All you homebodies out there can prepare a spooky movie night with lots of haunted snacks like finger-hotdogs and blood punch and chill the night away with a covid-friendly amount of friends.

Or, you can take it upon yourself to prepare a murder mystery party and have you and your friends play the protagonists in a, you guessed it, cold-blooded murder story.

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