Chilli Shot / Memory of Tomorrow / Live - Vienna Würstelstand

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Chilli Shot / Memory of Tomorrow / Live

Rock out to Austrian bands at Café Carina

Chilli Shot / Memory of Tomorrow / Live

When: FRI, August 28, 8pm–11:45pm
Where: Café Carina
Entry: free!

Get ready for an evening full of rock at Café Carina this Friday! You get to wildly head bang along with the rocky tunes of the Austrian bands, Chili Shot and Memory of Tomorrow, until your neck hurts and you need an ice pack. You can already start warming up by listening to a song by Memory of Tomorrow:

Recommended if you like: Rock (wow, who would have thought??), feeling superior because of your music taste, feeling like the ultimate judge who decides what counts as ‘music’ and what doesn’t, wearing band t-shirts of bands you actually listen to, supporting local musicians

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