Electropunk Night feat. IOCI (Berlin) + St Peter's Murder (Berlin) + DeathDeathDeath - Vienna Würstelstand

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Drum'n'bass yourself silly

Electropunk Night feat. IOCI (Berlin) + St Peter’s Murder (Berlin) + DeathDeathDeath

You might ask yourself, who are ‘IOCI’, ‘St Peter’s Murder’ and ‘DeathDeathDeath’? Well, we asked ourselves the same thing and did a little research for you:

‘IOCI’ describe themselves as ‘symphony of resistance corrupted by auto-generated rhythms’ – whatever that actually means? ‘St Peter’s Murder’ is an electropunk project founded in 2015 and ‘DeatDeathDeath’ is a Viennese multimedia artist.

This will be heavy drums, raw & dirty sounds, drum’n’bass right down to the core, vocal & drum mixes with complex IDM beats and crazy synth mixes you didn’t know existed.

*This is a pay what you want event

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