Gürtel Nightwalk - Vienna Würstelstand

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Gürtel Nightwalk

We’ve all had those messy nights below the neon lights of the bars located along the Gürtel, and there’s a festival that will encourage more of that close to the end of this month – the Gürtel Nightwalk.

If you haven’t done this before, than just imagine hopping from bar to bar, stage to open-air stage, with a drink in hand, and plenty of music being pumped into your ears – it’s good wholesome fun. This year, various clubs and bars will be participating and there will be 3 open air stages with rockin’ live performances singing into the streets of Vienna. If you’re home before 4am without a horrible pain in your stomach from that Käsekrainer you downed just before calling it a night, you haven’t done the night justice.


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