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Ikue Mori ‘Pomegranate seeds’ (J/USA)

Check out some live music on a Monday at Porgy & Bess

Ikue Mori ‘Pomegranate seeds’ (J/USA)

When: MON, February 11, 8:30pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: 20€, get your tickets, here

Ikue Mori has lived and made music all over the world and her music reflects that. For a chill evening of Jazz music influenced by music all over the world, head out to Porgy & Bess on Monday. Check out the music, here:

Recommended if you like: artsy music that makes you feel like you’re floating (safely) in the middle of the ocean – you never quite know what to expect, Porgy & Bess, trying something new on a Monday

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