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Kleidertausch für das Klima(-Volksbegehren)

Swap clothes for a good cause

Kleidertausch für das Klima(-Volksbegehren)

When: SAT, November 16, 11am–5pm
Where: Heinrich Collin Str. 8–14
Entry: donation

This Saturday, a clothes swap party is happening. You can bring your clothes – obvs’ things you no longer wear – and leave with a bunch of new outfits and garments at the end of the night. You are allowed to bring clothes, accessories, bags, etc. Even men and children’s clothes are desired. Go nuts! Or should we say ‘Go clothes swapping?’ This event is run by the lovely crowd from the Klima-Volksbegehren.

Recommended if you like: going on climate strikes, going vintage shopping, Zero Waste, biodegradable hemp bottles, saving money by buying second-hand, meeting new people

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