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Get your educated giggle on at this theater cabaret

“Kult” – Flüsterzweieck

The outfit, Flüsterzweieck, consists of Ulrike Haidacher and Antonia Stabinger and this crowd makes theater and calls it cabaret. Or vice versa. They break boundaries – not all of them, but at least those of their genre, and they’re ready to introduce you to a new cult!

A cult of bad hope which is on the road to redemption. Paved on wordplay and situation comedy, this should be a mind-warping experience…and a laugh. Or in their own words: ‘A lockdown of heroism. A deconstruction of the avocado. A crisis in the climate of conspiracy. A dump of humanity. A slaughter of intolerability. A cultivation of madness.’

Now if that doesn’t sound compelling, we don’t know. Book your tickets today!

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