ParadEis - Eisstockschießen, Punschdeck, Eisschwimmen - Vienna Würstelstand

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Just because summer’s gone doesn’t mean that the Badeschiff has closed its hatches. Quite the contrary! They made the boat fit for winter and offer you fun activities to get you through the colder season.

If you’ve got the moves on the ice and like yourself a bit of good old Eisstockschiessen (that’s curling in English) you can have some fun with it on deck. If you haven’t tried this before or have no idea what the hell it is, let us explain – you take a big ass flying saucer looking thing with a stick attached to it and slide it down the ice. The person to get theirs closest to a marker, wins! So it’s pretty much bocce made for ice ridden countries. Anyway, check it out – it can be a laugh, especially when adding the Punsch you can slurp on while you’re at it.

For anyone who’s feeling brave (and maybe a bit insane) they will leave their pool open for the first time during winter, so you can indulge in the frosty joys of ice swimming. Apparently it’s good for your health. But we’ll probably still stick to drinking steaming hot Punsch.

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