StraßenKunstFest 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

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StraßenKunstFest 2019

Arts, crafts and street performers take to one of the liveliest squares of the city

StraßenKunstFest 2019

When: FRI–SAT, June 7–8 | FRI: 2pm–10pm & SAT: 10am–11pm
Where: Yppenplatz
Entry: Free

A bunch of artsy things will be taking over one of the city’s liveliest squares in the middle of June when the a street art festival gets underway at Yppenplatz in the 16th district. In association with a bucket load of projects and organisations, there will be a bunch of artists performing, painting and decorating the street. The square will come alive with the gentle and heartwarming buzz of creativity and music. Oh, and there will also be workshops. Check out more details, here. 

Recommended if you like: art in all shapes and sizes, crafty people, street performances, street musicians, homemade stuff, handmade stuff, arts and crafts, the smell of leather and spray paint, knitting with your great Oma’s knitting needles because they are vintage AF

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