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The Fall of Alice

A different interpretation of the classic Alice in Wonderland tale

The Fall of Alice

When: MON–TUE, September 10–11, 8pm–10pm
Where: Spektakel
Entry: 20/18€ (reserve here)

See Alice like never before this Monday or Tuesday as the Mental Eclipse Theatre House stages The Fall of Alice once again. In this production, you’ll follow Alice as she heads to the very mad edge of Wonderland. In such a small theatre, Franziska Singer more than adequately fills the role of Alice while those around her display outstanding versatility to fulfil the rest of the cast.

Recommended if you like: going down the rabbit hole, the queen of hearts, tea parties, cheshire cats, twins, smoking shisha, caterpillars, eating mushrooms, opium trips, looking through the looking glass, small time theater productions

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