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The Fall of Alice

Theatre: Alice in (Vienna) Wonderland

The Fall of Alice

When: WED, May 30, 8pm
Where: Spektakel
Entry: 18€/20€, reserve your ticket here

In The Fall of Alice, a new theatre production at Spektakel, you’ll get to see the crazy adventures of Alice in Wonderland in a different light. You won’t just see the original story, but instead, the new stage adaptation will focus on the troubled mind of the teenager, Alice. This Wednesday, the play will be previewing at the intimate little theatre. Get a ticket for this week here, or wait for the other two performances in June. Did we mention it will be in English?

Recommended if you like: bunny rabbits, ticking clocks, crazy adventures, Tim Burton, playing card games, crazy stories, snorting white substances out of good looking people’s belly buttons, illegal substances, being high and imagining things, having a Cheshire Cat of your own, daydreaming

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