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The English speaking magazine. Making the most out of Vienna and life.

Vienna Würstelstand has a podcast! Woot! Woot! Whether you have a love or love-hate relationship with Vienna and Austria – this podcast is for you!

The Wurst Guide to Living in Austria helps people make the most out of Austria (specifically Vienna) and life in this rebel of a country that moves to its own beat.

Join hosts, Jacob Moss and Gabriel Schaffler, as they explore all the questions you’ve ever, or never, had about Austria & Vienna with guests that will fill you in on insider tips that enrich your life or tell stories that blow your mind. Experts, randos, and Austria-famous people will turn up here.

Have any suggestions, demands, or scoops on Austria? Hit us up on the @viennawurstelstand Instagram channel.

You can listen in on the latest episodes below:

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