Vienna Rum Festival & Ginmarkt 2021 - Vienna Würstelstand

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It’s all about the rum, Vienna! Oh, and the gin!

Vienna Rum Festival & Ginmarkt 2021

In September, the Ottakringer Brauerei will play host to a festival celebrating 2 kinds of spirits that have gained popularity in recent years – Rum and Gin! Two festivals will be taking place in the brewery at the same time – the Ginmarkt and the Rum Festival. Both festivals will bring together and showcase local and international spirit distillers, new cocktails, and there will also be some funky food on offer to soak up all the booze. You’ll be given your own tasting glass, but be careful how often you use it…you’ll probably end up leaving with a very wonky walk.

Tip: Due to Corona regulations the event will be held at different time slots. Check out the event’s Facebook page to find out when you’d like to visit!

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