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Von Kopf bis Fuss

Have your kid learn about the human body in this interactive exhibition

Von Kopf bis Fuss

When: July 7–September 27, TUE–FRI from 3:30pm, SAT from 2:15pm, SUN from 3:30pm
Where: ZOOM Kindermuseum
Entry: 6€ (free for kids), buy a ticket

We all know the human body is pretty gross once you look at the details, BUT having your kid learn some interesting stuff about the human body at a cool interactive exhibition doesn’t sound so gross, right? Well, the ZOOM Kindermuseum has got such an exhibition happening until September. We’re pretty sure you might leave there having learnt a lot yourself.

Recommended if you like: not having to explain the human body to your kid, getting to be on the sidelines for once, tiring them out so you’ll get a good night’s sleep, learning a thing or two or three

image © Sophia Rührer

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