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Why so serious? – Fotografie am Brillantengrund

Photography in all its seriousness. Not. 

Why so serious? – Fotografie am Brillantengrund

When: THU, December 14, 7pm–11pm
Where: Hotel am Brilliantengrund
Entry: tba

This event will put a smile on your face! Why so serious? is the title of the fifth photography exhibition of Fotografie am Brilliantengrund, happening in the funky hotel (and the place that is soooooo much more), Hotel am Brilliantengrund. Photography will meet giggle-worthy material & a tad bit of melancholy. Oh, and maybe stick around for a drink in the cool setting of this retro hotel.

Recommended if you like: loling, exploring photography, going to a hotel for another reason than a dirty sex weekend, scrolling Instagram

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