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6 very unique places to drink (& buy) tea in Vienna

Specialty coffee may have been getting all of the attention in recent years, but there’s nothing like it’s more Zen cousin, tea, who deserves a little Brew-ahaha itself. These very unique teahouses serving up hugs in mugs will make a tea drinker out of anybody.

Here are 6 tea-rrific (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) places to drink (and buy) tea in Vienna:

Cha no ma – Vienna’s teahouses

MON–SAT: 10am–6pm
SUN: closed


Matcha Traditional Classic = 3€
Matcha Latte = 3.50€
Sencha Grean Tea = 3.60€

Cha No Ma is a teahouse merged with a shop (we were told the name translates to an old Japanese word for living room). This cute little tearoom near the Naschmarkt is a haven for all matcha tea lovers out there. If you go for a traditional matcha (that’s the finely ground green tea leaves powder that you’ve probably been seeing plenty of on Instagram), you’ll get to witness a mini tea ceremony at Cha No Ma. They even let you choose your own chawan (aka. teacup), which is more a bowl than a cup. The matcha at Cha No Ma tastes delicious, and it is accompanied by an okashi candy. And if you’re really into their teas and the tools they  use to put it together, you can buy everything in the corner store attached.

Sir Harly’s Tea – Vienna’s teahouses

Since 2003 Sir Harly‘s has been hiding inside one of the hofs (courtyards) off of Mariahilfer Straβe. Once you enter this small place, you are instantly attacked by the multiple aromatic smells of the many kinds of teas stocked here. Meanwhile, the small tables and cute tea pots give you a “let’s have a small tea party vibe.” With over 150 different kinds of tea, ranging from classics like English breakfast to the incredible exotic Tansania Golden Flowerly Luponde, you can rest assured that your tea-petite will be satisfied. As a plus, you can also enjoy a tea (pinky fingers up, people!) with traditional English scones and toasts in store.

Haas & Haas – Vienna’s teahouses

Set under arched ceilings in a very old building in Vienna’s city center, Haas & Haas is one of the cosiest spots in the city for some teatime and adventures. Tea typically doesn’t translate to adventure for most, however, in the tea house Haas & Haas, you can go on an adventure from China, to Frisia in Northern Germany, zip over to Russia to meet Chekhov, and down to Morocco and other exotic places where some of the rarest teas in the world are produced. Frau Haas tells us as she explains the tea ceremony that goes with the tea served in Eastern Frisia, the slice of northern Germany boasting one of the most robust tea cultures in the world.

“You first put a few bits of rock sugar in the cup, pour the tea, listen to the sugar crackle, and then slowly pour the milk over a teaspoon from which it falls into the tea.” We watch Frau Haas perform this ceremony with mouth-gaping wonder, like children being shown how fairy floss is made. “You see, it looks like clouds in your tea – the Frisians say the tea looks like the sky over Frisia.”

We realise the romance surrounding the humble drink of tea is as universal as the hot drink itself when Frau Haas moves on to educate us on Maghrebi (Moroccan) tea. Attached to the teahouse is a store which tea aficionados know well as the city’s Mecca for tea. Here, fruit, herbal, black, green, and many more kinds of tea can be found, including those of the highest of quality, a few house creations, and teas that are so rare, they are only delivered in 1kg amounts from distant corners of the world. The tea house menu hosts dozens of teas, most of which we’ve never even heard of, and some we have trouble pronouncing. Each tea is served differently and most come with a method of serving. The waiting staff perform the role akin to a tea dictionary, explaining all you need to know before you have a chance to ask. Tea time is an experience at Haas & Haas. Read our whole review of Haas & Haas, here.

Also good to know… several kinds of afternoon tea ceremonies can be enjoyed here, with all kinds of tasty tidbits paired with amazing teas

Jägertee – Vienna’s teahouses

MON–FRI: 10am–6pm
SAT (Jan–Sept): 10am–1pm
SAT (Oct–Dec): 10am–6pm


Aloe Vera ginseng tea = 6€ for 125g
Detox bamboo tea = 7.80€ for 50g
Matcha tea = 30€ for 30g

Since 1862, the family business, Jägertee, has been serving up the people of Vienna fancy oriental teas. This makes it the oldest teahouse in the city. All teas at this well known inner city boutique store are mixed in house, and they pride themselves on being the only Viennese teahouse that does so. In a backroom, the crew at Jägertee have a mixing spot where they put together leaves to make the perfect tea combinations – some mixtures include 9 different types of tea in one. The bestsellers here are the premium range, which the Jäger family purchases an entire harvest of so they’re the only ones in the city to sell it.

The Jägertee house offers loose tea to buy and enjoy at home, as well as a hidden back room where you can have wrap your hands around a cup of fresh brew in a tearoom.

Teenorissimo – Vienna’s teahouses

TUE–FRI: 9am–6pm
SAT: 9am–2pm
SUN & MON: closed


The perfect end station to a stroll through the 14th is Teenorissimo, a little gem where you can hide away from the world and pretend that teatime lasts forever while you sink into the plush, baroque-style chairs. The staff are friendly and patiently brew your tea, and will even pour it for you. Take your pick from a whooping 49 (we counted!) types and flavours of tea while nibbling on a slice of their homemade cakes. 4.20€ gets you a big pot of tea, served with complementary milk.

For those who don’t see the finer aspects of tea-slurping, a couple of coffee options, including the classic Melange for 2.80€ are available. As for teas, we heartily recommend “White rose”, a marzipan and rose-flavoured black tea. For a more solid option, the “Nabucco”, an organic first flush Darjeeling is tea-rrific. For a fruitier flavour, try the Rooibos mixture “Basilio,” with its hints of lemon and pepper.

If you want to take this serene feeling in a cup home, you can buy your favourite from their selection, as well as teapots and other tea connoisseur paraphernalia. The staff readily provide samples and advice. Tea truly is their passion, and you’ll surely find something special at Teenorissimo.

Teehaus Artee – Vienna’s teahouses

TUE–FRI: 11:30am–6:30pm
SAT: 11:30am–5pm
SUN & MON: closed


Teehaus Artee on Siebensterngasse has been supplying Vienna with high quality tea – particularly green tea – sourced directly from tea farmers and houses in Japan, China and Taiwan, for more than 16 years now. But apart from selling green tea, matcha, Gaba tea, Oolong, Pu-erh and Formosa tea, black and white tea, this place is all about the Gong Fu Cha tea ceremony that can be experienced here. This tiny teahouse also offers meditation sessions, Chinese tea seminars, and meetings that preach the peaceful ways of the Tao concept, Wu Wei (which literally means to meaning non-action or non-doing) and its lessons in how to be free from fear, worries, tension, and greed.

Make sure to stop by for a nice long chat about tea, or just to check out the beautiful interior of the place that has a  very calming effect once you step beyond the threshold. While we visited this special place, the owner requested that we not take any photos inside, so you can experience it for the first time on your own.

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