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The 6 best places in Vienna for the craft beer crowd

Beer has moved up in the world from its humble beginnings. The boutique breed of beer, craft beer – interesting, progressive beers made by small-scale breweries – has people standing at bars, holding their honey or chocolate coloured beer up to natural light, sticking their nose in the glass, finally taking a swig and talking for 10 minutes about the potent note of lychee they tasted in it. Beer is the new wine.

An increasing number of Vienna bars are specialising in craft beer. With the help of Micky Klemsch – craft beer enthusiast who’s behind the Craft Beer Fest and Biorama magazine – we’ve compiled a list of Vienna’s 6 best spots to buy and drink craft beer.

Mel’s Craft Beers & Diner – Craft Beer

Daily: 11am–2am

The average price for a beer ranges from 6–8€

The shiny beer taps lining the bar are just the beginning. Over 400 sorts of craft beer are housed behind there. Stylistically and geographically diverse, the range includes almost anything from Rogue American Amber Ale, to a page of Indian Pale Ales.
As well as some of the best micro-brewery brews from Germany, Italy, Holland and Belgium, you’ll find many rare beers from the USA. There’s also a few rarely heard of ciders and stouts in the mix. The mammoth list makes choosing a hard task. That’s where the ever-so-competent waiter comes in.
And while the tacky American connotation with the word diner cannot be found anywhere in the looks of the place, the diner theme can be found in the menu, right next to the Club Sandwich and the Chicken Ceasar Salad. But there’s nothing tacky about the food here. Read our full review, here.

Craft beer of choice: the malty, spicy Belgium ale, Der Verboden Vrucht

Hawidere – Craft Beer

Daily: 12pm–12am

DomRep Pils = 2/3 pint 4.80 €
Meantime Coffee Porter = 0,3  6,30 €

The slightly hidden Hawidere in the 15th District has turned into quite an institution. The beer and burger restaurant is a typical Viennese Gasthaus with a twist.
Besides the lush and inviting Schanigarten (complete with self-grown tomatoes in beer crates), the interior will have you discovering plenty of fun, subtle details (we advise you go looking for the Craftkammer). Hawidere is known for its mouthwateringly delicious and multi-layered burgers, and its vast and equally mouthwatering craft beer collection.
Alongside a core craft beer collection of beer from all over the world, there’s a carefully curated range of seasonal brews. Their selections in the different breeds of craft beer from stouts, to IPAs, to Porters anre more are strong, and always lead to new tastes in beer being discovered.
While listening to Bertl – one of the owners – talk enthusiastically about the art of crafting beer and sipping away at our oh-so-refreshing sour beer, we can’t help but agree with his claim – “Hawidere feels like one of the last living-rooms in Vienna”.

Pssst, insider tips
+ The name Hawidere comes from a dialect pronunciation of “Habe die Ehre,” which is a greeting that means “I have the honour”.
+ A portion of the profits made from the sale of the regularly changing “Soli beer” (which stands for solidarity beer) at Hawidere go towards the Wiener Integrationshaus.

Craft beer of choice: DomRep Pils, the strawberry Rubus or one of the sour beers. And always trust the staff’s advice when choosing what brew goes best with your food.

Beer Store Vienna – Craft Beer

Vienna Wüstelstand says: With beers changing weekly here, it’s a new experience each time. In sum there are about 200 beers to choose from, which have already been hand-selected by trained beer sommeliers. If you can’t wait until you get home, you can pop open a bottle in store for the shelf price. Also, if you want to see the friendly staff’s eye’s light up, ask them to do a beer tasting.

Craft beer aficionado, Micky Klemsch says: Good selection, fair prices, and the best advice on craft beer can be found here from Johannes Grohs (who boasts a diploma as a beer sommelier)


Ammersin Magazin Wien5 – Craft Beer

MON–FRI: 9am–6pm
SAT: 9am–3pm
SUN: closed

Vienna Würstelstand says: Where else would you expect to find the largest range of craft beer than at the store of the city’s largest drinks supplier, Ammersin. At their store Magazin 5, the selection reaches from the obscure to the favourites of the craft beer world. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you probably won’t find it at all in this city.

Craft beer aficionado, Micky Klemsch says: This store hosts the biggest (craft) beer selection in Austria (maybe the world).


Verde1080 – Craft Beer

MON–FRI: 11am–6pm
SAT–SUN: closed

Vienna Wüstelstand says: This place seems to get better every time we visit. Here you’ll find several rare finds in amongst their 600 beers on offer. There are also 6 beers on tap, and a delicious international menu which is always changing. This is a real favourite amongst those who appreciate good food and good beer.

Craft beer aficionado, Micky Klemsch says: Here you have to meet Stefan Kreid, and ask for his recommendation regarding good beers. And you should also let him cook for you!

Beer Lovers – Craft beer

Vienna Wüstelstand says: Beer…walls and walls lined of beer hailing from all over the world. The first time you walk into the specialty craft beer shop on Gumperndorferstrasse, it’s an overwhelming sight (where do I start!?), but than when you start browsing the shelves closely you’re realise that patience and persistence will be needed to explore this world. And the staff here really love their beer, so they can also point you in the right direction of where to start. IPAs, stouts, Ales and more obscure brews only fanatics would recognise from all over the world – this really is a special place for beer lovers.


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