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The 22 new food and drink places in Vienna you need to check out this autumn

New places in Vienna are popping from the ground like it’s harvesting season! This means you can spend those calm autumn days exploring new bars and restaurants all over the city.

The gastro scene in Vienna is going through a period of change equivalent to puberty, and many of the new players are bringing new and creative concepts to the scene.

Regardless of whether you’re on the lookout for your new favourite intimate bar making amazing cocktails, or new flavours in a sassed up setting, here are 22 places in Vienna that have opened up in the last few months:

Pizzi*s and Cream – New in Vienna

MON–FRI: 12pm–9pm
SAT–SUN: 4pm–10pm

vegan friendly

As the vegan food scene in Vienna is blossoming like sweet, sweet daisiesspring, it was about time that the very first vegan-only pizzeria showed up. And what luck, Pizzi*s and Cream have arrived to fill that big gaping hole.

They’re offering toppings in every colour of the rainbow, and the menu leaves no vegan pizza desires unfulfilled. And if you do happen to crave something sweet afterwards, their homemade vegan ice cream sounds pretty good, as well!

Fleischloserei – New in Vienna

MON, TUE, THU & FRI: 10am–6:30pm
WED & SAT: 10am–3pm


Vienna’s’ first vegan butcher has opened its doors and is here to satisfy all vegan’s meat cravings! (well… maybe not ALLLLL of them … ok sorry LOL)

Being Vegan for ethical reasons just became a whole lot easier with Vleisch now on offer, freshly made by your local butcher.

They have many meaty-looking meat alternatives on offer. However, as everything is homemade, they ask you to let them know two days in advance what you’re after so they can make sure they’ve got it prepared for you upon your visit.

What also seems cool is that they offer vegan Grillplatten – a worthy flex at the next BBQ that you can flaunt.

© Vienna Würstelstand

Ponykarusell – New in Vienna

What once used to be Vienna’s very first Pony Carousel at which poor live pony’s had to carry kids around in circles for hours on end, is now a beautiful café where you can stuff your face on eggs benedict or sip elegantly at a quality coffee. Emphasis on the word quality here as this place is done by the same people behind the Wiener Rösthaus also located in the Prater fairgrounds.

Great to know that no more ponies will be harmed by strange kids, but coffee and cakes will be served in a gorgeous environment! Oh, and their cakes are top-notch!

Pizzeria Lievito 48 am Markt – New in Vienna

TUE–SAT 11:30am–9pm
MON–SUN: Closed

Floridsdorf has got itself one of those fancy hip and happening pizzerias cooking up traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas. It’s set itself up in a market stand at the Floridsdorfer Markt and they know their stuff when it comes to making pizza properly.

They’re also hosting pizza-making courses if you’ve always had the dream to be able to make your own amazing pizza one day.

Café Kriemhild – New in Vienna

SUN–THU: 10am–11pm
FRI–SAT: 10am–12am

vegan friendly

We’re just going to come out and say it – this is one very cool cafe. Café Kriemhild is an old-school coffeehouse that has been injected with new life by a young crowd who have taken it over.

It’s a fitting spot in the fifteenth for all times of day and for any occasion whether it be a no-fuss breakfast, a chilled coffee with a friend, or a few drinks at night in one of their many sofas.

It houses a couple of pool tables and the Schanigarten is a quality option for some quality chilling.

Royal Donuts – New in Vienna

TUE–SAT: 12:30pm–8pm
SUN: 12:30pm–6pm


This place is your new go-to when you’re looking for the ultimate indulgence. Flashy colours, bold flavours and delicious combinations of sweets. That’s what you’ll find at Royal Donuts in Vienna.

This shop has only been open for a few weeks and has already taken the city by storm. Any kind of chocolate bar that you can think of has been made into a doughnut, or a crossnut (a mix between doughnut and croissant) at this place.

From a classic glazed doughnut to a toffee peanut bomb doughnut. Vegans can also enjoy a broad variety of delicious treats, as Royal Donuts are vegan friendly. As if that’s not enough, you can also drink a doughnut here if you don’t want to eat it in the standard fashion because your jaw is feeling lazy on the day of your visit. Try their delicious doughnut creations as milkshakes and thank us later.



Kalou Honest Eatery – New in Vienna

MON–SAT: 11am– 8pm
SUN: closed

vegan friendly

If honest food, without additives, preservatives, and artificial flavours is your thing, then you better check out this new place called Kalou next time you’re in the city centre.

At this honest eatery, your curry cravings, ramen rumblings, and desert dreams will be no doubt satisfied. Oh, and there are solid vegan options in the mix.

Kaffeesatz – New in Vienna

WED–FRU: 8am–4pm
SAT–SUN: 9am–5pm
MON–TUE: Closed

This new coffee house in the Sonnwendviertel was founded by four friends who share a love for good quality coffee and amazing baked goods.

‘Kaffeesatz’ is a small café that prides itself on using locally roasted coffee. Plus, as the crew is full of keen bakers, you can be sure that all the tasty treats in there are fresh and homemade.

© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand

Trinity Irish Bar – New in Vienna

MON–WED: 4pm–12am
THU–SAT: 4pm–2am
SUN: closed

There’s a new Irish bar in town (as, of course, the city was very much in need of another one) and it’s called the Trinity Irish Bar. However, Trinity is kind of an original when it comes to Irish bars. It’s a combination of a traditional Irish pub and an American cocktail bar.

Yep, they serve up Guinness and Irish whiskeys alongside fancy cocktails. An actual Irish bar that can make quality cocktails? That does sound somewhat unique.

Their food menu offers up what you would expect at an Irish bar eg. fish and chips, alongside traditional Austrian Apfelstrudel.

The place will no doubt be filled with international vibes soon enough.

Rhythms Bar & Kitchen & Mariatrink at the Jaz in the City hotel – New in Vienna

Rhythms Bar & Kitchen: daily from 5pm–11pm
Mariatrink rooftop bar: daily from 11am–3am

Funky atmosphere, good vibes, flowing drinks, and delicious food. The Jaz in the city hotel’s got it all. In this recently opened hotel, you can choose to take your drink at one of their two bars.

One of those bars is the rooftop bar, ‘Mariatrink’ – that boasts a gorgeous view – while the other goes by the name ‘Rhythms Bar and Kitchen’ (yep, the mention of ‘kitchen’ in the name does mean there’s food on offer).

The food menu ranges from traditional Austrian dishes to mouth-watering American burgers.

Tip: They have recurring events going on here eg. check out their after-work event happening every Thursday evening. Or, if you prefer a morning outing, try the ‘Langschläfer Frühstück’ happening every Saturday.


Makery – New in Vienna

The Makery in Vienna is a DIY restaurant. Yup, you read that right and it’s exactly as it sounds. You reserve your table, decide on a dish (or many dishes), and then YOU get cooking.

The restaurant provides the location, the ingredients, and the unique experience. The only thing that’s left for you and your friends to do is to cook the dishes following some video instructions.

Could be a fun dining out experience for that friend of yours that’s very hands-on and is always criticizing the chef when eating out.


The Good Coffee Society – New in Vienna

MON–FRI: 8am–5:30pm
SAT: 9:30am–6pm
SUN: closed

The Good Coffee Society is the newest addition to the city’s specialty coffee scene. The baristas behind the big, beautiful coffee machine are pros at the craft of coffee making and they’re so friendly, they’ll probably remember your name and coffee order after your first visit.

While it’s all about the coffee here, they do have a small cabinet of pastries.

They also have coffee machines and beans for sale, and keep an eye on their socials for the regular cupping events they have a habit of hosting.


Zazatam – New in Vienna

A cosmopolitan setup as popped its head up in the sleepy Stuwerviertel and it’s named Zazatam.

You’ll find it hard to put a finger on what their menu specializes in, however, there’s homemade pasta in there, while their mains sport dishes like Koji chicken, a few unique fish dishes and a smoked beef cheek with cornbread on the side. As we said, it’s a cosmopolitan restaurant kind of menu that doesn’t like to be cornered into a category.

The main reason we highly recommend you give this place a go for a drink or for a meal is that it’s damn gorgeous to look at!


Selleny’s Bar – New in Vienna

SUN–THU: 10am–11pm
FRI–SAT: 10am–12am


What happens when you mix traditional Viennese coffee house culture with a modern experimental cocktail bar? Selleny’s!

This new cafe by day changes into a vibrant and stylish bar by night. They have a broad selection of unique cocktails and like to experiment with coffee, as well.

Aren’t you curious what a honey lavender cold brew tastes like? Selleny’s got you covered.

As for the food – you can choose between various vegan, veggie and meaty dishes. From Monday to Friday, during Selleny’s lunch break, you can even enjoy a delicious raw food dish of your choice and a glass of homemade iced tea or lemonade for 9.90€.

© Hotel Motto

Hotel Motto incl. Rooftop restaurant / bar ‘Chez Bernard’- New in Vienna

MON–FRI: 8am–11:30am & 5:30pm–2am
SAT–SUN: 8am–12:30pm & 5:30pm–2am


The Hotel Motto has opened its doors, and we are so ready to sleepover and lose sleep in its fancy schmancy bar. This place has unique Parisian vibes happening.

The rooms are designed with care and they’ve come up with a dreamy, creative, passionate and relaxed space that reminds you of the golden age in Paris (not that we were ever there but this is how we imagine it).

A visit to their rooftop restaurant – whether you’re a guest or not – is highly recommendable.

Chez Bernard is both equally a restaurant and a bar. It blends a poetry and punk aesthetic perfectly (yep, that’s a lot of Ps).

They’ve got a quality breakfast on offer, alongwith dinner and cocktails. In spring 2022, they’re also planning to open up their rooftop terrace that has its own nice view over Vienna.

© Die Josefine

Barfly’s Club – New in Vienna

MO–THU: 6pm–2am
FR–SAT: 6pm–3am
SUN: 7pm–1am

Barfly’s is back and it’s better than before. Two years have passed since the original Barfly’s bar closed it’s gates and kept their businesses at Museumsquartier going. Now they’re done with renovating and opening up together with the new Boutique Hotel ‘Die Josefine’ at their old location at Esterházygasse. During the renovation they tried to stay their authentic self and brought Barfly’s back with its old charming style and a new elegant design. Over 1.200 Whiskey brands, 500 different kinds of rum and more than 400 cocktails are being sold. So put on your best shoes (really put on your best shoes you won’t get in wearing sneakers) and pay the old new Barfly’s a visit.

© Superbude

NENI am Prater – New in Vienna

SUN–MO: 8am–12pm
TUE–THU: 8am–12am
FRI–SAT: 8am–2am


The cosmopolitan, Israeli-inspired cafe crowd at Neni are at it again – they’ve opened up another location and this one is on the rooftops of Vienna, overlooking the Wurstelprater, and we would humbly put our opinion forward that this may be their best hit ever. It’s got a damn awesome view over the Prater, and its insides are also very pleasing for the eyeballs.

They’ve got their signature dishes that you’ll find at all of their locations on the menu (including the tasty breakfast options), while the highlight at this location is the baked goods they’ve got on offer. Their in-house bakery is doing amazing things that will make your sweet tooth jump right out of your mouth and do a little dance.

© Zoku

© Zoku

© Zoku

Zoku – New in Vienna

They claim to be a thriving neighborhood for global nomads and provide a home base for holiday and business travelers, and they call themselves Zoku.

This hotel has already established themselves in world cities like ours, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam, and they’ve turned up at a very cool location that overlooks the rollercoasters of the Wurstel Prater in Vienna’s 2nd district.

Zoku is one of those hotels that is an ecosystem of spaces offering a bunch of stuff for locals and travelers, alike.

There’s a restaurant called ‘Living Kitchen,’ a co-working space, and then there’s obviously the hotel part of this getup.

© The Brezn Concept Store

The Brezn Concept Store – New in Vienna

This new store located in Vienna’s first district combines everything the Viennese people love: fresh food, creative recipes and Brezn!

The 0815 Brezn isn’t for you? The Brezn Concept Store is with you on this one. You can choose between sweet croissant options (which will make an ordinary chocolate croissant look weak) and various vegan, veggie and meaty Brezn options.

This is a solid lunch option if you’re around the Schwedenplatz area of the first district.

via Instagram @daskraus

Das Kraus – New in Vienna

WED–FR: 5pm–1am
SAT: 10am–1am
SUN: 10am–10pm
MON & TUE: closed


Das Kraus is working away at serving up the classic Viennese kitchen, with a little bit of a twist.

Traditional food from Vienna is put together here with influences found in various international cuisines.

They try to buy all of their products from right-around-the-corner businesses like the Karmelitermarkt.

Insider tip: Ask them for a little ‘Appetithappen,’ They’ll go all out and create something familiar and unique at the same time.

via Instagram @hannelore.vienna

Hannelore Bar & Living Room – New in Vienna

This DAMN good looking bar is for an intimate night with somebody you want to share bodily fluids with, or a night out with your closest friends.

In the crazy cosy setting of Hannelore’s Bar and Living Room you’ll be choosing from a wide variety of cocktails either propped up at the huge sweeping bar they have, or at one of the tables scattered around it. Plants are hanging from above the bar and the place is forever dimly lit. It’s a gorgeous place for a drinky-poo-poo or two.

ENSŌ – New in Vienna

MON–FRI: 11am–8pm
SAT–SUN: closed

Schanigarten available in summer

Slurp like nobody’s watching. That’s the motto of this new ramen restaurant. The Japanese delicacy has already taken the world by storm, but ENSŌ is putting a new and exciting twist to it. They are combining contrasting flavours and turn them into a bowl of ramen that is ‘simply good’. They also have some great vegan options available. The creativity at ENSŌ is endless, and you can see that they put a lot of love and thought into their dishes.

Oh, and if you’re in a hurry – they also offer take away, so you can enjoy your food at home (or wherever you go, really).

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