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The best restaurants by the Danube river you have to try this summer for those holiday feels

Picture this – you’re sitting at dinner by the water, freshly showered, after a hot summer’s day of swimming and roasting your fair-ass in the sun.

You’re so blissfully relaxed while waiting for your food and drinks to arrive at the table, your waiter could announce when they arrive – ‘Here’s your food you stinking, butt ugly asshole’ – and you wouldn’t even care.

If you’re craving this kind of summer experience this year, then you better check out this list of restaurants by the Danube river for those holidays feels:

Strandcafé an der Alten Donau – Best restaurants by the river

Daily: 11:30am–11:30pm

Pork ribs: 25.90€
Fish grilled on a stick: 15.90€
Wiener Schnitzel: 20.90€


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Their famous spareribs and riverside view attract the masses at Strandcafé. The sight to be seen playing out in the open kitchen will give away what they’re famous for here – an army of cooks piling ribs on a sweeping charcoal BBQ and Steckerlfisch (a spiced fish grilled on a stick in a traditional way).

A lot of people recommend this as THE place for ribs, and they indeed had us eating them in a way that we wouldn’t want our lovers to see. Just imagine teeth tearing at meat, sucking on bones, forearms used to wipe away grease and mess… we’re just saying – you might have to leave some of your table manners at home. Anyhow, the riverside setting is gorgeous.


Das Bootshaus – Vienna’s riverside restaurants

MON–FRI: 11:30am–11pm
SAT–SUN: 9am–11pm

Seafood-pasta: 16.90 €
Fried calamari: 15.90 €
Pulled Pork: 19.90 €


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Be sure to take a moment to enjoy the scenic walk as you make your way towards ‘Das Bootshaus’ – the cafe/ restaurant with the looks of a Gentlemen’s rowers club set on the river. Seafood is their main game in the menu, featuring the likes of fried calamari and fish. The crew also welcomes those who opt out of specialties of the deep blue, with veggie, pasta, and meat main dish alternatives, like a Pulled Pork with couscous, and their cornflake fried chicken dish called, ‘Gentle Chick.’

This truly is one pretty place and you’ll regret you hadn’t worn your captain’s hat when you’re sitting amongst it all (that’s right, we know you own one). Das Bootshaus is by the crowd behind the Landtmann coffeehouses, so you can be certain that the service and food will be on point.

If you’re in the mood to feel like you’re out at sea, take advantage of the restaurant’s river deck. It’s a lovely (said in our best English accent) setting in which to enjoy one of their five breakfast selections early one morning. They also host yoga classes on there, which you can either partake in, or simple watch (like a creep).

Zur Alten Kaisermühle – Best restaurants by the river

Daily: 11:30am–11pm

Spareribs: 22.00 €
Salmon trout: 22.00 €
Rib Eye Steak: 32.00 €


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

How does tearing away with your teeth at a rack of ribs that’s longer than your arm, by the water sound? Well, there are also other, less graphic meat-heavy eating scenes that can play out on the beloved Zur Alten Kaisermühle restaurant terrace, too. However, they are famous for their ribs. This veteran of an Austrian restaurant is also famous for its idyllic setting. Set behind the river’s reads, looking out on the Alte Donau on which boats glide on by, there aren’t many other restaurants on the river boasting such a scenic view.

In terms of the menu, as we’ve already graphically noted above – the ribs are a hit amongst those who know them. Meanwhile, the garlic prawn starter is an unexpected treat, and the grilled fish of the day will no doubt live up to your expectations if this is what you’re going for. It’s all good at Zur Alten Kaisermühle, in a hearty, meat-heavy kind of way.


Flamingo – Best restaurants by the river

Daily: 11am–10pm

Trout: 12.90 €
Sea Bass: 14.90 €
Rib Eye Steak: 17.90 €


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

This is probably the most insider of insider tips featured in this list of riverside restaurants you should try this summer. At Flamingo, it’s all about the fish. The terrace neighbouring the water isn’t necessarily pretty, however the grilled fish dishes, and the prices attached to them, are certainly damn fine looking. Their fish are sourced out of Greece, Turkey and Italy – according to them – and they also do their own style of Steckerlfisch (which is literally fish on a stick).

There’s also other seafood, like calamari and mussels in the mix. All of it is well marinated and spiced. As there’s a Turkish crowd behind the restaurant, you can also order an Adana Kebab, and the like.

Good to know… the best way to get here is by bike! Just put it into Google maps!


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