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11 extremely unique food delivery & take away experiences you should have in Vienna right now

From a spanish-African fusion kitchen taking orders via DM, to a Gasthaus putting their meals in jars and DIY ramen kits – you need to check out these very unique food experiences that restaurants and creative individuals are pulling off right now in Vienna if you’re missing the dining out experience.

The ingenuity and clever adaption to the times from all of these Vienna restaurants deserves applause (not to mention the flavoursome food they’re delivering).

© Dampha Kitchen / @stefanjoham

Dampha Kitchen – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

You’ve obviously heard of tapas, but have you heard of tapas mixed with a West African flavour? That’s exactly what you can order from this pop-up fusion kitchen, which is run single-handedly by Gambian-born chef, Khalifa Dampha.

The menu, which can be found on Instagram, consists of dishes like Mexican tacos, Gambian empanadas and peanut butter chicken, with new African slash Spanish fusion creations added regularly. Once you’ve made your choice, simply send a direct message to their Instagram account telling them what you’d like, and when you’d like to pick it up.

Currently, this is possible every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 9pm.

For more info, check out Dampha Kitchen’s Instagram.

© Vollpension Facebook / Mark Glassner

Vollpension Buchteln – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

The lovely Omas at Vollpension are preparing every weekend a special, super sweet takeaway dish for you – homemade Buchteln with vanilla sauce. A-Whaaaat?! Oh, in case you’re wondering what the hell a Buchtel is, it’s a yeast dumpling filled with jam.

And since it’s a traditional Austrian dish and Omas are usually experts in making traditional dishes, you know it’s gonna be good. Just swing by on the weekend between 11am and 5pm to get your hands on this sugary treat. You don’t even need to order in advance.

Plus, if you’re eager to know how to make your own perfect Buchteln, then check out the special workshop this crowd is running online: the OMAsterclass (we absolutely love that name).

In these workshops, you’ll learn directly from the pros how to prepare this dish, as well as a selection of other typical Viennese pastries.

For more info, check out Vollpension’s website.


© Vienna Würstelstand

Karma Food’s Mama’s Punjabi Kitchen pop up – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

The creative crowd from Karma Foods has jumped to the challenge of the lockdown limbo we’re living in by offering a special treat, every Friday, from mama. Well, one of the owner’s mama’s, that is. ‘Mama’ hails from the Punjabi region of India and every Friday she cooks up a storm of the region’s traditional dishes, while Karma food packages it up in their typical hip way.

To get in on the tastebud tingling fun and games, you need to place your order via email, or give them a ring until Thursday 8pm, and pick it up the day after between the hours of 3 and 7pm at their Ausstellungsstraße 63 location in Vienna’s second district. This will be possible throughout February so on the 12th, 19th and 26th.

Plus, you can order some top notch natural wine to go with your meal.

For more info, check out the website.

© Demel Instagram

Demel Kaiserschmarrn to go – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

During a time when which you can virtually get any kind of food as take-way, the mega famous and legendary Viennese Konditorei, Demel, has managed to throw an original addition into the mix – Kaiserschmarrn to go! And not only can you treat yourself to a sweet and fluffy dessert after yet another lockdown stroll through the first district, you can also watch them make it through Demel’s big windows.

You can choose between a large and a small portion, both topped off with some yummy Zwetschkenröster (=stewed plums).

Keep in mind though that this stuff is super popular and is selling like pills in a club’s toilets, so you might have to wait in line for a bit.

For more info check out Demel’s Instagram.

© Vienna Würstelstand

Neni’s Balagan Box – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

The Neni family are no slouches. They are made for the challenges that a city-wide lockdown presents for restaurants. Not only do they know their way around flavours in the kitchen, but they also know how to get creative when it comes to running a gastronomy empire.

Amongst the slightly adapted version of their menu that they’re offering for takeaway and delivery, they’ve also come up with the Balagan Box – a generous spread of food made up of their Israeli & international fusion of greatest hits.

You can order the Balaga box for 2, or for 4 people on Mjam. And we’re not just talking hummus and falafel here – your tastebuds will travel to all corners of the Israeli kitchen, and further afar (with some international influences thrown into the mix).

For more info, check out Neni on Mjam.

© Seven North

Seven North at home box – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

If you know Seven North, you know that they are very keen on using only the freshest ingredients for their meals and their meals are GOD DAMN DELICIOUS!. Sorry, for yelling. We get excited just thinking about it. And hungry.

Throughout the winter season, you can enjoy a selection of Seven Norths delicious creations when ordering one of their ‘at home boxes’. And let us tell you, those boxes really are something. There are three different boxes (beef, lamb or veggie) made for two people (or one if you love your food and don’t want to share).

These boxes are filled with everything you need for a outstanding gourmet menu, starters and dessert included…in a box, that is. Also included with each box are simple instructions on how to prepare your tasty goods to perfection.

For more info, check out Seven North’s website.

© Maka Ramen

MAKA Ramen DIY Ramen kits – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

Everything about MAKA Ramen gets our food-loving hearts beating faster, from the concept, to the damn good looking visuals they present themselves online with, to the actual ramen kits they’re delivering all over the city.

So the concept is sweetly simple – each week, a ramen menu is sent out to a bunch of email newsletter subscribers and announced on social media and then you can order your ramen kit via DM (direct messages), or email.

By ‘kit’ we mean that you’re delivered (or can pick-up) a little package containing all of the tasty and fresh ingredients you need (including an incredibly tasty broth), and then you can quickly and easily put it together yourself at home. Why would you want to do that? Well, the broth of the ramen is the complicated and time-consuming part and they take care of that for you, while the truth of the matter is – ramen typically doesn’t travel well and tastes like its true self only when prepared fresh. According to their website, they’re also serving tapas of some sort.

For more info, check out the website.

© Sneak In Facebook

Sneak In breakfast box – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

Why should ordering in a tasty spread of food be reserve for dinner? A good day starts with a good breakfast, and just imagine if you could order that good breakfast while still in bed.  Sounds like a dream, right? Well, this is one dream you can live. Grab one of the so-called ‘breakfast boxes’ at the cafe slash sneaker store, Sneak In.

You can choose between the classic, vegan or sweet breakfast variations, and you’ll get stuff like a club sandwich, fresh fruit, smoothies and french toast in the mix.

And don’t worry about having to get up early for your breakfast box – takeaway times are from 9am to 2pm, and it’s enough to order two hours in advance before pickup.

For more info check out Sneak In’s website.

© Vienna Würstelstand

Mochi take-away kits – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

One of Vienna’s most beloved Ramen joints, Mochi Ramen, is offering DIY Ramen kits. Yep, you can order their homemade noodles and hearty broths, plus the ingredients of your favourite ramens for you to put together yourself at home. Being the true ramen fan you are, you know very well that ramen is at its best when prepared fresh, hence the concept being rolled out by Mochi, here. Meanwhile, another of their locations, Mochi to go, is putting together DIY Teishuko sets (which is – for those not in the know – a kind of Japanese tapas).

For more info, check out Mochi’s website.


TIAN zuhause Gerichte im Glas – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

Our Oma always used to say that everything tastes better from a jar. Well okay, she might not have said that, but it’s still true. OK, maybe it’s not, but it is fairly accurate when it comes to the meals in jars the famous vegetarian restaurant, TIAN, is serving up for take away.

You can choose from tasty dishes like, chick pea ragout, vegan sugo (with or without pasta included) and a range of soups. Or you can just take all of it in one go, depending on how many jars you can carry. But don’t go complaining to us when you break some on your way back.

Once you’ve safely carried your goods home, all you need to do is warm them up and enjoy. If for some reason you don’t feel like eating, you can simply throw them in your fridge until your belly starts growling (please don’t actually throw them). End up hungry for more? Then you should definitely buy some goods in their new online shop!

For more info, check out TIAN’s website.



MAST Weinbistro’s gourmet Pizza – unique takeaway food experiences in Vienna

It’s not often that you’ll hear of a fancy wine bar serving up their own fancy take on Pizza. The talented chefs at MAST Weinbistro are coming up with all kinds of – let’s just call them – gourmet pizza creations and serving them up for takeaway in Vienna’s 9th district.

You got to try this for your tastebuds to believe it. Oh, and of course you should definitely grab one of the bottles out of their top wine collection while you’re at it.

For more info, check out MAST Weinbistro’s Facebook page.

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