Vienna's Best Vinyl Record Stores, according to a local DJ & record collector

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Vienna’s Best Vinyl Record Stores, according to a local DJ & record collector

We met Oli aka. MOXX, the co-founder of Vienna’s ambitious collective of DJs, record collectors and Dance music lovers, FUNKROOM, and were educated on where the best record stores are in Vienna.

According to the vinyl-obsessed DJ, Oli, the following vinyl stores are not only the places to go in the city for the best curated vinyl selections, but also to get the best advice and vast music knowledge by the people that run the stores.

Big thanks to Oli aka DJ MOXX for passing on your knowledge and passion for vinyl! Check out FUNKROOMs funky sounds on soundcloud. 

Teuchtler – Vienna’s best record stores

MON – FRI: 1pm-6pm
SAT: 10am – 1pm (Every first Sat of the month: 10am – 5pm)
SUN: closed

Remember that 90s movie that manages to even get the most rational people amongst us believing in cheesy, banal, romantic love – “Before Sunrise”? Well, it’s a lovely love story about 2 strangers meeting in a train and spending a night in Vienna together, strolling around the city.

Their mutual attraction becomes clear when they enter a record shop and start playing folk-singer, Kath Bloom’s tune ‘Come Here,’ listening to it in a booth while exchanging flirty looks at each other. This scene plays out in the record shop, Teuchtler.

The third-generation family-run record store opened in 1948 as one of the first places in Vienna where music-lovers could purchase 7 inch shellac vinyl records. Back then, Teuchtler focused on classical music. They’ve expanded the variety of music on their shelves over the last 70 years, throughout some politically and socially turbulent times, during which many music genres came to life and evolved. Now you’ll find almost every genre stocked at Teuchtler.

What vinyl we found there: Joseph Haydn’s Opera Herbert von Karajan, given to us as a present from the owner. A big huge thank you!

Sing Sing Records – Vienna’s best record stores

MON – FRI: 10am – 6:30pm
SAT: 10am – 5pm
SUN: closed

Existing for more than 30 years now, Sing Sing Records is the place where you’ll find all kinds of music on vinyl, from Gothic Rock to Classical. They also have an extensive CD and DVD collection.

Sing Sing Records is also the prime address for people who are looking to sell old cds and vinyl records. Amongst the huge amount of vinyls on their shelves, there is a really high chance that you’ll find some hidden gems.

“You can find really rare stuff at good prices, but definitely have to put in a lot of time looking through the boxes,” Oli tell us.

What vinyl we found there: the number one Acid House hit in many countries during the late 80s, PUMP UP THE VOLUME, by British recording act, M|A|R|R|S, and the first studio album by the French band, Space – “Magic Fly”

Substance – Vienna’s best record stores

MON – FRI: 11am – 7pm
SAT: 11am – 6pm
SUN: closed

Konstantin Drobil started Trost Records as a Vienna-based tape-label in the early 90s, releasing mainly local Indie/Avante Rock acts that played at the Flex. Later, Trost started an independent distribution company before finally in 2001 opening the record store, Substance. This place has one of the greatest Free Jazz, Techno, Hardcore and Indie Rock selection in the city. It’s now one of the largest and most popular stores for Electronic Dance music in Vienna.

What we found there: Aphex Twin – ‘… I care because you do’

DAS MARKET – Vienna’s best record stores

TUE – FRI: 1pm – 8pm
SAT: 12pm – 5pm
SUN – MON: closed

With a niche collection focusing on Disco, Electro, House and Techno, at this small record store on the corner of Westbahnstrasse and Zieglergasse you won’t only find a well curated selection covering these genres, but also a bunch if music-loving staff that really know their stuff.  Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for at DAS MARKET, you’ll get educated and discover some crazy good music you’ve never heard of before. The guy behind this place, Fritz Plöckinger, has a head packed with vinyl and music knowledge and can tell you a bunch of stuff about the music genre you’re seeking out, and also info’ about labels and releases.

What we found there: Aphex Twin – Falling free/ 444

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